How to never have bored children again!


One of the things parents seem to truly loath hearing are the words “I am bored” coming from their offspring. I am not sure if it is because we ourselves are so busy that the idea of being bored sounds like a luxury we wish we had, or if it feels like a bit of […]

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Keeping My Kids Safe on Youtube!


If you follow my blog and social media then perhaps you recall my struggle with the littles and Youtube! You see with 4 kids here who love YouTube it can feel like a part time job just helping them manage the content they want to see, keeping them safe from content we don’t want them […]

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Parenting Tip – What to do when your Newborn will not stop crying!


Baby will not stop crying! 1. Know that this can be 100% normal, that baby could be perfectly normal, that you are not to blame. Many new parents rush to the doctor thinking the worst, that their baby has something wrong with him or her. Why else they wonder would baby cry so much? The […]

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Is responsibility the key to great parenting?

This past weekend has been very education to my husband and I as parents. A 14 teen year old in our extended family was caught out at 11pm with a car full of teens driving recklessly. When said teen noticed that an adult family member had seen her, she flipped the adult off and had her […]

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For Parents of 8th Graders: Now Is the Time to Start Planning for High School and College

Yes, I know you might be saying to yourself: “Why do I need to start thinking about this now? Ninth grade is months away.” Take it from me, I wish I had known what I am about to share with you: The courses your children take in 9thgrade can influence their entire high school career […]

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How to teach your child to love to read

Do you have a child that doesn’t like to read? I did too! It was a shock to see our oldest daughter growing up into a late reader, and worse one that didn’t like to read. She is now 12 and I have learned something that I wish I had a long time ago! The […]

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