Parenting Tip – What to do when your Newborn will not stop crying!


Baby will not stop crying! 1. Know that this can be 100% normal, that baby could be perfectly normal, that you are not to blame. Many new parents rush to the doctor thinking the worst, that their baby has something wrong with him or her. Why else they wonder would baby cry so much? The […]

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An October Trick not Treat!


Feathers are NOT Fun! My dear sweet 8 year old son, Mr. Handsome, came to me looking very guilty. Storm Baby who is 6 followed him, only she had her hands over her ears. Both got very close and made me worry… “Mom” He said. “I have to be honest with you about something” he […]

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This is a peaceful parenting blog. We don’t support Spanking.


  This morning is one of those mornings where I wish I could be some kind of brilliant yogi or monk or some such as I have needed all the patience I have to communicate with a mother who spanks on the facebook wall. I know internet communication can be hard, we don’t have the […]

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The Bad Homeschooling Days!

In a commitment to show others that things are not perfect in blogging world, no matter what most blogs show, I wanted to share a bit about a bad homeschooling day.  In short my oldest daughter was grumpy about getting into trouble and I gave her an easy art project to do so she could […]

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Middle of night thoughts on co-sleeping.

Many know that co-sleeping is safe, for studies and resources on this fact, and for ways to safely co-sleep you can learn more here

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