Tips for Hiring the Right Pet Sitter

Written by Nat Smith, community member. Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.   Tips for Hiring the Right Pet-Sitter & Dog-Walker   In an ideal world, you’d spend 24/7 with your dog: long walks throughout the day, cuddles every night, and endless adventures. Unfortunately, sometimes this thing […]

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Wordless Wednesday – Angora Bunny Brushing

2014-12-14 14.37.19

          Wordless Wednesdays are posts that tell a story where words are not needed to explain. Of course words are included just if you want to know more! Introducing Gandalf! Bunny Before Brushing Angora Rabbits grow beautiful long fiber fur. About 4 times a year they grow out a new coat, […]

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Did you know it is National Cat Day?


  #nationalcatday My family now belongs to not one but two fluffy felines. They of course rule the house in their own ways. One, our very old kitty, often ignores everything and everyone unless she is out of food, wants to go outside, or demands to be worshiped and petted. She was born outside in […]

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Review – Something all Pet Owners Should Have!

UV Light

Pet Urine Stain Finder Never does a pet owner want to need a product like this but accidents happen, even with the best trained pets, they happen! Cleaning up after the messes one would think is not so hard but it really can be! When we moved into this huge beautiful house we noticed an […]

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Help your dog keep cool by making Doggy Ice Cream Treats


       Dogs need to stay cool too! Many areas are hitting record high heat for extended periods and we all need ways to keep cool. It isn’t just us though as humans but our pets too that need help dealing with the hot summer days. This goes beyond knowing to not leave your […]

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Product Review: Quit It™ Training Aide


  Disclosure: I received this product without charge for an honest review.  All opinions are my own!     Do you have issues training your pets? I have for a long time had issues training pets. I don’t know what it is, even after training classes I just keep failing some of my loved furry family […]

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The Pawalla Box — Review and Giveaway


 A Monthly Box For Pets! One of the big trends this past year has been monthly boxes mailed to     people for many different reasons. Clothing, ties, accessories, games, toys, shoes, food, and so many more. It should not have been a surprise to me to learn about pet boxes and it was a […]

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A Sunday Smile!


I love snow, my children do as well. It is any wonder we are a bit sad that almost midway through January we don’t have snow? Not even a little bit. I guess we can look online for snow to being some more smiles to our Sunday: (Photo credit: China Daily – Rex Features) Another […]

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Litter-Robot Review – Perfect For Kitty

68d4dffc295611e29ade22000a1f9bd0_7 This is the cat litter “Box” now known in our home and by our family as the perfect cat little box. Of course it isn’t a box at all, instead it looks like some kind of sci-fi space contraption with magical powers. The very real and not magical machine is called the Litter-Robot and […]

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Wordless Wednesday — Think Green

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Ideal Dog Foods!

You might be shocked to know that your dog is not a cow.  Wait, your not shocked?  But you feed your dog like a cow, full of grains.  Ohhhh, so you know your dog does not have the same kind of digestive track as a cow or herbivore. Why again do people feed dog foods mostly […]

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More Squeee!

Did you hear about my Secret? A while back I posted that I had a secret here on and on my facebook page. I would not of course tell anyone what is was just yet, partly because I wanted to prove a point to those who often post things that make no sense and […]

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