Dogs Or Cats: Which Is The Best Family Pet?

How to pick the right pet

Owning a pet is great for all families because it teaches your kids so much. It shows them how to be responsible and care for their new friend, it helps them to be more social and it can even boost their immune system. When they get older and the pet eventually passes, it will help […]

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Pet Pills: Creature Treatment For New Owners


Photo by Christopher Gower   For a new time pet owner, you’ve probably already spent a lot of your time learning about the animal you’ve chosen to keep. Over the next few months, as you get better and better at living with your new friend, and the research you’ve done will really pay off. Of course, […]

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5 Adorable Dog Breed Mixes

There are so many gorgeous dog breeds out there, it’s such a shame that we’ll likely never get the chance to own them all. If you’re a dog lover, one of the most gratifying things is to see the enormous diversity in appearance, skill set and temperament among our canine companions. Despite the enormous diversity […]

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Don’t Let Your Furry Friend Ruin Your Lawn


Source   We all love our dogs, but there’s no denying that they often have a habit of getting themselves into a lot of trouble every now and then. And hey, that’s part of what makes them so adorable, but it can also be incredibly annoying and frustrating to deal with. One of the most […]

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Making A Labrador Feel Part Of The Family

Training your lab puppy

With the holidays upon you, and the festive season well and truly creeping into every part of the home; you probably have your mind on gifts, get-togethers, and food with your loved ones. It’s the season to reflect on the year that’s just gone and embrace what the new one has in store for you […]

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Tips for Hiring the Right Pet Sitter

Written by Nat Smith, community member. Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.   Tips for Hiring the Right Pet-Sitter & Dog-Walker   In an ideal world, you’d spend 24/7 with your dog: long walks throughout the day, cuddles every night, and endless adventures. Unfortunately, sometimes this thing […]

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How to Make Sure Your Kids and Your Pets Get On

Pets and Kids

    Every parent and animal lover wants to make sure that their children and their pets get on. Unfortunately, however, both children and pets can be quite temperamental and hard work at times.   Here’s a quick set of tips for ensuring harmony in the household between your beloved pups and your animal companions. […]

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Have a Healthy Hound By Controlling Their Weight

helping a dog lose weight

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention estimates that more than 45 percent of dogs can be said to be overweight or obese. We love our pets, and we can’t resist those puppy-dog eyes, so naturally, we want to slip them a treat now and then. When they tell us they’re hungry, even though we know […]

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Should You Really Get A Pug?

Funny Silly Pug Dog

Think it’s time you treated your family to a cute pet? How about a dog? They are very loyal to their owners and will bring you lots of joy and happiness. But now this leads us onto the next question – which breed of dog do you want?   There are hundreds of breeds of […]

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Pets, Owners, And A Clean House

Girl Loves Her Dog

  Pets are a fantastic addition to a household. They are cute, cuddly, and the kids love them like a sibling. Let’s face it, though – they have their moments. Every pet/homeowner knows one thing, and that is that animals are dirty. It doesn’t matter how much you look after them because pets lock onto […]

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Nipping Fear In The Bud After A Dog Bite


  It’s not nice when a dog bites a child, but it does happen. Dogs are wild animals, and children are small and fast. Add the two together, and you have a disaster waiting to happen. Attacks can range from mild issues, such as a nip, to more severe problems, which are difficult to overcome. […]

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Are You And Your Kids Ready For A Furry Friend?


  For most kids, there’s nothing more exciting than the idea of having their very own pet. Most parents can remember getting their first dog and experiencing the love of having our very own best friend to play with and take care of. Of course, most of us only ever remember the fun stuff and […]

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The Amazing Inventions That Have Enhanced The Life Of Your Cat


The most amazing thing about cats is their ability to amuse themselves. You don’t have to take them for walks, play a game of fetch with them or quietly seethe as they venture into a pond only to force you to endure a ‘wet dog’ smell for the rest of the weekend. Our feline buddies […]

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Learning All There Is To Know About Your Furry Friend


    Owning a pet comes with a lot of work. From walking the dog to cleaning the cat’s litter tray, there’s always loads on the table. But, of course, you endure this challenge because you love your pet, and want to make sure they’re happy and healthy. One of the biggest areas a lot […]

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Is Now The Right Time To Add A Furry Friend To Your Brood?

child-1031047_640 (1)

“Mommy, can we get a dog?”. Your child has just uttered those six little words that until now you have always dreaded hearing. You thought that your response would be to panic and reel off excuse after excuse as to why getting a puppy would be a bad idea. However, you have surprised yourself as […]

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Making Sure Your Pets Are Well Looked After During Your Holiday


  Everyone knows that heading on holiday can get expensive, but it can also mean less convenience if you’re forced to bring your pet with you. This can be fine if camping,  heading to the countryside or some other rural location, but if you’re heading to a metropolitan district can have it’s own pitfalls when […]

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Keep Your Dog Comfortable On Their First Family Camping Trip


As a valuable member of your family; you’ll want to include your pet dog in as many activities as possible. There’s nothing quite like a family camping trip; to allow your dog to enjoy the great outdoors with their favorite people. You’ll want to ensure that your pet pooch is as happy and as comfortable […]

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What Your Dog Should Be Eating: Knowing Your Furry Friend’s Nutritional Needs


You are what you eat and that’s as true for animals as it is for humans. Just as we as a species have a tendency to compromise our health with fast food, sugary or salty snacks, heavily processed meats and a general aversion to vegetables, so too can animals face ill health if they’re not […]

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Best Age To Adopt a Kitten


Adopting a kitten as you know, is a very big responsibility and while many people take time and care to best research all that is needed in kitten care, some just jump right in! As you are reading this, lets assume you are doing the research! Now, the last thing I want to do is […]

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Pet Sounds: Lessons In Having An Animal At Home


For many people, a pet is like another member of the family. If they are treated with a lot of respect, it’s possible for a pet to teach you and your family a lot about the simplicity of caring for one another. Of course, with having a pet, whether a dog or a cat, the […]

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