Finding just the right Baby Girl Names in 2018

Are you pregnant and did you find out that you are having a girl? Congratulations!   Or perhaps you have a friend or family member that is expecting a daughter and either way, it is time to look into names. Whether you are the one who is pregnant with a girl and you need to […]

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The New Mom Concerns That Will Make You Feel Guilty (But Absolutely Shouldn’t)

Whether you were actively trying to conceive or not, discovering you’re pregnant is one of the most magical moments of your life. Once the initial shock passes, though, the excitement is sure to be coupled with a sense of fear. The vast majority are solely about your future son or daughter’s well-being. Still, it’s only […]

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False Labor or Real Labor – Supporting Mom

False Labor or Real Labor

Is it real labor or false labor! This post will help you figure it out and help you support a positive experience for laboring Mothers. First, your dear heart Mama…. if you are wondering if you are in active labor or false labor you are going through a lot, please be kind to yourself. False […]

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Will your water break and what do you do if it does? – Pregnancy – Birth –


This is common concern for many pregnant women who are getting close to term. We worry about our water breaking while at work or while shopping or at the worst times like in the middle of a wedding. The fact is that we can’t know for sure when it will happen but only about 15% […]

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Is it Braxton Hicks or Labor? One tip to help you figure it out!


 How do I know when I am in real labor? In a due date group of over 800 expecting women this is a question we see over and over again even from experienced Moms. It is natural to worry about the coming of a new little one specially before full term. With fewer and fewer […]

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30 Weeks Pregnant and Dreaming of Birth Control


  Is Pregnancy Really Beautiful? Once upon a time I thought pregnancy was the best adventure I could ever be on and I loved it, every moment. I loved it so much that being a surrogate twice has been 2 of the things in my life I think dearly about and am so proud of […]

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10 Ways to Predict the Gender of Baby


    Welcome to pregnancy and the land of old wives tales! While we logically know that these are not “real” many of us desperately want to know more about the little ones growing inside of us. I have found it very amusing seeing the over 800 women in the due date group I h […]

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I thought I was having a miscarriage and I didn’t want to chat!


I thought I lost the baby There was bright blood and cramping that made my heart hurt. I thought we lost the baby. It was New Years Eve and I was in bed trying not to sob, trying not to ruin everyone’s night. The announcement I kept telling myself had been too soon. I am […]

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We are expecting!


  What a surprise! I just turned 35 and our “baby” is now 4.5 and we have 4 children of our own and 2 amazing surrogate daughters too! We had thought our family complete. Oh goodness… what a shock this was! With my health we didn’t even think this was possible. As a friend pointed […]

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October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Month


  I honestly wasn’t going to post about this at all. I am one of those people who run from memories that sting because I fall into them, into the sorrow, and I then find it hard to function in the moment. I don’t know if others deal better with memories than I do or […]

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Guest Post – What Kind of Mattresses Are Ideal for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a time of great change as far as your body is concerned. You will experience dramatic physical and emotional transformations that will inevitably affect the quality of your sleep. The inability to get a comfortable position and an aching back make every attempt to snooze just utterly frustrating. If left unaddressed, lack of […]

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Bright Starts Ultimate Baby Shower Giveaway

Welcome to the Bright Starts Ultimate Baby Shower Giveaway! Bright Starts and Mom to Bed by 8, the Iowa-Mom have teamed to off an amazing Bright Starts Sunnyside Collection giveaway to one lucky reader! This includes the Sunnyside Safari™ Chair Top High Chair, Playard, Plug in Sway & Swing, Portable Swing and Saucer making this […]

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No words to say after a Miscarriage

After a loss it can be near impossible to express emotions without fear of saying the wrong thing. If your the mother you worry about being a burden on friends if you talk about it and worried if you don’t that you might come off as heartless or worse. There really seems little way to […]

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Natural Parenting, from the very start!

 What do you think one of the very first steps is in natural parenting? A natural birth maybe comes to mind. How about we go back even further than that though! I think natural parenting starts with natural family planning. This is not to say that different forms of birth control are wrong, not at […]

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LotusBumz Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway!

These diapers are simply beautiful! The PUL is quality and did not leak on us. Soft Fleece Inner Lining Squishy 3 layer Microfiber Insert These are one size pocket diapers fitting Small to Large! Beautiful diaper above is Periwinkle Twinkle 2.0! This cloth diaper is easy to use, you stuff the insert into it and then put it […]

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9-Year Old Gave Birth

 In America we often talk about how bad teen pregnancy is. What about pre-teens? Before we jump into this lets look at some numbers the teenage pregnancy rate was the lowest in 30 years in 2005. It has since gone up a few percent but is much better than the 90%. Abortion is also a […]

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Raising children with a healthy and scientific sexuality.

            First Love is Love.  With that out of the way I want to dive into a too often scary topic of raising our children to have healthy sex lives. We can not leave this task to society. We need to give our children the facts and help them make […]

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If breastfeeding is sexual, than a bottle is a Dildo!


Once again ignorance raises it’s head, this time in a Target store in Houston TX. A mother needed to nurse her hungry baby while shopping and went to find a quiet spot in the store to do so, she found a less populated area and did the natural thing, fed her baby. However she was […]

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Did your husband need a doula too?

      Everyone I know who has hired a doula for a birth has raved about the benefits. It is so common these days that I do not think I need to go into all the supportive things a doula does in a birth for the mother and baby. A new question though is now […]

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