5 Healthy & Simple Recipes For On-The-Go Moms


    Let’s face it–being a mom is stressful. Whether you have five kids of various ages or you have one baby, it is hard work. Maybe you’re taking some kids to school, working a part-time job or starting your own online business. Whatever the reason is, being constantly on-the-go while taking care of your […]

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Whirlpool makes Crème brûlée and helps Habitat for Humanity


Whirlpool makes life yummy for my family but they do so much for people too. Let me tell you about what Whirlpool has been doing with Habitat for Humanity and then I will share about our fantastic Crème brûlée. For more than a decade Whirlpool has donated appliances to families with Habitat for Humanity. They have […]

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The smoothie not to miss! Antioxidant Packed Bliss!


The nutribullet is wildly popular right now and maybe with good reason! Unlike most blenders it actually can handle seeds and peels and unlike juicers you don’t lose the fiber and so much more. So why drink an Antioxidant smoothie at least once a week? Because Antioxidants are great for your immune system. They can […]

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Gluten Free Peanut Butter Pie


Happy National Peanut Butter Lovers Day! Peanut butter often gets a bad rap, and for good reason too. Peanut Butter can kill those who have an allergy to the proteins in it. I imagine it is a special kind of torture to be allergic to a peanut. I really feel for all those people, specially […]

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