Webinar Review

    I adore doing reviews and telling friends and family and readers and social media followers about the items and places my family discovers. I am really great at sharing information in reviews and love seeing others benefit from it. It takes a lot of work though and time, and sometimes a lot of […]

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5 Reasons To Take Kids To Gem and Mineral Shows! – Augusta GA

Gem and Mineral Show Geode Giveaway

If you are a parent than chances are your child at one point or another has brought home a rock they insisted they couldn’t live without. I know having a handful of children that most kids go through this. Children have a natural fasination with nature and beauty and who can blame them? Of course […]

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Google Chromecast Audio making Music at Home Magical!

Google Chromecast 2

As a child like so many other kids I dreamed about what the technology of the future would hold. One of the things I dreamed about was smart houses that would know what we need and provide it. Of course there was a horror movie about such things and certainly learning new technology feels like […]

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Why Do Kids Love Minecraft?


 If you don’t know by now, Minecraft is a video game about taking the most simple block and building with them, from simple little huts to protect you from monsters to huge castles in the sky all while going on wild adventures. Randomly generated worlds provide so many possibilities. Kids can play on their own, […]

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Fuzzy Wonderz Unboxing and Review!


This year we all know that that newest and hottest toy of the season is a hatchimal, however one might have to pay their car payment to get one at this point so when you find a toy that hatches, interacts, tells stories, is cute, and has an APP…. you get excited. There is admittedly […]

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Today I’ll Be a Princess – Review


As part of our “New Book Each Day of December” tradition with the kids we got to read this adorable little board book that the baby specially loves. With so many little princesses in our home, who all have their own interests and preferences, we know very well that not all princesses always want fancy […]

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Gifting A Good Night of Sleep


 People spend an average of 33% of their lives sleeping. That doesn’t include all the time so many of us spend in our comfy beds now watching TV, playing on laptops, tablets, cell phones, and reading books. Shouldn’t the 1/3rd of our lives we spend in bed be special? Why not gift things to loved […]

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Review: Luxury Blanket at a Great Price – WestPoint Homes


In celebration of the Grand Opening of WestPoint Homes in Dawsonville GA my family got to pick and review a beautiful luxury blanket. Be sure to check out the Grand Opening on December 17th 2016 from 9am – 9pm! During the Grand Opening, receive a free monogram (one per customer) with the purchase of any […]

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The Perfect Flowers for the Holidays


There is just something magical and loving about seeing flowers in a home. You can tell right away someone cares. This Holiday Season you can find these beautiful and perfect flowers in our home. Teleflora’s Silver Christmas Bouquet (Available on for $49.95) The bright and cheerful red and silver snow flake cube vase is […]

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Polaroid Snap Touch #Giveaway


In the holiday spirit, Polaroid has offered to include my readers in the #PRINTitFORWARD campaign, so in honor of #PRINTitFORWARD, I have a Polaroid Snap Touch to give away! Be sure to enter the big Polaroid giveaway! Now until December 31, Polaroid is giving away one camera a day to those who share their favorite photos on social media […]

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GLOW for a Cause


  GLOW for a cause is the passion project of artist, teacher, and skincare productista, Johanna Querry Smith! When I first heard about it I loved how dedicated the company is to the purest and highest quality body care products they can create. I am more a geeky girl than a beauty one but the crunchy […]

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Stunning Children’s Book Illuminature


Illuminature: Discover 180 animals with your magic three color lens! It is safe to say that most children love Animals and a great many love books too. Add to that a secret way of seeing those animals and that combination makes for a fantastic experience children will adore. The Illuminature book was written for those […]

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Children’s Book Review: Vet (Busy People)


A cute little book to help young minds think about the jobs out in the world around them. This cute little book, Vet (Busy People) by Lucy Cuthew and Ando Twin is 24 pages of learning for ages 3-6. The reading isn’t very hard so young readers can enjoy this on their own too! The story […]

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Fantastic App for New Parents – Babytime the Baby Tracker


Babies can seem like little bundles of mystery, even for experienced parents as each baby is different. The Babytime APP is free! It is a Baby Tracker made to help you track your babies patterns, from food, medications, sleep, diapers, and more. If you have had a baby before than you know most hospitals and […]

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Review: The Planet of Puzzles

Planet of Puzzles Math Adventure Book

The Planet of Puzzles: Be a hero! Create your own adventure to defeat the alien robots (Math Quest) For day 4 of our holiday tradition of reading a new book every day in December we opened this Math Quest book! As we have had some bad luck this year, it was only fitting our washing […]

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Children’s Book Review: The Secret Life of Lilykins


The Secret Life of Lilykins This is a darling book about a cat named Lilykins and the adventures she has in her imagination. Nothing is beyond her wonder and exploration. My children love cats and love to pretend with them as well so this book was perfect for them. One of my daughters also has […]

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Beautiful Book for Children: The Story Orchestra: Four Seasons in One Day


The Story Orchestra: Four Seasons in One Day: Press the note to hear Vivaldi’s music My family was delighted to discover this fantastic children’s book that brings the classical music of Vivaldi to life! I admit, my kids have not been much into classical music but to my surprise, they loved this book and specially […]

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Review: Fantastic Kids Gift – Personalized Crates


As parents we are all so aware that kids have too much stuff! At least that is the case for most of us. Where to put all these beloved treasures is a problem. Toys get stashed in all kinds of places and messes are common. One thing that helps is making sure everything has it’s […]

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Book Review – It’s Okay To Be Me


Our very first book this year for December bed time reading is a book by Vanessa Girard titled It’s Okay to Be Me! In December we try to open and read a new book every night before Christmas. This little book is an easy read for young readers, has 28 pages, and was newly published […]

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Hatchimals – Are they worth it?


The hottest new toy of the year, Hatchimals, are hard to find and if not right off the shelf, very costly to buy 3rd party at this point. With all the stress and cost over this toy, are they even worth it? While only your child can really determine that by the play time the […]

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Review: Foobot – Letting you know when your air isn’t great!


  I am so happy to introduce to you Foobot! He is my new little buddy that helps give me peace of mind about the air quality in my home. He knows when it isn’t healthy, and gives me tips on how to make it better! Ever since I read years ago that stay at […]

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Review: Mouthguard Challenge Game


I have seen games like this before and this one takes it to a new level. It isn’t just words you say, and it is actually challenging but most importantly it is hysterical. If you want something over the top and not just a board game night, this is it. You can play up to […]

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Toy Review – Design & Drill® Power Play Vehicles™ Race Car


Design & Drill® Power Play Vehicles™ Race Car Fantastic STEM toy for children 3-6 years old! I got this toy thinking I would be gifting it to my 6 year old Nephew who has a passion for all things with wheels. However when my 6 year old daughter told me that her imaginary friend Keelee […]

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Hair Brushing Without Tears – Dessata Detangling Brush

Brushing Without Pain!

I have to share with you the most remarkable hair brush that detangles and doesn’t hurt. I know most parents have heard about such brushes before and with so many daughters you better believe I have tried many of them. I have even liked a few, but most I don’t actually recommend. This brush though, […]

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New Kids Game – Not Parent Approved


There is a new kids game on the market called Not Parent Approved and it is a hysterical! It is a bit like Apples to Apples and a kids version of Cards Against Humanity. While the title says Not Parent Approved, it is filled with silly topics kids can relate too and parents shouldn’t actually […]

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Teleflora – One Tough Mother – Still Loves Flowers

teleflora flowers mothers day what to get mom

ONE TOUGH MOTHER No one ever said motherhood was easy. It’s a tough, gritty, no-pain-no-gain job that takes strength, courage and a whole lot of love. A mother’s perseverance is inspiring to say the least. Yes, motherhood is a struggle, but through all the difficulty comes reward – an endless supply. Motherhood isn’t always hearts […]

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For comfort you can trust try Depend! Specially when expecting! Freebie – #Underwareness


Leaks Happen but Life Doesn’t Have To Stop! Did you know there are more people in their 20’s than in their 80’s that have bladder leakage? As a mom soon to give birth for the 7th time this doesn’t shock me. There are so many reasons for bladder leakage and one of them that isn’t […]

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Hard to put your love into words? Try this! – Valentine’s Day Review!

teleflora valetines day flowers beautiful 2016

After 18 years of being married one of my favorite flower companies has to be Teleflora. My husband has on more than a few occasions sent me lovely flowers when he was deployed, even in war zones from this company who always helped him find beautiful bouquets for me. Oh my goodness the happy tears […]

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Impressed with online Glasses – Firmoo


I had long read about buying affordable but stylish glasses online but stayed clear of it because I thought it must be complicated or hard to get the right fit and I really dislike returning products I get online so I try to avoid buying anything I think I might have to return. When I was given the chance to review […]

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For the Love of Dyson! Why oh Why!

New Dyson Ball Animal Limited Best Vacuum

For many years now I have heard amazing things about Dyson vacuums, the following this brand has is fantastic and passionate about their beloved vacuums. I can’t say I really understood, but then I have not had the most healthy relationship with vacuums. They tend to die a very young death here, living only about […]

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