Review – Gift For Him – DadGear

DadGear 1

  Dads take care of babies too and why should they have to carry around flowery princess baby bags? Why can’t they have a bag they like too? DadGear gets it and they let my husband pick out a bag for this review. This design really spoke to him, a few of them actually he […]

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Review – Ring It Game

2015 Holiday Gift Guide thumb

Ring It is a card game unlike any we have ever played. It is listed for ages 5 and up but I think even younger kids can play this game. You can play with with 2 players up to 9 players. There are 90 cards, a bell, and directions. The directions are not hard to understand, […]

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Review: Hand Made By The Seeds of 3 – Ecofriendly Fabulous

Button_2014_Holiday_Gift_Guide Organic Fabric crafted beautifully into children’s clothing and toys! This post may sound like less of a review post and more like a post about love, be warned! This is what it looks like when a crunchy Mommy finds something she adores and makes her have hope for the world and the future of […]

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Signing Time On Demand Review

 My little crunchy family has been blessed with being able to review Signing Time on Demand for our readers.  Signing Time on Demand has Digital Videos on demand to help teach children and adults as it turns out American Sign Language ASL.  You can view the on demand lessons on your computer or a mobile device such as and […]

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A great snack for the baby Bag – ProBar Fruition

Probar Fruition was kind enough to send my not so little family their bars to try. I was excited about this as each one is a full serving of fruit, they keep well in the baby bag, and they are vegan, not that my family is but we have friends who are and it is […]

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10 wonderful Natural Toys for 3-4 year olds.


There are so many reasons to pick natural toys before all others. Of course they are amazing and beautiful, and many will last a very long time, longer than seasonal plastic in most cases. If they are being sold by most of the small toy shops you can bet that they are safe and well […]

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