Not cool Halloween Tricks – proselytizing and racism


 (Back to Part 1 The real Evil found on Halloween) Halloween Tricks   While kids might find toothbrushes and floss and fruit to be tricks on Halloween certainly they are better and kinder than the above note. It gave me an idea tough, maybe next year I will hand out jump ropes and candy, because they […]

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The real Evil found on Halloween


Part 1  This post might not be what you expect it to be. This isn’t about ancient religions and the roots that Halloween has in common with them. It isn’t about the devil, and it really isn’t about evil. I used the world evil to add a bit of flare in celebration of the holiday […]

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Here is Today and Today is Sad

  I have had a hard time blogging with my normal joy and appreciation for the beauty and wonder in life as of late. You might have seen the wonderful giveaway for a canvas I have going on. It arrived just a few days before some very hard news found it’s way to my family. […]

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The Secular Comfort of Nature


These past few days have been heart breaking for me, some terrible news that is not mine to share right now has shaken me to the core. I find myself helpless to fix something that seems to be beyond anyone ability to fix and yet I feel like some how I should be able to. […]

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