Fantastic Fall Books for your Kids to curl up with!

Fall picture book list for kids

  One of the most wonderful and relaxing things to do in fall is to curl up with a fantastic book! Ok, so I think all seasons are the perfect time to curl up with a good book. However sitting in a big comfy chair, sipping warm spiced cider, and reading with little ones is […]

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Homeschooling Secular Easter – Printable

Easter Eggs Natural

How we homeschool around Secular Easter Not every homeschool family is obber religious as you might well know. Some actually go out of our way to be secular, or free from religion. Others go out of their way to put modern religions in the same box as they do ancient religions, sharing the facts without […]

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3 Little Minecrafters up all night in bed….


  Yes we homeschool and yes our kids play minecraft! It seems like some silly stereo type but this one actually fits us! Of course there are many homeschooling stereo types that don’t fit. We don’t homeschool for religious reasons as we are secular homeschoolers. We are good without god believe it or not! Or […]

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Keeping Summer Fun With Jumping Words


As many parents know, there is often learning loss that happens over the summer months when kids are out of school. This can happen to homeschoolers like my own or any student. One of the ways we can help prevent the loss is by practicing skills your children already have in fun and creative ways. […]

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Homeschooling: We can’t allow predators to hide behind us.

Monsters Among Us It is with a truly heavy heart that I post about this very sad topic, there are predators hiding in the homeschooling community, and there are those covering up the crimes and shaming the victims. I am lucky to not know any personally but if I did, you know I would not […]

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Not cool Halloween Tricks – proselytizing and racism


 (Back to Part 1 The real Evil found on Halloween) Halloween Tricks   While kids might find toothbrushes and floss and fruit to be tricks on Halloween certainly they are better and kinder than the above note. It gave me an idea tough, maybe next year I will hand out jump ropes and candy, because they […]

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The real Evil found on Halloween


Part 1  This post might not be what you expect it to be. This isn’t about ancient religions and the roots that Halloween has in common with them. It isn’t about the devil, and it really isn’t about evil. I used the world evil to add a bit of flare in celebration of the holiday […]

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Reflection on Newtown deaths from a Secular Homeschooling Mother


The sun rose today It rose on a day with broken hearts and little broken bodies. It rose even though we know that things are not ok. It rose as it has for over 4 billion years. A reminder that we must go on. A reminder that we are star dust today mixed with tears. […]

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The Naked Truth – Transgender Male Penis in Female Locker Room

In short, a man who identifies as a female was seen naked by a 17 year old female in a female locker room sauna on college campus. Next, all hell breaks loose and hate starts to fly. You can read more here: After seeing the story on a friends wall from a very negative source […]

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Homeschooling Science – 1st Grade Sea Turtles

Why Sea Turtles? This past vacation down in Mississippi on Biloxi beach in August I was stung by a Jelly Fish. We had seen the clear jelly fish with a red pattern on them and trailing tentacles in the water but family members in the area said they where safe and just irritated a bit.  I found this to […]

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Homeschooling – Where to Start

     Do you want to homeschool? Do you want to start your next homeschooling year off right? Don’t know where to start? Take a moment to think on a few things first!    Like many other crunchy parents at this time of year I find myself deep in planning for homeschooling. One would think […]

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Annoying the Secular Blogger

    I lay here typing this with a smile on my face enjoying my home at just the right temp, a house full of children playing, and everything seems right with the world at the very moment. Except one thing…. someone is messing with me!     You see I am secular blogger. Faith […]

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The Best Curriculum Search — 1st Grade

What curriculum are we going to use next year? This is a question on the minds of many homeschoolers and I am among that group. I already explained where I am in the search so far for my soon to be 7th grader and now I am going to share my thoughts on our 1st […]

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The Best Curriculum Search

  It is that time of year again when homeschooling parents start looking at curriculum for the coming year. Though sometimes doesn’t it feel like that time of year is all year long? I find myself a bit lost. You might find this odd seeing that I have been homeschooling my 12 year old from […]

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Mothers Review on CHIMPANZEE

A Must See for all ages! Not because of amazing stunts, new technology, or the latest and great trends. It is a hit because it speaks to the heart telling a true story of a very special Chimp and what happens to him.  My children and I sat in the theater not really knowing what […]

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Easy Homeschooling! Teach to the Season!

Photo By LittleCrunchy Homeschooling does not have to be school at home. It can be more organic and natural and it can flow with the spirit of the child, the home, the season. This might not sound like formal education, maybe because it is not formal. It is down and hopefully dirty too.     Spring […]

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Homemade Light Box Fun

Homeschooling is not all books and the kitchen table for most of us. For my family we love being creative and hands on working! Helping our pre-k daughter and Kinder son with writing is a lot of fun! We are always looking for ways to keep it fun! This time we made our own light table.  We […]

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Sept 9th — Wool Roving Fun

Night time in the Summer! Part of Mr. Handsomes curriculum with Oak Meadow is art. As Oak Meadow is waldorf based, it really values art and natural items. His project instructions where to express his summer. We did so with wool roving. One of the things we all enjoyed doing over the summer was counting […]

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Sept 4th – Corn Doll for Little House in the Big Woods

Meet Cornaline, the corn doll friend of my oldest daughters. Why would my daughter in this day and age have a corn doll one wonders? The Prairie Primer listed it as an activity and so it not being one of the yucky ones (Like the pig bladder) we did it joyfully. She named it after […]

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Aug 30th — Make Butter

The Prairie Primer had us making butter today! While they did it on the old days with a church and some people have the patience to do with with a jar and a marble we went with using a mixer! 1. 2 cups (1 pint) of heavy wipping cream. (Organic if you can find it!) […]

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