5 tips for beautiful bare feet this summer!


Some people love their feet and some people hate their feet but all people must care for their feet regardless. They will take us where we want to go but they will not take care of themselves! While we are all out enjoying the beaches and pools this summer, lets make sure we pay attention […]

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Create Beautiful Outdoor Summer Spaces To Love


       You are the creator of your happiness and your space! We know that our lives are in our own hands and that our happiness is as well. If your not happy, change something! You are that powerful that you can do this! Of course the recipe for happiness is not the same […]

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Christmas in London Looks Magical!


I would love to see Christmas in London! I have to admit, I have never seen Christmas in another country! The closest I can get this year is photos and they are amazing! They dazzle with holiday cheer and I can’t imagine being blue there! So much to see and do and be a part […]

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Healthcare Over The Holidays


   Healthcare around the globe seems to be changing and a lot of it happening around the turn of the year. We are hearing people thrilled to finally get coverage for preexisting conditions and affordable health insurance from Obamacare and we are hearing about people who have lost their insurance or the rates have gone […]

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You can homeschool and take a break over the holidays!


    For many homeschoolers who create their own curriculum or follow a boxed curriculum December is a time to play, create, and enjoy! Of course not all homeschoolers can take a break for the holidays, some like my daughter in Cyber school will be spending most of the month hard at work. My other […]

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