Counting blessings this October


      With my Fathers Cancer news a few weeks ago my head has been spinning honestly and seeing clearly has been hard. The shock and sorrow comes in waves but so to does the realization that none of us are promised tomorrow so we must make the most of Today. October is a […]

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30 Weeks Pregnant and Dreaming of Birth Control


  Is Pregnancy Really Beautiful? Once upon a time I thought pregnancy was the best adventure I could ever be on and I loved it, every moment. I loved it so much that being a surrogate twice has been 2 of the things in my life I think dearly about and am so proud of […]

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Dad To The Rescue – Almost got kicked out of a hotel!

Over the last few days I have learned some very important things about helping children grieve and gotten some great parenting advice from those who have more experience in this area than I do. My need for manners almost made things worse and I am glad I was told I was wrong by others in […]

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A family that looks very different than most and very lucky!

It is hard to put the last days into words but you know I will try and I love to write and I love to share. I am very blessed and lucky to be the surrogate mother for two amazing men. One reciently passed away and my family traveled to support his husband and our […]

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Mommy still learning life lessons


  Another death of someone I love has had me thinking deeply about life. Each passing has changed me, broken my heart, and forced me to grow. The fact is that everyone we know and love will some day pass and chances are the longer we are lucky to live the more loved ones we […]

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Our Grief and Sorrow – A Sad Update

Grief Changes Us

  Many years ago I was lucky enough to meet a couple so kind and so in love and so wanting a family that I felt blessed to be able to be their surrogate. I helped them to have two beautiful and healthy daughters. Over the years though the military has moved us far we […]

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The pain of Surrogacy.

This post isn’t going to be what most expect it to be about. It isn’t going to be about regret over choices made along the path of surrogacy. This story is about love. Love hurts… Tonight as the clock ticks to midnight I am up with insomnia. My only company seems to be the darkness, […]

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NaBloPoMo – Day 20

  I think I might have missed a day or two posting this month already, I count any post as one counting towards NaBloPoMo though so maybe I am ok? I hardly have time to check even! Update: Sick Sick Sick.  Fibro Pain and Dealing with medication side effects as well. Sorrow: A women I […]

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Motherhood Is Selfish So Lets Judge Her

UPDATE: It seems I can be clear as mud some times. Please know if you are new to this blog that I am a flaming Liberal Army Wife and Feminist. I just found it ironic that Christine Overall would defend abortion but attack surrogacy. Your body, your choices!     As mothers we face so many […]

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A Surrogates Wish

I wish I could make everything better.  If ever I have done anything worthy of my life, it has been you. If ever I have given anyone more tears and smiles than you,  I don’t know them.  If ever I see you suffer,  know that I suffer too.  You are my hope in the world, […]

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