Have you seen Zorbeez? – New 2017 Toys

Zorbeez great gift for girls too!

Zobeez are the fun monster toys for 2017! We already know how satisfying orbeez are to play with. Touching them is exciting and fantastically fun. No one thought they could get any better, but they did! Zorbeez is a new way to play! Introducing the Monster Ozzers! I love that this toy comes with 250 […]

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Did you know it is National Cat Day?


  #nationalcatday My family now belongs to not one but two fluffy felines. They of course rule the house in their own ways. One, our very old kitty, often ignores everything and everyone unless she is out of food, wants to go outside, or demands to be worshiped and petted. She was born outside in […]

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Too Many Toys Can Be Bad

 Quality over Quantity One of the wonderful things waldorf inspired homeschooling has helped me with over the years is seeing how important quality toys are over quantity. Too many toys can cause a child to easy become board, dampen creativity, hurt the budget, make cleaning harder, and hinder fun. Who would have thought?  As parents […]

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A Toy Review and Giveaway! — Ends 2/11

GIVEAWAY FUN!  I am happy to share a company with you that cares about children, how they grow, keeping them safe, and letting them have fun.   Galison Mudpuppy is kind enough to let me offer one of my dear readers the chance to win their own Wooden Magnetic letter or number set in what ever patter […]

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10 wonderful Natural Toys for 3-4 year olds.


There are so many reasons to pick natural toys before all others. Of course they are amazing and beautiful, and many will last a very long time, longer than seasonal plastic in most cases. If they are being sold by most of the small toy shops you can bet that they are safe and well […]

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Day 122

I love wooden toys, they last longer and tend to be safer. We picked this toy, not as green a toy as I wanted as we made a rare trip to a big box store to get it, Target. It is however for us a toy well worth the trip. Months later it is still […]

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Day 105

This toy I would guess is about 50 years old. It belonged to my father says my Meme. It was passed on to me as a child and now my own children play with it from time to time when I bring it out. I treasure it and so keep it up and away a […]

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