Gearing up for the new school year!


It’s that time again!  Back-to-School season is officially here!  Whether you’ve just begun prepping for the new school year, or your kids have already started – this can be an exciting but hectic time for both parents and kids.  For our family, we love back to school time. We go slow to get ready, building […]

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7 Tips to get kids out the door on time!

Dannimals baby

  Wouldn’t it be fantastic to worry less about being late because getting out the door is a smooth process? That is certainly the goal with our large family. One thing I know, kids make us late! Or rather not being organized and ready for the things that come up make us late! Of course […]

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New School Year – New Paint Brushes! – Homeschooling


 Our new school year is almost here and so that means all the joys of getting new supplies! We just got these elegantly long paint brushes that are for professionals and beginners. With 5 kids and a family who loves to be creative, these are perfect for us! These are made by the Komina company! They sent […]

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Ready For Adventures With Avex Water Bottles


  These are two fantastic Freestyle AUTOSPOUT Kids water bottles, one with a Dinosaur and one with a Butterfly and flowers on it. Our son who is almost 10 now loves all things Dinosaurs and when I saw this water bottle I knew he would love it and he certainly does. He told me it is […]

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