Useful Ways To Get Your Child To Sleep

  If you’re going through the phase of your child not wanting to sleep – you’re not alone. This happens to every parent, and it leaves you feeling helpless and exhausted. Pair that up with work the next day and you’re left with a cranky version of yourself. Not fun. Here are some tips and […]

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5 Reasons To Take Kids To Gem and Mineral Shows! – Augusta GA

Gem and Mineral Show Geode Giveaway

If you are a parent than chances are your child at one point or another has brought home a rock they insisted they couldn’t live without. I know having a handful of children that most kids go through this. Children have a natural fasination with nature and beauty and who can blame them? Of course […]

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Teaching our children about Asteroids and Meteors


While NASA says that Asteroid 2012 DA14 has safely passed by Earth. With the closest approach 17,500 miles above Indonesia. One has to wonder just how safe was it. A reported Russian impact is all over the news and your children like mine might be wondering just what happened. The DA14 asteroid is estimated to […]

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Butterfly Fractions are Easy!


  Math for a lot of people simply isn’t fun. Fractions tend to specially be something few enjoy. I remember when I was a teen I went from one high school where it seems we did everything with decimals to different high school that was working mostly with fractions. It annoyed me to say the […]

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Day 1 – Sledding 2013


   A Photo a Day Todays photos are of a great time sledding with the kids today. On the left we have three happy children at the top of the hill. On the right we have those same three happy wonderful children at the bottom of the hill catching some air as they fly over […]

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