A Present For Daddy?


Urghh! How hard is it to buy grown men presents? There seems to be endless options on what to get the women in your life. Stuff like Toiletries, makeup, clothes, craft materials always go down well. But when it comes to buying a birthday or celebration gift the guys, it is so easy to draw […]

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Giveaway – Cool Dads Cloth Diaper – Ends 6/20

Most parents have heard of the benefits of cloth diapering, but there may seem like there’s a lot involved in getting started using them.    Dads can cloth diaper too! Latched On Mom shares how her husband found interest in cloth diapering and how to make it easier when beginning to use cloth diapers in […]

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Today I’ll Be a Princess – Review


As part of our “New Book Each Day of December” tradition with the kids we got to read this adorable little board book that the baby specially loves. With so many little princesses in our home, who all have their own interests and preferences, we know very well that not all princesses always want fancy […]

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Giveaway – Outdoor Dads – Ends 12/1

Outdoor Dads Giveaway We all have different types of dads. Some love to cook, others watch tv. Some are handy in the garage. Some Dads are outdoor dads. Those kinds of Dads are often running, mountain bike riding, camping and just enjoying life outdoors. My amazing Dad was an Outdoor Dad of epic proportion I must […]

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What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Dying. Part 1

Dad and Mom 2

Dear friends, This post shall not be short and for that I am sorry. It has taken me 2 months now to gather the courage to write it, 2 months to pull myself together enough to look back on all that happened and try to put it into words that will perhaps make sense to […]

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Review – Gift For Him – DadGear

DadGear 1

  Dads take care of babies too and why should they have to carry around flowery princess baby bags? Why can’t they have a bag they like too? DadGear gets it and they let my husband pick out a bag for this review. This design really spoke to him, a few of them actually he […]

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Update on my Dad and his pancreatic cancer.


Today was day 1 of his second round of Chemo. It is certainly hard on his body, he feel asleep on his lunch tray with my mom during treatment. I can picture them snoring together. It is hard on the heart that I am not there right now. We planned to be there but we […]

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Reasons I Love New Photoshop Elements 14

PEPE14_3in_boxshot_front_shadow copy

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free I am so excited to be writing about adobe photoshop elements 14 and the new things I have discovered in it that are making my photographs all that much better. I […]

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Sharing the Reality – My Father suddenly has terminal cancer.


I try to live an open book life here on my blog, after all it was first created in 2007 as a way for family and friends to keep up with us as we move around the country on the military life adventure. Sometimes it is hard though keeping it real because it means facing […]

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