Key Tips On How To Reduce Water Waste Within Your Home


Key Tips On How To Reduce Water Waste Within Your Home   Water waste can bring about hazardous effects¾especially if left unattended. Blackwater, for example, can cause respiratory problems, infections and severe illness among your family members. In addition, the amount of water on the planet is finite and should be conserved as much as […]

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Becoming A Less Wasteful Momma Bear

mom and baby

If you’re on the journal of becoming a more mindful and green person, you look for changes you can make to every aspect of your life. But that mindset of environmental and financial frugality come into conflict with the reality of having a child. You want to make sure they have everything they need, but […]

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Review – My Real Earth a Natural Luxury Skin Care Line – Giveaway


It can sometimes take something very big in our lives to get us to look at the very small things. I think this tends to be the case for a lot of people when it comes to looking at what ingredients are used in our homes and on our bodies. This was the case for […]

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Sprinkle Some Eco-Friendly Magic In Your Family Kitchen


It’s always good to bring up your family to be eco-friendly. After all, together we can help the world to be a better place for our kids, and their own children. And if we follow good eco-friendly practices, it can encourage our kids to do so when they are older. However, it can be easier […]

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A Giveaway for the Amazing Cloth Diapering Parents!

giveaway image 1

  What Da Fluff subscription boxes is a fun cloth diapering surprise every month. Each box will contain at least one diaper as well as cloth diapering products (wet bags, cloth wipes, cloth diaper safe rash creams and detergent). What Da Fluff knows that parenting can be hard and will always have a small treat […]

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Google Chromecast Audio making Music at Home Magical!

Google Chromecast 2

As a child like so many other kids I dreamed about what the technology of the future would hold. One of the things I dreamed about was smart houses that would know what we need and provide it. Of course there was a horror movie about such things and certainly learning new technology feels like […]

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Our New Favorite Baby Wipes: WaterWipes

water wipes

This post was sponsored by WaterWipes as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. My Favorite Baby Wipes Target is now the place we get our baby wipes because they carry the new WaterWipes my family loves and trusts with our sweet little baby. These wipes are […]

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Review – The Most Fantastic Nail Polish and Remover!

karma slider Never before have I been so impressed by a nail polish company. This one has me falling in love with their line of polishes and removers. They are one of the only lines that are free of TPHP, toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalate), camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, and parabens. This is no small thing and […]

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How to Go Green At Home


The earth needs people to be a little greener. And, in the good ol‘ North America, it’s especially necessary, considering 41 percent of energy is consumed in residential and commercial buildings. You can change that by making a difference in your home. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to transform your home into an eco-friendly palace. […]

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Parent’s Guide to Childhood Asthma


With over 7 million children living with Asthma it is a topic all parents should be aware of. Sadly over 150 children die because of it each year so even if your children do not have it, this is good information to have. There are many factors that can cause Asthma and one of them […]

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Review – ColorMeMonthly Polish

CMM-Nail-Polish-Gift-2-300x300 What is ColorMeMonthly? This company was kind enough to send me their April polish for my honest review. I was curious about this very affordable monthly box and wondered how good the polish could be. I am rather a geek and love books and I am a busy Crunchy Mommy, what do I […]

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What to look for when selecting eco-friendly seating for your home

home seating

Regardless if you live in a house, in an apartment, or in a dorm room, the fact is that you’ll need furniture to provide you with a place to sit, eat, sleep and even and store your belongs. While everybody agrees that the furniture in your home should be a reflection of your persona, few […]

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What is Crunchy Parenting?


  Crunchy Parenting is not something one can summarize easily. There are so many different parts to it and yes, it looks a bit different in every home. I will though try to list some of things crunchy parents do to give you a better idea of what being a little crunchy means. My little crunchy family […]

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