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miacademy review site

 *** Thank you to Miacademy for sponsoring my kids with their program so that we can share our honest opinions of it! *** With 4 homeschooling children in different grades one of the things I love is to use technology to let some kids fly on their own for some subjects so I can help […]

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Get The Best Online Learning App

Best Online Learning Apps

  What is online learning? Online learning is studying for an internationally recognized qualification without having to attend classes on the actual campus. The materials are delivered online through the internet. Many have benefited from online learning especially those who have studied for a postgraduate qualification while holding a full time job. Online learning is […]

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Master Money Worries To Give Your Child The Best Education


  Children and education. It’s a tricky subject, rife with questions which every parent has a different answer for. But, aside from questions about how much is too much, and which schools are best, some parents have more pressing concerns. We’re talking, of course, about money. Even in state schools, there are extra costs to […]

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Earn While They Learn: Making The Most Of School


  Being a mother is a full-time job for a good few years. While your child is too young for school, they are under your care all the time. A young child will need entertainment, food, and, of course, a lot of cleaning. But, this time will fly by, and they’ll soon be at school. […]

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Are you ready for the Solar Eclipse?

solar eclipse glasses cheap

Chances are if you are in America you have heard about the Solar Eclipse that will go from one side of the USA to the other and how very rare this actually is for us. The last time you could see an eclipse like this was in 1979, over 37 years ago! The last time we […]

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Be A Better Teacher For Your Kids


As parents, we want to help teach our children to ensure they go on to do brilliantly when it comes to exams. Then they can have a bright and fruitful future ahead of them. However, it can be easier said than done when it comes to giving our kids a good education. A lot of […]

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The STEM Toys Kids and Parents are Loving! – Osmo – Best Buy


As parents we know that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are really important! While school systems are pushing education that focuses on testing reading and math, sometimes other important aspects of learning are not featured enough. When given hands on learning in STEM, kids learn fast and tend to love it! Best Buy we […]

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Giveaway – Fantastic Free Tickets to Atlanta Repticon


Super excited to share this giveaway with my local readers to the Repticon in Atlanta Georgia! April 8 & 9, 2017 With Masters Week here in Augusta, I know my family and many others are happy to get out of town for some fun away from the chaos here in town! Taking the kids to […]

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5 Reasons To Take Kids To Gem and Mineral Shows! – Augusta GA

Gem and Mineral Show Geode Giveaway

If you are a parent than chances are your child at one point or another has brought home a rock they insisted they couldn’t live without. I know having a handful of children that most kids go through this. Children have a natural fasination with nature and beauty and who can blame them? Of course […]

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Wonderful Holiday Gift – Tech Trep Academy – Dare to Create.


Every child wants to learn. They may not want to sit at a table and memorize times tables, but they do want to learn. The insatiable curiosity of putting everything in their mouth as a baby to asking “what’s that?” on repeat when they’re four, children are driven to create and discover. As parents, we […]

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Review – Learning is best when it is play – Matics


www.kabukihelps.com This game was created by a mom because her son was struggling with some basic math skills.  She wanted a fun way to help him practice and reinforce what he was learning in school.  That mom is also the founder of Kabuki Helps, which has grown into a community of parents and teachers committed to making […]

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National Aquarium Field Trip Fun and Tips Part 2


National Aquarium Field Trip Fun and Tips Part 1 This was a great evening of education and wonder! We are very impressed with the new exhibit at the National Aquarium. While research online is great this trip was a reminder of just how wonderful it can be to interact with an expert, you can learn […]

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National Aquarium Field Trip Fun and Tips


   One of the best parts of homeschooling is being out in the world with the kids really learning and not suck behind a desk. While we have been doing virtual field trips this past week using the National Aquarium webcams in their new exhibit it was finally time to go to the Aquarium and […]

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Parents: Don’t miss this great car trip game sure to keep the kids busy!


Traveling with kids can be a challenge on the best of days. “Are we there yet?” and siblings fighting can be an issue to say the least. There are many ways to deal with these issues and one of them is by making sure you can keep the kids busy!  Try This Great New Game! […]

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Teaching our children about Asteroids and Meteors


While NASA says that Asteroid 2012 DA14 has safely passed by Earth. With the closest approach 17,500 miles above Indonesia. One has to wonder just how safe was it. A reported Russian impact is all over the news and your children like mine might be wondering just what happened. The DA14 asteroid is estimated to […]

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Tips to help Motivate a Teenager


  Knowing how to motivate a teenager is so important! My oldest daughter is now a teen and it is really important to my husband and I that she stay motivated to make and reach her goals. It can be very hard being a teenager, often feeling like their priorities are not the same as […]

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