Science FOR Babies – Board Books Parents Want To Read!

Science for Baby

I really have no idea why it came as such a shock to me when I first heard about science books for babies. I mean, there are so many fantastic topics of board books why not one so dear to our hearts and important to our future such as science? Of course when I heard […]

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Found the perfect chocolate this summer! – La Maison du Chocolat


We know that there is an art to luxury chocolate and La Maison du Chocolat are the masters! They are celebrating the last 40 years with a very special collection that I wanted to be sure to share as it is amazing! One of the amazing things about this boutique is that they have dedicated […]

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Gifting A Good Night of Sleep


 People spend an average of 33% of their lives sleeping. That doesn’t include all the time so many of us spend in our comfy beds now watching TV, playing on laptops, tablets, cell phones, and reading books. Shouldn’t the 1/3rd of our lives we spend in bed be special? Why not gift things to loved […]

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GLOW for a Cause


  GLOW for a cause is the passion project of artist, teacher, and skincare productista, Johanna Querry Smith! When I first heard about it I loved how dedicated the company is to the purest and highest quality body care products they can create. I am more a geeky girl than a beauty one but the crunchy […]

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Review: The Planet of Puzzles

Planet of Puzzles Math Adventure Book

The Planet of Puzzles: Be a hero! Create your own adventure to defeat the alien robots (Math Quest) For day 4 of our holiday tradition of reading a new book every day in December we opened this Math Quest book! As we have had some bad luck this year, it was only fitting our washing […]

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Review: Fantastic Kids Gift – Personalized Crates


As parents we are all so aware that kids have too much stuff! At least that is the case for most of us. Where to put all these beloved treasures is a problem. Toys get stashed in all kinds of places and messes are common. One thing that helps is making sure everything has it’s […]

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Review – Ring It Game

2015 Holiday Gift Guide thumb

Ring It is a card game unlike any we have ever played. It is listed for ages 5 and up but I think even younger kids can play this game. You can play with with 2 players up to 9 players. There are 90 cards, a bell, and directions. The directions are not hard to understand, […]

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Review – IDO 3D – Fantastic Kids Holiday Gift

IDo 3D 1

       If you are looking for a holiday gift for that hard to shop for tween or teen or one that seemingly has everything then this is a great gift to get them, specially if they are creative or if they need to spend more time being creative. Trying to get a teen […]

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#Giveaway and Review – Luxury Minky Couture Baby Blanket


Finding Minky Couture is like finding treasure. I had no idea a blanket could be so soft and chances are I will say this over and over again because there just no words for how yummy this blanket is. Highest Quality Luxury Blankets For Baby and Adults Too! Grape Diamond: Purple and Cream Diamond […]

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