4 Ways to Deal with Bullying In Youth Sports

Written By Steven Hawk The main reason that kids sign up for sports is because they want to have fun. While Parents want their kids to develop their skills, improve team work and ultimately improve their fitness, your child’s willingness to participate will be determined by how much fun they’re having. However, nothing is more upsetting […]

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If you could share a box with anyone, who would it be? — Cheerios


Thank you to our sponsors for allowing us to bring you this post! I am joyed to know that one of the things I share in common with so many other people is that our childhoods included Cheerio’s. It was by far the cereal I ate the most and as a Mom I can say […]

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Take your Parents to the Playground Day


    If you are a parent than chances are you know how much children love playgrounds! Chances are you know the very best ones in your area too. That might not be the case though as my family has discovered over the years and all our many moves. Often people miss the best spots […]

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5 Reasons To Take Kids To Gem and Mineral Shows! – Augusta GA

Gem and Mineral Show Geode Giveaway

If you are a parent than chances are your child at one point or another has brought home a rock they insisted they couldn’t live without. I know having a handful of children that most kids go through this. Children have a natural fasination with nature and beauty and who can blame them? Of course […]

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Google Chromecast Audio making Music at Home Magical!

Google Chromecast 2

As a child like so many other kids I dreamed about what the technology of the future would hold. One of the things I dreamed about was smart houses that would know what we need and provide it. Of course there was a horror movie about such things and certainly learning new technology feels like […]

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Stunning Children’s Book Illuminature


Illuminature: Discover 180 animals with your magic three color lens! It is safe to say that most children love Animals and a great many love books too. Add to that a secret way of seeing those animals and that combination makes for a fantastic experience children will adore. The Illuminature book was written for those […]

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Children’s Book Review: Vet (Busy People)


A cute little book to help young minds think about the jobs out in the world around them. This cute little book, Vet (Busy People) by Lucy Cuthew and Ando Twin is 24 pages of learning for ages 3-6. The reading isn’t very hard so young readers can enjoy this on their own too! The story […]

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Review: The Planet of Puzzles

Planet of Puzzles Math Adventure Book

The Planet of Puzzles: Be a hero! Create your own adventure to defeat the alien robots (Math Quest) For day 4 of our holiday tradition of reading a new book every day in December we opened this Math Quest book! As we have had some bad luck this year, it was only fitting our washing […]

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Hair Brushing Without Tears – Dessata Detangling Brush

Brushing Without Pain!

I have to share with you the most remarkable hair brush that detangles and doesn’t hurt. I know most parents have heard about such brushes before and with so many daughters you better believe I have tried many of them. I have even liked a few, but most I don’t actually recommend. This brush though, […]

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Mom’s Favorite Option for Text Message Monitoring


Mom’s Favorite Option for Text Message Monitoring I believe in homeschooling and that’s what I’ve been sticking to, but I also know that millions of mom’s out there prefer sending their kids to schools. There are many pros of sending your kids out, there’s no doubt about that, but then we live in a digital […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Kids Shower Heads


The Ultimate Guide to Kids Shower Heads Description: Thinking of getting a shower head for kids? Get the best tips and advice in this article. Most kids love to play with water, and so bath time and showering can be a fun adventure. If your child is ready to make the transition from the baby […]

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Still Time for Robot Summer Camp for the Kids! 55% off with code!


MY READERS RECEIVE 55% Off now with Code: TEX1660M15 www.ROBOTS-4-U.com @usfg #robots4u Summer Camp can be an important aspect of growing up for many kids. It is almost May and most parents already have their summer for the kids planned and spaces all over the place are filling up. Thankfully there is still time to get […]

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Nature vs. Technology in Childhood- An Unhealthy False Dichotomy


Nature vs. Technology in Childhood In the Crunchy Parenting world the Natural World is our playground and most of us worship the ground we all walk on. That is understandable for Mother nature grows and raised us all. However…. the same community I so adore has this idea that Technology is some how the enemy […]

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Enjoy Spring Fishing With Kids

Fishing Fish Bluegill

It is no secret that modern society has taken most of us far from nature and some of us are struggling to get back to it. Too many children are not at all excited or interested in the outside world anymore and as parents it is our job to help them to connect to nature. […]

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STEM Parents don’t miss this 60% Off ROBOTS-4-U Summer Camp


One of the things most modern parents are concerned about is if their children are getting enough STEM in their lives. Certainly many public schools are still dropping the ball with this. Summers schools offer a great chance to get solid STEM time in. When I saw this deal I knew I had to share […]

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Day 2 Advent Calendar Book – The Little Snowplow

Book 3

  Day 3 of our 24 nights of advent books and the bedtime elf brought us a big beautiful picture book! You can click the image below to follow our Advent Book adventures so far! The Little Snowplow by Lora Koehler (Author), Jake Parker (Illustrator) Our little bed time Elf still doesn’t have a name! Down […]

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Review – IDO 3D – Fantastic Kids Holiday Gift

IDo 3D 1

       If you are looking for a holiday gift for that hard to shop for tween or teen or one that seemingly has everything then this is a great gift to get them, specially if they are creative or if they need to spend more time being creative. Trying to get a teen […]

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Review – Click Blocks 3-D Magnetic Construction Toy

Magnetic Blocks 4

This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media.  A Sample Item was provided to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.   I was so excited to learn about Click Whiz Block Block Magnetic Toys MasterGear Set as I knew this would be a great […]

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Parent’s Guide to Childhood Asthma


With over 7 million children living with Asthma it is a topic all parents should be aware of. Sadly over 150 children die because of it each year so even if your children do not have it, this is good information to have. There are many factors that can cause Asthma and one of them […]

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Halloween Fun Guide 2015!

Halloween Fun Guide 2015

Halloween Fun Guide Halloween time is here and it is time for all things spooky, adorable, and yummy! Don’t miss the latest and greatest in the Halloween world this year b checking out the great things below! From safe face paint for kids to the cutest costumes, this guide can help make Halloween magical!   […]

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