A homeschool moment that made Mommy snap!

How this homeschooling Mommy snapped after 12 years of experience homeschooling.

 The overwhelming homeschool moments you don’t see coming! When you have been homeschooling children for 12 years one would think you have everything down to an en exact science and that things wouldn’t get overwhelming. Perhaps that is the case for some people, that really isn’t the case for me! I am about to share […]

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Peaceful Parenting: Please Don’t Call My Son A Girl


  Sadly a few weeks ago my son was faced with an adult he cares about insulting him for no good reason. As a mother I wish I would have been there to protect my son from the situation. Moms are not always there though, so I ask, please be mindful of insulting children. If […]

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Dear Mother, you need to know this!


Dear Mother, You may not see how much I love you. You might think too much on your mistakes. You might not forgive yourself your short comings. You might hold to tightly to guilt over yelling, a moment that lacked patience, a time when you dropped the ball. You are not alone. You are human. […]

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The Zen of Attachment Parenting Older Children


 You need Zen, lets talk! Attachment parenting can seem focused on babies, co-sleeping, baby wearing and attending every need. While the best start is certainly an area to focus on, what about the mothers with a tantruming preschooler, defiant child, and siblings who seem hell bent on making one another miserable? It can be hard […]

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What is Crunchy Parenting?


  Crunchy Parenting is not something one can summarize easily. There are so many different parts to it and yes, it looks a bit different in every home. I will though try to list some of things crunchy parents do to give you a better idea of what being a little crunchy means. My little crunchy family […]

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