Day 5 Advent Calendar Book – SNOW

Snow Book 1

Each evening of December the children get a new book to unwrap from the Bedtime Elf all the way up until Christmas! The Bed Time Elf brought another book for the kids! We are finding this a great distraction from lifes hardships and a very sweet special time as a family. I am so thankful […]

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3 Things I Will Not Forget This Winter And You Shouldn’t Either!


I adore winter and snow, it is my favorite time of year actually even though gardening is not the best and so many days have to be spend inside trying to keep warm and dry. There are certain things though about winter that I have to keep in mind and I think you should too! […]

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Day 2 Advent Calendar Book – The Little Snowplow

Book 3

  Day 3 of our 24 nights of advent books and the bedtime elf brought us a big beautiful picture book! You can click the image below to follow our Advent Book adventures so far! The Little Snowplow by Lora Koehler (Author), Jake Parker (Illustrator) Our little bed time Elf still doesn’t have a name! Down […]

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Day 1 – Sledding 2013


   A Photo a Day Todays photos are of a great time sledding with the kids today. On the left we have three happy children at the top of the hill. On the right we have those same three happy wonderful children at the bottom of the hill catching some air as they fly over […]

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