Showing kids you don’t have to trash everything, you can fix things!

USB WiFi Easy Upgrade old computer

In a single generation we seem to have went from a time when people bought things intended to last a very long time and when those things no longer worked, effort and care would go into fixing them. Be it cars, vacuums, radios, shoes, and of course technology. Alas, we now seem to live in […]

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Tips For Perfecting Laundry For a Big Family!

What is the best washing machine to get 2017

Thank you to Best Buy for sponsoring this timely post!  The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free ~~~~~ Having 5 kids in the house means we have a lot of laundry and over the years we have had some […]

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Keeping the whole family digitally safe with CUJO Smart Firewall


Most people don’t really understand how our smart homes can make our families more vulnerable to hackers. Just about any device that is connected to the internet can be hacked! From smart fridges to alarm clocks! Hackers are now using vulnerable technology that isn’t on everyone’s mind as ways to get into your network and […]

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Learning Tools To Hack The Modern College Lecture


  The modern student as a lot more tools and strategies at their fingertips than anyone over 50 years ago, or in fact, over 15 years ago! The rise and rise of technology have shown that we can take in so much more information than our parents and grandparents ever could. But while there is […]

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The STEM Toys Kids and Parents are Loving! – Osmo – Best Buy


As parents we know that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are really important! While school systems are pushing education that focuses on testing reading and math, sometimes other important aspects of learning are not featured enough. When given hands on learning in STEM, kids learn fast and tend to love it! Best Buy we […]

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Google Chromecast Audio making Music at Home Magical!

Google Chromecast 2

As a child like so many other kids I dreamed about what the technology of the future would hold. One of the things I dreamed about was smart houses that would know what we need and provide it. Of course there was a horror movie about such things and certainly learning new technology feels like […]

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Mom’s Favorite Option for Text Message Monitoring


Mom’s Favorite Option for Text Message Monitoring I believe in homeschooling and that’s what I’ve been sticking to, but I also know that millions of mom’s out there prefer sending their kids to schools. There are many pros of sending your kids out, there’s no doubt about that, but then we live in a digital […]

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Nature vs. Technology in Childhood- An Unhealthy False Dichotomy


Nature vs. Technology in Childhood In the Crunchy Parenting world the Natural World is our playground and most of us worship the ground we all walk on. That is understandable for Mother nature grows and raised us all. However…. the same community I so adore has this idea that Technology is some how the enemy […]

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STEM Parents don’t miss this 60% Off ROBOTS-4-U Summer Camp


One of the things most modern parents are concerned about is if their children are getting enough STEM in their lives. Certainly many public schools are still dropping the ball with this. Summers schools offer a great chance to get solid STEM time in. When I saw this deal I knew I had to share […]

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Wonderful Holiday Gift – Tech Trep Academy – Dare to Create.


Every child wants to learn. They may not want to sit at a table and memorize times tables, but they do want to learn. The insatiable curiosity of putting everything in their mouth as a baby to asking “what’s that?” on repeat when they’re four, children are driven to create and discover. As parents, we […]

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Giveaway – ALCATEL ONETOUCH Elevate Cell Phone

Alcatel Onetouch Giveaway holiday gift guode 20515

Welcome to one of the giveaways in our Holiday Gift Guide! This ALCATEL ONETOUCH Elevate is a $99 phone from that comes without a contract and a plan to meet your needs! Their $60 Unlimited plan is fantastic! This would make a wonderful gift! Holiday Shopping time is here and what a better way to show […]

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Kids and Devices: Things to Consider


Should kids bring electronic devices such as smartphones, cell phones, tablets and other gadgets to school? This is a debated topic these days, as the ubiquity of such devices is only increasing. A decade or more ago there was a push to make sure kids had access to their cell phones in case of emergencies, […]

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FamAlert Review – You might not know you need it!


FamAlert is a service that you sadly might not know you need till it is too late. This was the case for my family, let me tell you about it. My sweet 13 year old homeschooler has been going to a church with a friend and her family these past few months. She has been […]

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