Guest Post – 7 Daddy-Daughter Date Ideas



A lot of dads struggle to connect with their daughter. Quite often, this can worsen as time progresses; it is often amplified if Mom is always in the picture. Encouraging daddy-daughter dates once every couple weeks or even once a month will allow them to make memories together. This also gives you the opportunity to soak in a hot tub in front of your bio ethanol fireplace. I got one like the ones you can find from stores like Ethanol Fireplace Pros and mounted it on the wall, so I can turn my bathroom into a spa when I need serenity. Below are a few date idea that will help them bond, and give you some alone time!


  1. Miniature Golf – You really can’t go wrong with a game of miniature golf. It is a slow-paced game, and it will give them plenty of time to chat. Many dads take their daughters to the movies all the time, which is great, but it doesn’t allow for any sharing time.


  1. Nature Hike – If dad isn’t really the park type, perhaps you can choose a park, pick out an easy trail, and provide clear instructions to that specific trailhead.


  1. Volunteer – Is she constantly begging for a puppy, but you are not ready to adopt one yet? Many rescues and shelters allow child volunteers with a guardian. They can go in and play with the dogs and cats together once a month.


  1. Arcade – If you have a Dave & Buster’s or some similar type of arcade near you, this is a great place to spend a rainy afternoon. If you live anywhere near Vegas, send them to the Pinball Hall of Fame. There are over 250 machines to play that cost about a quarter per game.


  1. Children’s Museum – Some dads seem to think only boys love dinosaurs and other science things. This is definitely not true! Spending a day at a museum with interactive exhibits will be fun and educational.


  1. Skate Park – Before you panic and say there is no way you are letting your daughter go to a skate park, actually go and visit one first. A lot of people picture swarms of boys doing tricks on skateboards. You will likely find there are a ton of families and folks of all ages on roller skates and rollerblades.


  1. Yoga – If you call around to yoga studios in your area, there is a good chance you will find a weekend daddy-daughter yoga class. If they don’t offer one, recommend it. There is a good chance they will add it to the schedule, if there is enough interest.


A few other ideas include tobogganing, ice-skating, taking a class, flying a kite, and attending a sporting event. They don’t even have to leave the house. You can go to the yoga practice you have wanted to get to, and they can stay home and build a snowman, bake cookies, or have a craft day.

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DIY: Using youtube to cut long hair!

I am the Mommy to 4 beautiful kids and 2 amazing surrogate daughters. They all astound me time and again. I mention this because I need you to know I would do anything for them. Sometimes what they wish me to do scares the heck out of me! So when my teen insisted I cut her very long and very thick hair myself rather than waiting to go to a salon I panicked a bit. What is an untrained person to do? YouTube of course!

So I looked at over a dozen videos and settled on one. You can get to it by searching:  How to beautifully cut your own hair (M by Mickie)  Surely if I can use youtube to replace the radiator in the van before I can use it to give my darling daughter a hair cut right?

Her wishes were simple in her mind. She wanted it shorter and with layers. My issue though was that it was 1. not my hair. 2. I didn’t want to cut it! You see my dear Memere had gotten very upset when I was little then my parents cut my hair. It turned into a thing. Still to this day I now have long hair and can’t bring myself to cut it, even with her no longer being with us. I could see her in my mind upset over me cutting my oldest daughters hair short. I know, it is silly! Thanks to the video I found though, I thought I could please everyone!

Her Hair Before:


(Little Sisters just had to get in the photo too!)


And this is after the cut. She has short layers in the front that she loves and there is still a lot of length in the back. She loves how light it feels now!

Then of course came the bleaching and the new color. She asked me to dye it blue on one side and purple on the other but after the blue side was done she saw it and didn’t want the other side purple. She loves her hair.

2014-08-26 03.29.38

Warning, the blue color travels a bit with time! I swear her hair has even layers in it, one side is not shorter than the other!

2014-08-26 03.30.20

And this is the back. 

Over all I think this was very much a success simply because she loves it so much. Even if my nerves where shot doing it! I love spending time with her, she is so funny and we have a lot in common, such as our love of Doctor Who and watching it while working on her hair! We are a brave bunch here, we like doing DIY on our own.

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