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       This is a wonderful Mother’s Day Gift and you couldn’t feel better about sending flowers from TheBouqs as they are one of the few eco-friendly flower services out there. Not only did my flowers my not sit in a warehouse for two weeks before I ordered them but flowers from TheBouqs are not even cut until you order them. They are fresh and beautiful and sent with care. Flowers from TheBouqs makes my heart sing! I love them! 

My flowers arrived on time and so very securely packaged. The box is long and rectangular and closed very rightly. The flowers couldn’t get tossed around it in if someone tried. They are buddles tightly and beautifully. It is clear that someone went to a lot of care to keep them safe.

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TheBouqs1 TheBouqs2

Be sure you have a sharp knife or sciccors to cut the flowers free from the box. My husband said that the special tape on the back of the box is supposed to be easy to open by design but it was so well done I had to cut it. He gave me a funny look! I was just happy to have my flowers so well protected and safe and at that point free of the box!

They do not come with a vase, and with good reason in my opinion. Most of us, specially mothers already have more vases than we know what to do with. So I picked out one of my many glass vases and set out to follow the east directions. Cut the stems under water at an angle and then arange them how you wish in the powered water. (They come with bloom poweder to help your flowers last their longest)


One of the most surprising, special, and stunning things about these flowers is where they come from. These flowers came from the mountain side of a volcano where eco-friendly and sustainable farms grow them!

unnamed (1)

Please know that your Mother or anyone else you send these flowers to do not need to be an expert florist to make these look nice in an vase. I am a usy Geek Mommy with little experience and yet I love my lovely flower creation. They will open up more by tomorrow and be even more breath taking. They make me feel very special. Make your Mother feel special if you can this Mother’s Day!

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One of the many special things about TheBouqs is that their Original arrangements, like this one, are only $40 INCLUDING shipping! I can’t remember the last time I was able to send flwoers for less than $80 and the last 2 times I sent flowers was a mess…. they didn’t show up and the company contacted me a week later. They were sent for a funeral! It seems they company couldn’t find a flower shop in that area with flowers for it… why had they not contacted me sooner? Needless to say I will not be ordering from that other company again. I will though trust TheBouqs to get fresh flowers out to loved ones fast!


Unlike other companies who make you fill out very long forms, ordering from TheBouqs was easy, three simple and fast step. The hardest part was picking out what flowers I loved most. There are so many special and beautiful choices.



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Review — Mami Robotic Vacuum – Must See!

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#mamirobot Review

The Mami Robotic Vacuum is unlike many of the other robots on the market today, it is multi functional, sweeps, vacuums, mops, and has a hand held vacuum and remote control. It is fully programmable and great on different surfaces. Being a busy Mommy and a Geek I was just so thrilled to get this in time for Mother’s Day. What a great gift idea! I am excited to add this great product to the 2014 Mother’s Day Gift Guide and share with all of you this amazing Giveaway where one reader will receive their own Mamirobot vacuum that you can keep or give to your own mother perhaps!

Before I get too much further into this review please be sure to check out the following pages!

2014 Mother’s Day Gift Guide


The Mami Robot Vacuum Giveaway


The Mami Robot Vacuum was shipped out to me very quickly. It arrived well packed and perfect. Unpacking it and setting it up was simple. It comes with instructions that are easy to follow. I recommend having a special place for all you Mami needs such as to keep the different filter packs and brush plate. I am keeping mine in our laundry room cupboard. It is important of course to not misplace any of the parts though I don’t think getting them replaced would at all be an issue.

Your Mami Vacuum can show off your style with the color options not many other robot vacuums offer!


I have the wine color and I love it! I find it elegant. Of course color is just one of the things that makes Mami a special brand. It is not all flash, there is so much function!

The next thing to do is to make sure you have a space clear to place the docking home for Mami Robot Vacuum. Keep the cords up out of it’s way! Unlike other robot vacuums I was so thrilled to see how easy Mami found her home when she needed it, or when I hit the home button on the remote control. Yes, we call our Mami a she and everyone in the house loves her!

Before asking Mami to start cleaning for you be sure to clear the room of things on the floor that might make her job more difficult such as cords, toys, clothing, shoes. As many Mother’s can tell you, no vacuum gets along with things like doll hair!

What can Mami Robot Do?


This brings us to Mami’s first task in my home, the hair removal function. With this function just the brushes spin as Mami navigates the room. In this way you can help keep hair from getting into the main vacuum part. With a house full of girls with long hair this is very important. If roomba had a function like this I wouldn’t be so very sick of hearing “clean roombas brush cage” every single time it is asked to clean a room. Yes we have one of those machines too, and thus we are looking for something better! In my opinion, Mami is better!


(This is a very old house, and you can see someone did an add on to it, the brick was once and exterior wall! This house has so much character and with it being over 3,400 sq feet, it has a lot of floors to keep Mami busy!) 

So after the hair removal using the small and easy to use remote control I ask Mami to do a full clean with the vacuum setting. This sucks up all the crumbs and dirt and dust. Unlike some other vacuums Mami has filters to keep the dust from hurting the machine and out of the air! This is great for reducing indoor allergies. Mami can be programmed to clean for certain intervals of time or until her battery is low.


(Mami cleaning the floor of the school room, making her way around a very old school desk)



Another function Mami Robot has that is very special is a mop setting. To use this setting you dampen one of the 5 included microfiber cloth pads and put one on the bottom of Mami. It isn’t hard to do and it doesn’t take a lot of time. Do this after a vacuum in my opinion. This kind of cleaning really makes my hard wood floors gleam. Of course this isn’t a function I would use on carpets though great on tile and other hard surfaces.

If not for Mami I would have had no idea how dusty things are under my bed. After mopping under the bed I got to see the bottom of the robots microfiber cloth pad. Look at how much Mami got off the floor under there:


Note, it is best to switch out the original brush cleaning cover and attach the other cleaning cover provided. That helps eliminate the smallest dust particle on your floors and tiles.

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One of the many special things about Mami Robot Vacuum is the handheld vacuum it comes with. The design is brilliant, where Mami docs for power, the hand vacuum waits for when you need it. Everyone who has had a robot vacuum in the past knows that there are only certain things they can do. Most on the market are not great with corners and there are many tight spots they simply can not get to, not to mention crumbs or dust on furniture and window sills. Mami hand vacuum can solve all those issues!

The hand vacuum is simple enough to use that all my children grab it to clean up crumbs now. For them it is so fun it isn’t a chore and I love that part! I hadn’t expected it though maybe I should have as everything about Mami is interesting and fun.


The hand vacuum is light and easy to use!


Boys have remote control cars and I have remote control Mami Robot!


If you have had a robot cleaner in the past chances are it didn’t have a remote control. You might not think it is something all that handy but it really it. Without having to go get Mami I can stay where ever I am and direct Mami where I want it to go. I can change what setting it is cleaning on even. My children can do the same! I rather they not pick up this brilliant little machine incase they drop it. I don’t have an issue though with them using the remote to send Mami where it is needed. It is a speedy little machine too! Don’t think though that you need to use the remote if you don’t want to, you can simply tell Mami to vacuum and let it do it’s thing.

I apologize now if this review loads slowly because of all the images, there are just so many things I want to share with you about Mami and I think the photos help express how helpful it is.

One of the best gifts a Mother can get for Mother’s Day I think is something helpful or something thoughtful. Mami is so helpful! Specially to someone like me with a chronic pain condition that can often make certain things hard. I love that I can be busy with my children and loving my time with them while this robot is cleaning the floors!

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Mami works on tile! (even really old tile!)


Mami worked on really high pile carpet even!


And of course Mami works on beautiful hard wood! Excuse my empty room, we are still moving in and have so many boxes to unpack still! My husband is actually in that bed sleeping, Mami isn’t very loud, though it does talk and use sounds for certain things, they are easy to turn off though!

If you have any questions about Mami I am happy to help answer them if I know or help find someone who does know!


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