Review – Aqua Spa Bath and Body Products


   1555387_584533594959454_1824099678_nWhile looking for wonderful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas I came across the Aqua Spa brand of bath and body products. I love how clean they look and their ingredients looked very interesting. The idea of spa quality items for Moms, specially on Mother’s Day was something I just had to try. The company was kind enough to send me all 4 of their Relax Collection products with their unique Marine Youth Complex to help rejuvenate and protect skin from early aging. Don’t most Mothers feel a little older than they actually are? Don’t most of need to take better care of ourselves and relax more? Yes and Yes.

The scent of these products are light and not like a lot of the chemical scents many other products have. It isn’t heavy but it is peaceful and grounding. I dare say, the scent is relaxing. They smell lovely.


I started with the Relax Aqua Spa Bath Salt. I sprinkled a bit in the bath and got some lovely bubbles. I always love salts and soaking in the tub. Thankfully I have a beautiful tub in our new home and it is perfect for At home spa products. Though with these it could turn any bubble bath time into a special time of luxury.

Aqua Spa Bath and Body products are free from parabens and formaldehyde!

This makes them a little more eco-friendly and Mom friendly too of course!

Next I added the Bath oil. A bit over kill you might think but the oil is used to keep skins moisture in and this is so important for those of us with dry skin. I just added some to the water. You can smooth it over your skin though.


The cleanser soaped up nicely into a lather and I didn’t feel like it was stripping my skin like some do.

I like that Aqua Spa is made in the USA. There are some countries that use questionable practices and ingredients and I feel like USA made might be safer. It is certainly better for our economy and a greener option than shipping from another country! Thank you Aqua Spa for caring!


Look at the beautiful foaming bubbles in this bath! Gorgeous and so relaxing. I have to say that this brand has given me all it promises too. I can’t say I look younger but I do feel so much better! Only time will tell I think.

As I couldn’t give you a long term review of the lotion I choose to use the lotion on one side of my body and nothing on the other to see if I felt a different. It is such a difference even the night after using the lotion, and I can only imagine how soft my skin will feel day after day of using this lotion. I have done this for three days now and just can’t keep going as my right side dry spots (bottom of feet, elbow, back of my neck) really need to feel as great as the left side does! Believe me, this lotion is lovely and does makes skin soft!

AS_soothe_group-150x150AS_energize_group-150x150 Relax is not the only collection. You can try Soothe and Energize as well!

To find a store near you check Aqua Spa stores here!

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, with




As I type this I find myself thinking a lot about Earth Day. It just past and I found it surprising how many people didn’t know about it till someone else told them. We get so busy and we forever the important things I think. We get so busy that we just about throw away money rather than making money by reducing, reusing, and recycling. One of the easy ways to put money back in your piggy bank is by selling the items you no longer need.

Do you really think you need everything you own? Most of can’t say that! A good rule of thumb is that if you have not touched it in 6 months is needs to go. Don’t be wasteful though! Sell that old motorcyle or CD collection on a site like just set up an account, it doesn’t take long, and start selling what your not using. It can be hard to let go but this sight makes it easy.

When posting your item make sure you have at least one good quality photo of it. You can use your cell phone even! The best photos are taken in good light, such as near a window or outside. Be sure to mention any issues such as rust to make sure the buyer knows what they are getting into when they offer to purchase your item. localmartuk is local, so be sure to list in the right area. Your post goes up right away and thanks to a clean and fast site that is integrated with social media and very popular your items will get the quick attention they deserve, and free too!

So what if your trying to make a house a home and need items? Save money, and help save the planet by shopping lightly used and loved items others are selling on the site. The site is simple to navigate without a lot of the messy advertizing so many other sites have issues with. You can favorite the items you really like and this can help you narrow down what you really want! If you have an issue with a sellers add, you can also complain and know your opinion matters.

If you are a mother like I am, you know little ones grow out of things quickly and goodness is it costly to keep buying new cloths and toys. It helps though to be able to sell the things the kids no longer need or love. Sell an old tricycle and get a bigger bike that is in near new condition! It really isn’t hard and it can help you save money and feel good about your shopping habits and helping the planet. It can be hard to do on other sites no doubt but things are streamlined on and with thier tips you can make a real go of it! Don’t be shy, and don’t think your items have to be perfect either! Out with the old, and in with the new to you!

Our planet has enough stuff in the landfills and in our oceans. We have to do better. Websites like help, but only if smart people use them!

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