Should You Always Take Advantage Of Extra-Curricular Opportunities For Your Children?


At this time of the year, kids come home with flyers or letters about sporting clubs, music groups, camps and other extra-curricular activities. Sometimes it’s easy to see the benefits of participating in them, and at other times you wonder what on earth they were thinking! At this age, it really is important to have a wide range of experiences. So what can you do to help?




The problem with anything extra-curricular is the extra costs involved. Ideally, there will be a big pot labeled education fund that you can endlessly draw from. Unfortunately, in real life, it isn’t that easy or that simple. Still, during the holidays or on the weekends, you know that there will be extra costs coming up. Saving in advance helps you make informed decisions about what you can realistically afford.


Setting a budget for this type of thing is handy. But you might also want to consider where you’re willing to put that cash. Chances are you’re not so keen on throwing a lot of it into the video game week-long camp experience. You might, however, be happy to pay for a math camp, extra science museum visits, or other academic opportunities.



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Still, a wide variety of experiences supports your aim for a well-rounded child. Music, art, and sport need to feature there somewhere. When you’re planning your budget, it might help to use a pie chart to help you allocate different amounts to different priorities. If your child isn’t doing well in physical education classes, perhaps you might be keen to put a little cash away for something sporty.


Then, of course, comes that amazing opportunity you could not have foreseen. The trip to the city to represent the county! Or maybe it’s a chance to have a masterclass at the local college? If these things all outside of your allocated funds, what will you do? Getting cash funds quickly with a cash advance might help if you haven’t got that sum set aside. It would be a shame for your child to miss out. Other options might include crowd funding or a sponsored event.


Child Development


If your child excels in one or two areas, it makes sense to seek related extra-curricular opportunities. Of course, if your child hasn’t developed well in other areas, then these too should be part of your focus. These opportunities are all about helping your child improve and develop. And they should offer enjoyable experiences that will turn into treasured memories too. If it’s not fun, you’re not going to get your child to continue with it.




So should you choose a balanced program that includes a little bit of everything? That is certainly one way to approach the activities you’re keen for your kids to access. Not everyone can quite stretch the time or the budget that far though. Instead, listen to your child. What does he seem keen to do? See if you can marry up any of those activities with the ones that will help him progress physically and academically the best.


Social Life


Of course, many of these extra-curricular activities involve meeting with and working with new people. They can be the source of life long friends or the source of pure horror for a shy child. If this is an area you feel your child should develop, then there are a couple of approaches to try. Select an activity you know they love and choose a group that isn’t too large. Check with the coach or teacher how children are paired or grouped. Are there plenty of opportunities to get to know each other and feel more comfortable first?




The second option is to pick masterclasses, where there is a lot of one-on-one or pair work involved. This is a more intimate setting with fewer people in the room. The push toward socialization is limited but available should your child choose to participate this way. Again, the budget might limit your options here.




As a mom, you are the master of knowing what your child needs and wants. Ultimately, you could choose to provide all of the extra-curricular support they need within the home. Of course, time and budget will affect you again here, especially if you normally go to work. Home-schoolers do a marvelous job of launching their child’s adult life. They are able to provide a well-rounded education full of experiences and opportunities. Why not join a forum and ask some questions?


You don’t have to take advantage of every activity or opportunity that comes along. For some parents, though, there is a built-in need to provide as much experience for their kids as possible. Where you source those experiences is up to you and your children. Enjoy the school break!


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