Baltic Amber: A Natural Product for Alternative Health and Holistic Medicine


Seemingly, illness is a part of life yet choosing a homeopathic remedy like Baltic Amber augments the body’s immune system. This powerful adaptogen is capable of naturally restoring the body’s internal systems. Inside of Baltic Amber is Succinic Acid which possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and analgesic properties. Better than over-the-counter drugs, this alternative medicine has been used for centuries by natural healers to rid the body of infirmities. In sum, Baltic Amber is a healing holistic amulet.


This natural biomatter is quite literally a hardened fossilized gem of alternative health. All around the world and across cultures, the Succinic Acid inside of Baltic Amber was revered for its therapeutic properties. In some cultures, Baltic Amber was burned as incense, and in other cultures, Baltic Amber was worn as an amulet. Overall, its medicinal attributes were used to treat teething pain to arthritis to depression to congestion. In brief, Baltic Amber is a highly-regarded natural product that ultimately benefits its wearer with a winning return-on-investment.


The Top Three Ways a Wearer Benefits From Baltic Amber


When someone wears a Baltic amber necklace, they are naturally rejuvenating their body. In brief, the Succinic Acid quietly absorbs into a body’s bloodstream after being warmed against the skin. This exciting bioelectrical interchange positively cleanses the blood. In addition, the Succinic Acid works as a natural resistor, protecting the body against stressors while it also boosts the immune system with its antioxidants. All in all, the body’s resilience is revitalized and strengthened by the Succinic Acid in Baltic Amber.


  1. Works as an Anti-Inflammatory


The Succinic Acid is an anti-inflammatory. It’s also anti-toxic, and it’s anti-bacterial. With this in mind, its holistic properties are capable of relieving teething pain and irritability. By wearing a Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces, the wearer can cull inflammation in the ear and nose. Moreover, Baltic Amber’s therapeutic properties are capable of naturally treating headaches, bronchial infections, and even various kinds of skin issues.


  1. Works as an Analgesic


Unlike other teething necklaces, a Baltic Amber Teething necklace is not meant to be chewed. While other teething necklaces relieve pressure by allowing the children gnaw on its beads, Baltic Amber is quite the opposite. A teething child wears a Baltic Amber Teething necklace often with little notice. In this way, their body is warming the ancient resin which therein releases its Succinic Acid. This interchange benefits a teething child since Succinic Acid is actually a natural analgesic, or in other words, an organic pain-killer.


  1. Bolsters the Immune System


Providing the body with alternative medicine as it goes into battle fighting off bacteria every day is wise. The more that one can utilize alternative medicine is for the best. In light of this, using Baltic Amber specifically safeguards the body’s internal systems. For the most part, this ancient healing resin is providing the same healing to its wearer as it did to the ancient trees it dripped down centuries ago. In detail, the resin that is Baltic Amber once healed and sealed the trees it came from, overall protecting them against stressors. To this day, the Succinic Acid in Baltic Amber promotes self-healing while also protecting the body of its wearer against stress and illness.


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A Guide To Personalised Gifts

Picking the Best personalized gifts!

Image Source


Too many of us rely on everyday gifts with no personal meaning. Adding a personal touch can often make a gift more memorable, as well as showing a deeper sense of appreciation. After all, personal gifts aren’t just impulse buys – they require more thought and careful selection. Here are just a few inspirations for a personal gift.




Match their hobbies and passions


Gifts related to hobbies and passions are certain to be appreciated. However, they can be risky gifts. What if you buy a gift that they already have? What if their interests are so niche that you don’t understand them?


You maybe able to find expert advice online for niche passions such as these gift ideas for medical students. Alternatively, you may be able to go into a store and get recommendations from the owner such as a sports shop when looking for a gift for a gym enthusiast.


Sometimes it can be better to play it safe with small thematic novelty gifts. This could include a chocolate guitar for an avid guitarist or a novelty wine glass for a wine enthusiast.




Share memories


You may be able to bring back a special memory that you both shared. Photographs are a great personal gift – they cost little to produce and can show creativity. If you want to go the extra mile, don’t just settle for a single framed photo. Consider creating a photo album or a photo collage with lots of memories on it. Alternatively, you could get a large photo printed with acrylic on canvas. You could even get a photo printed on a keyring or a fridge magnet.


Photographs aren’t the only way to share memories and there may be items that you can buy to remind you both of special times you shared together. This could be a quirky food or drink that you both has somewhere, a reminder of a location you both visited or even an ornament related to a private joke. You could even regift old items that you’ve hung onto all these years and that the recipient may have forgotten about. These gifts might not mean much to other people, but are certain to be appreciated by the recipient.




Keep up a running gag


Running gag gifts are gifts that stick to a theme and are given out to one person at every birthday and Christmas event. You should take care when buying these gifts. You don’t want to jump on the bandwagon if you weren’t part of the original joke. You also don’t want to buy something that annoys or offends the recipient. Get creative with these gifts and consider practical items related to these themes rather than ornaments and soft toys.




Go bespoke with clothing


Clothing is a common gift choice, but many people stick to accessories like ties and socks. Bespoke clothing can often make more of an impact. It’s one-of-a-kind and therefore immediately has more novelty.


Bespoke clothing could be tailored to someone’s exact measurements. This could be difficult to achieve if you don’t already know the person’s measurements – you don’t want to resort to guesswork. However, if you do know someone’s measurements this is certain to be the ultimate gift.


Another way to personalise clothing could be to consider monogramming. This involves embroidering someone’s initials into a piece of clothing. This could be a dress, a hat, a scarf or even the pocket of a suit jacket. Monogrammed baby clothing is very popular and certain to be appreciated by the parents.


You may also be able to tailor accessories to someone’s interests. This could include earrings or a necklace pendant shaped like dolphins or a dress covered in pineapples.

Also consider people’s heritage. Someone’s surname may have Scottish or Irish roots and may have a tartan associated with it. Alternatively, you may be able to find clothing related to a country that means something to the recipient.




Create a personalised message


Cards aren’t the only places for personalised messages. You may be able to engrave a personal message onto a metal phone case or into a wooden picture frame. This could be something romantic for a partner or something funny for a friend. You’ll find personalised engraving services online that can send these items to your address.


There are also some chocolatiers that can do personalised messages on chocolate plaques. This could be a more personal foody gift instead of just getting a box of chocolates.




Handcraft a gift


If you know a craft, you may be able to pour your creative energy into making a personalised gift for that special person. Your recipient is certain to appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into it.


This gift could be something to wear. If you know how to knit or crochet, you may be able to craft a scarf or a blanket. If you know how to make jewellery, you may be able to craft an item to someone’s taste complete with a themed pendant.


Alternatively, it could be a foody gift. You may be able to make them a personalised cake or brew your own beer for them.


Even if you don’t have a craft, you may be able to still build your own personal gift by getting creative. You could create a CD for someone with lots of special songs on it that mean something to that person. You could handcraft your own birthday or Christmas card, avoiding the card-building sites and using your own resources. And then of course, there’s the idea of collating a photo album for someone as previously discussed.


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Mother and littles

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Helping your Mommy Body

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Teaching kids about money

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Study Time

All parents should want to do their best for their kids. However, some mothers go the extra mile and manage to perform incredible tasks in the short amount of free time they have each day. Becoming a supermom will ensure your little ones get all the support they need during the first few years of […]

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Great Careers For Those Who Truly Care

Picking a caring career

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Fashion - Creating your custom look

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advice for having dogs around kids and babies

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Puppies Sleeping On Bed - Keeping out Clean with Pets

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Seven of the Most Common Kids’ Injuries and How to Deal With Them

The Son Baby The Child Kids Dear The Grassland

Kids love exploring, and they don’t really have a sense of danger, and that is why they often end up in trouble. Parents constantly worry about their children’s wellbeing and safety, but accidents happen. Just because your little one has hurt themselves, you should not consider yourself a bad parent. You simply have to learn […]

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DIY: Fantastic Breast Milk Lotion Recipe for Baby

Breast Milk Lotion

Science tells us about how amazing Breast Milk is for nutrition and there are so many reason why it is fantastic. While my adventures nursing my own babies have had their ups and downs over the years, I truly think we need to support breastfeeding Moms and Babies. I even made a list to help […]

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Dogs Or Cats: Which Is The Best Family Pet?

How to pick the right pet

Owning a pet is great for all families because it teaches your kids so much. It shows them how to be responsible and care for their new friend, it helps them to be more social and it can even boost their immune system. When they get older and the pet eventually passes, it will help […]

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How To Build A Team That Will Never Let You Down

Building a productive positive business team

According to the Harvard Business Review, positive teams are more productive (image:   A study conducted by the University of Michigan in 2015, found that incentivising and rewarding employees had very little to do with high staff performing levels. Instead, the team of researchers concluded that the most effective tool for keeping employees happy was […]

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Six Ways to Optimize Your Fertility

Tips for Getting Pregnant

If you would like to come see you would love to know that there are several way of boosting your fertility.  From changing your diet creating a plan and using advanced scientific methods there are plenty of ways or making having a baby a reality. Many women around the world have successfully changed their lifestyle […]

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Crunchy Parenting Doesn’t Mean Anti – Modern Medicine!

Crunchy Parenting Modern Medicine

As a science loving crunchy Mama I have been rather flabbergasted by the notion that Crunchy Parenting is some how anti-Modern Medicine. I can understand that those who don’t practice this kind of parenting might assume that but now there seems to be a growing, pushing, few in this movement of peaceful parenting, attachment parenting, […]

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