Safer Home: Safer Kids

Keeping the kiddos safe is a number one priority for a mom. In fact, when you are outside of the house you can even go into unconscious scanning mode looking for things that could be dangerous before they even happen. Such as a truck reversing, or a deep pond nearby. But when we are at home we can just relax, right? Well only if we have made the conscious effort to make the home safer for our kids. Read on to find out more.


Sharp edges


Some of the most common items that can be dangerous to your kids in the home are furniture and fittings that have sharp edges. This is because it’s so easy for them to be running about, having fun, and run slap bang straight into a sharp corner. Which can really hurt.


Luckily, there is a way of stopping this, and this is by using bumpers on the edge of tables, desks, and fireplaces to cushion the corners. That means they are not quite as dangerous if there is a collision between them and you little one.







Now, stairs are another hazard that all parents should be aware of. It’s easy to remember this when our baby is first crawling, but as they get a little older, it can be forgotten. But the fact remains, these are still an element of the home that are up high and can be hard to keep your balance on.


That is why it’s best to keep the stair gates like the ones from, in place until you are totally sure that the kids can navigate this obstacle safely on their own.




Fires and heaters are often a necessary part of our home decor. Not only do they look attractive but they heat the room up. Which depending on where you live can be pretty important come winter time.


But how can we have these items in our homes, when we have young children? Well, not only do we have to impress upon them the importance of staying away from the fire, but we also have to put some safety measure in place as well.


Use a childproof fire guard like the ones at, to ensure that there is always by a gap between you kids and the actual flame or element of the fire itself. Some fireguards come in cage form, which makes them even safer. So shop around before choosing.


Outside obstacles


It’s not just the inside of the house that can pose dangers to the kids either. In fact, the garden can be something of a minefield. This is because there is bugs, rocks, and other buildings like the garage, and possibly even water.


That makes it super important to ensure that this space is as safe as possible. That is why it’s a good idea to have a modern garage door like the ones from, as they often have better safety ratings.


It’s also a good idea to keep the kids away from water feature like ponds if they are without supervision.






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My life changing Groupon Moment

Most of my readers here at are smart busy moms who I am sure know all about Groupon. So telling you that Groupon is amazing isn’t a shock. I am writing today though to tell you about one of the coupons I that has actually been life changing for me because I don’t want you to miss it.


A while back I was lucky enough to get a great price on 23andme, and groupon has coupons and sales on them so be on the look out. Why would seeing DNA ancestry be important though? Well, for me, it is the health side of my DNA that changed things for me. For someone I know though, she found her “birth” family, and in an incredible story, found siblings that had been looking for her for decades. When private investigators failed, 23andMe succeeded. What they didn’t know, is throughout their lives, they had been so near to meeting each other. It is a fantastic tale and I don’t have near the details to do it justice. So far for me, I have hundreds of possible DNA family cousins I have never met!


What was so life changing was what my DNA told me about my MTHFR mutation, my weight, my cancer risks, the mutations that could account for how I think and feel and learn. I can’t take normal vitamins, they could even do me more harm than good. I am not always short on vitamin D because of lack of sunlight, there is so much more too it. All the symptoms I feel with so many things I can actually try to correct as I know the root issues now. This is something doctors never suggested, they treat symptoms, cover them up, not get the root issues. I am FINALLY losing weight and I think I stand a good change of feeling normal.

MTHFR Mutations

While this probably makes no sense to you, it is a bit of the DNA results gotten from the raw DNA I got from 23andMe and put on another site that specializes in telling you if you have these kinds of mutations. The yellow ones are not good, the read ones are a real issue! But you can work with them, once you know what the issues are!

My Dad died of pancreatic cancer a year ago, and now I know more about my genetic risks! I also know that I am not likely to respond favorably to certain chemo! Crazy what our DNA can tell us! One of the very cool things about 23andMe is that you get your raw data and every so often the site releases more information about YOU based on it as they do the research for their database as whole. You can though take the raw data to other sites and plug it in and it can give you results based on their research and find different things 23andMe hasn’t focused on yet. It is all fascinating and exciting! I know I will be gifting 23andMe to others next time I see a great groupon coupon for it!


Wishing you all the best of health and coupons to help change your life!

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Grief Pet Therapy

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