The NEW Secret to Perfect Family Movie Night Popcorn

Thanks to Pop Secret for sponsoring today’s blog post!

Movie Night Can Be Chaos!

One would think that a simple movie night would be a walk in the park, just get the snacks and settle the family down in front of the movie! However for us, there always seems to be many more steps, like picking up toys or finding an unexpected half eaten apple IN the sofa causing a deep cleaning spree of the living room before we can even settle in. Add to that possible technical difficulties like remotes missing batteries and it is all kinds of chaos with 4 kids. Getting everyone or even a majority to agree on a movie can be a challenge even. One of the worse things though is….

The Burned Popcorn Disasters!

I admit, sometimes we skip the popcorn as I can’t stand the smell of burned popcorn. I am not sure if our microwave just hates us or what but it happens so often. I admit it could be because there are two busy parents around here or 4 mini-cooks who love to help. What ever the case is, the smell of burned popcorn sends my tummy into an very upset state. All of a sudden all the windows and doors need to be opened and I drag air purifiers into the kitchen to help even. I have the most sensitive nose of everyone in the house. While many of them are happy to try for a new batch of popcorn and get on with the movie, for me the night is rather ruined and nose doesn’t let me forget it.

 So the solutions thus far have been either no popcorn, or not fresh popped popcorn, or risking it. Now though I have a secret weapon against burned popcorn!

Pop Secret Has Saved The Day!

Or rather the our family movie nights with their new app Perfect Pop! I found it free on my iPhone 5s.


It is simple, download the app, put your bag of popcorn in the microwave for and set it for the time indicated on the bag. Start the microwave, and then start the app! Place the phone within 3 feet of the microwave so it can listen to the popping pop corn. When the popcorn is perfectly popped the app tells you it is done! You shut off the microwave and then the app! All Done! No burned popcorn! Just to be sure we tried it a few times even to the delight of the kids!


Want the free app? 


The Perfect Pop App works on iPhones, iPads and the  iPod Touch!

We had a great Family Movie Night!

Now I am not saying we didn’t still have to find the batteries to a remote or that everyone agreed on the movie but at least the popcorn was as promised, perfect! Twice even! The kids all settled in on the movie night huge family bean bag and shared popcorn!

photo 2 (1)

Mommy Tip: Bath time before movie time helps calm little ones down!

photo 1 (1)

All my children love popcorn and I am sure they are going to learn to use this APP too. It is just that easy. I am saying goodbye to burned popcorn and you can too!

This post is sponsored by Pop Secret, but my opinions are all my own.

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The Secret on How to Store Everything!

As you might imagine, being a military family and moving so much (over 12 times in 16 years!) means knowing how to use storage, specially as our household goods when moving with the military can be stuck in storage for a very long time. Storage when not done correctly can not only take up more space but also damage items! Did you know you shouldn’t be keeping medications in the bathroom? Yet many of us do! Storage tips are not just for storage units and they can help keep you organized in the day to day but also on trips and when your moving your own stuff from point A to point B! Remember we often have storage places in our own homes, some people use the garage, basement, crawl space, an attic and these spaces do not tend to be heat controlled. I have ruined a beloved box of books because of mold in a hot damp attic before! It is heart breaking and preventable! Take a look at the infographic below for tips on how to store everything!



Next Door Self Storage

On a personal note: Keep books out of the sun and any damp place, including near heating/cooling vents. They can last a lifetime if well cared for but they are just paper and so much is working against them! Mold is no small thing and brittle pages are not fun to read! When we move now I use packing paper and keep them in small plastic bins rather than cardboard boxes that could get wet or over time allow bugs to get in them! For us, bins really are the way to go when it comes to moving and storage! Wishing you safe and happy storage and moving!

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