Review: Keeping things Germ Free with Vital Oxide


 I have been reviewing Vital Oxide 14oz Spray Can these past few weeks and I am impressed. Unlike almost every other kind of germ killer I have tried, this one doesn’t have a scent that makes you want to run screaming or throw open all the windows! It is a disinfectant spray that is used in many hospitals and care centers and can be used in the home as well.

With back to school time comes germ time. Kids bring all kinds of illness home! They also spread it to homeschool kids like mine! The best way to combat this is still old fashion hand washing but other things help too, specially when you know something is going around! Air purifiers and treating often touches surfaces. It only takes a few minutes to grab this can and for me to hit door knobs and toilets and the counters!

The 14oz Vital Oxide BOV is a spray can that delivers 100% percent of the product. No CFCs, not mixed with propellants! It kills odors, bacteria, and viruses. Safe on hard surfaces and fabrics. (Test on fabrics first of course! I had no issue with any of the ones I tried!)

As we have chickens I also sprayed down the egg collecting basket. While our chickens are healthy and always have been, it feels nice to have that feeling of more protection from the things we can’t see! (don’t ever spray eggs, they are porous and will soak up liquids that touch them!)

 So far, this is my favorite spray disinfectant because of how it doesn’t smell and how effective it is! 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Giveaway — MS Madness – Read the Reviews! $25 Amazon Gift Card

MSmadnessbannermscover-halfYvonne deSousa’s diagnosis of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis came with an insightful declaration from a new doctor (“MS Sucks”) and a brother’s helpful advice (“You could totally get one of those handicapped parking plates now”).

What followed was a year of MS-adventures: “accidentally” kicking an officious male doctor in the crotch, becoming an undercover agent to pay for medication made from Chinese hamster ovary cells, discovering the amazing effects of legal speed, and battling her arch-nemesis, the dreaded food group-vegetables.

Throughout her MS journey, Yvonne learned how to use humor to find acceptance in her diagnosis and how to smile in the face of chronic illness. Life with multiple sclerosis can be daunting, but Yvonne shares her giggles at the bizarre world she has unwittingly entered and the new perspectives it has given her on life. MS Madness! makes us realize that with a sense of humor, we can survive anything.

“MS Madness! A ‘Giggle More, Cry Less’ Story of Multiple Sclerosis combines defiance with humor, the secret weapon of the sick. Laughter has carried me a greater distance than conventional medicine ever will. In the end, attitude drives well being.”
-Richard M. Cohen, NY Times best-selling author of Blindsided and Strong at the Broken Places

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Author Bio

yvonneYvonne deSousa has worked as a street sweeper, a shell seller, a babysitter, a candy peddler, and a guest house manager, all before the age of sixteen. Later on she worked as a waitress, sales clerk, library assistant, victim’s advocate, and at the front desk of a doctor’s

Two years before Yvonne’s diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, a relative volunteered her to write an article for a local newspaper. Little did she know it was the beginning of a writing career. When MS threatened to turn her into a lunatic, she started writing more frequently and quickly discovered that writing about the insanity that is MS was helping to keep her sane.

Her work has appeared on, and in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Finding My Faith and Something On Our Minds, Volumes 1 and 2. Yvonne also writes a weekly blog on the website that uses a giggle stick to beat up on MS. Since finishing MS Madness! A “Giggle More, Cry Less” Story of Multiple Sclerosis, she has started presenting programs designed to help others use humor to help cope with chronic illness.

Yvonne enjoys writing, laughing, and resting. She lives by her personal mottos, “how you deal affects how you feel” and “my MS is not your MS and your MS is weird!”

Contact her at [email protected]

Find her on Twitter | Facebook | Literary Addicts | Goodreads

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Do homeschoolers need bedtimes?


   Does your homeschooler need a set bedtime?   Possibly! You see the issue with this question is that no 2 homeschools are the same and I can’t guess at what the needs of your children are or what they are achieving in their day to day lives. Only you know your child best and […]

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Collaborative Post ~~~~~~~ As parents we face many worries from the moment those delightful bundles of joy enter our lives. After all parenthood doesn’t come with an instruction manual so deciding what’s best for each individual child is a tough task. Technology for instance is all around us, and is a vital part of education […]

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Review – NightFood Nutrition Bars


These are wonderful bed time snacks for those like me who snack at night! This can be an aweful habit but one hard to break as it might well be rooted into who we are as Animals. Our body knows it will be resting and it wants to fuel up before doing so, or so […]

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Reveiw: Garcinia Cambogia


.   For the past 10 days I have been reviewing Garcinia Cambogia, the extreme weight loss formula, so I could do this review and because lets face it, with fibro and being over weight I can use what ever help I can get. So many products promise the world and work for a while. […]

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Review and Giveaway – My Art Gallery For Kids

MixIt_StoreIt_slider These art galleries are a fantastic way to display your little ones art work and even the great tests they bring home from school! Each frame can easily be added to, even by children and new art can be slipped in front of past work. Each frame can hold up to 35 pieces of […]

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Back to Cyber Schooling


  It was late, 1am kind of late, and my teenager was still awake. She was clearly excited and nervous and she couldn’t sleep. Her eyes glittered in the dark room and she near bounced up and down telling me about how much she looked forward to the next morning. She was going into highschool, […]

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