2014 Holiday Gift Guide


2014 Holiday Gift Guide

The 2014 Holiday Gift Guide Promises to be one of the best ones so far! Some great companies are checking in and requesting reviews already! If you have a product you think might be a great fit for this years gift guild please contact us! 


unnamedfieldcrest-7-front-angled-noshadowJORD is a fabulous company that focuses on modern, simple, sustainable watch fashion. They are inspired by nature and people who not only need to know the time, but have some place to go. Check out their review here!


Carved Creations

Your Children's Names & Birthstones

This beautiful company was sick of seeing others selling low quality Mothers Jewelry and thought Mothers deserve better so they started to create quality professionally designed pieces to last. Their pieces where loved and the company grew from there. Find customized gifts for Mom, for her, gifts for him, and more!

Carved Creation Review Here.




Most of us women love surprises and jewelry and this is the best of both worlds. Each month Jewelbits.com sends out beautiful packages jewelry gifts to add color and style to your wardrobe. You get 2-3 pieces per month for $39 with free shipping. The value of the jewelry is a lot more than this making it a great price! You can find a review here soon. Be sure to check out their site: jewelbits.com




Is a sweet small business that has grown so much. They focus on quality and durable 100% leather baby moccasins in over 40 colors. Best of all, they stay on little ones feet! They have been on shark tank and many other media outlets and everyone seems to love them. I think they would make a darling gift for a baby you love.

Enter the Freshly Picked Baby Shoe GIVEAWAY Here.




Oh my word! I love them! Book tea cop plates! Love #books so much! Love @gonereading4evr www.gonereading.com they are perfect! This company is all about Books and book lovers and they seem to know just what I love. I can’t wait to get more pieces of their dinning set, like their book platter! They have book accessories, T-Shirt, and home goods. They have many things that would be perfect stocking stuffers like Edgar Allan Poe Candy Book! Their collection of gifts is just brilliant and has me so excited! I have added so many of their items to my wish list this year!




These beautiful boots from Bearpaw are called Katness. Named after our favorite Hunger Games tribute, this fashionable boot will carry you through all YOUR adventures. The distressed leather strap detail makes it stand out and be noticed. May the odds be ever in your favor! They are lined with a wool blend, are 8″ tall, has Cow suede upper, and Sheepskin footbed. These make beautiful gifts for those who want pamper their feet and enjoy the cold months.



Everything in its place.™www.trinityii.com

This is the TRINITY’s EcoStorage™ Bamboo Kitchen Cart and it is a blend of form and function. It is beautiful and strong and saving me these days. The large 100% solid bamboo cutting board can be used both on the cart or on your countertops.  Shelves and basket are adjustable in 1″ increments for your own custom configuration. It makes a wonderful gift for anyone no matter the size of their kitchen. I have a small kitchen area that opens up into a larger area and the dinning room. When many of us in our family of 6 need kitchen and cooking space this helps so much. I can move it into the dinning room and work there on what I am making. The wheels make it so easy and this Kitchen Cart is solid! It is true quality at a great price! For $119.99 don’t miss it!


HGC_SoapMaking101_2 (1)


Receive a seasonally appropriate, professionally curated  box of products that deliver the satisfaction of living a more self-sufficient & sustainable lifestyle to your doorstep each month

I am so excited about this company. Why have I not heard of them before? They are everything I have been looking for in a monthly box to help me focus on more sustainable living. I will be posting a review of the Melt and Pour box soon!



PastedGraphic-1 (1) I can’t wait to tell you all about two books my family loves! I never thought I would adore books without words honestly but these books transcend written language and speak to the heart. They are now my favorite picture books. But who cares what a 30 something Mommy thinks right? Check back for the review with thoughts from the littles!

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, ★STARRED REVIEW★ ” Dudley…stages the action in carefully crafted and photographed dioramas, this time creating lovely parallels between the ‘real’ and dream action of the story. Readers will find Hank’s subconscious travels every bit as enticing as his forest wanderings.” Thanks to Peter Pauper Press it’s my pleasure to offer on my site a giveaway of both HANK books — HANK HAS A DREAM and HANK FINDS AN EGG – Check back for that giveaway!



41is2kJgcUL._SL500_AA300_52 Piece Tegu Original Magnetic Wooden Block Set, Tints

My children got these blocks early this year while we were house hunting and doing a lot of traveling. I found all the kids played with them! They were perfect for being on the road and for hotel rooms to keep kids happy, creative, and quiet! No crashing blocks annoying people in other rooms. These are eco-friendly and great green toys you can feel great about gifting!




This shop is perfect for gifts when you want them to say something special. I love it because as a Mom I know kids love having their names on things and I have seen how it makes them feel. Anyone can pick a toy out from the store of course but a child loves feeling like something was specially made for them. I think everyone loves that feeling!

My 6 year old will be getting one of these cradles for Christmas this year!



Games are wonderful gifts for all ages! They bring us together for fun and to make memories. Some of my favorite memories are of playing board games with family and then when I got a bit older I loved playing card games with the adults! I think most of us have dear memories about some kind of game in our lives, give moments like that to those you care about. Give them games!


– Giveaway coming in November! –


REPLAY AUDIO NEON Bluetooth Wireless Headphones + MIC


Beautiful Quality sound at a great price! These are the headphones to get this year! They are wireless and allow you to control the volume and skip songs. The built in mic is great for gamers, for those who want to be able to take cell phone calls, and for those who work in support jobs. The colors are fantastic too!




I admit it, we are a family of geeks! One of the geeky things we like is Doctor Who! I would be a very bad holiday helper if I didn’t recommend this great Doctor Who set that is compatible with Lego! My kids adore them and I do too. The little doors on the TARDIS do open! You do have to add the door stickers so be sure to do that for small children or you will end up like ours with a slanted window or two! Click on the image to learn where to buy them!




 Click ‘N Dig is a great gift for anyone who loses anything. I think that covers most of us right? Put one of these on keys, cell phones, remotes, pets, you name it and the Click ‘N Dig helps you find it! Need a gift for the Dad that is impossible to shop for or the Mom who has everything? Try this! This set comes with 6 colorful receivers, three with a key ring and 3 thin plate. They flash and beep to help you find your items! You can purchase them here!

See our review of the Click’n Dig Here!



NEW – Skylanders Trap Team

Skylanders Trap Team is one of this years 2014 Hot Toys and with good reason. Skylanders has been a very successful gaming brand for years now and my kids love it, specially my 6 year old daughter and 8 year old son. We have so many of the collectible figures for the past 3 series. I honestly can hardly remember what ones they have and what ones they don’t! My kids remember though, oh so well! What I love specially about getting this system for my kids this year is that I know I can get the new figures for the new series and that they don’t have them already! This is a fantastic game! Check back for the review!




Pearls by Laurel are personalized, extraordinary, and beautiful bracelets for Mom or your loved one! You pick the birthstones that matter to someone and pick their placement and size. Shipping is very quick in my experience in a white bubble envelop clearly marked. Inside is a gift box holding the custom bracelet. Opening it up was breath taking I have to say. Stunning sparkle! I love it! Your Mom I bet will too!

Coupon Code: Free shipping, use code SHIPFREE




nerdblock jr. is a monthly subscription box for kids who love all the best stuff! Each month different hit themes like My Little Pony, Mario Brothers, Skylander, and so much more are sent and each month is a surprise for the child! Talented Geeks sniff out the best gear, toys, and collectibles for these boxes. You might not know just what your child is into, but chances are they do! NerdBlock is not just for kids either, they have boxes for everyone with great themes!

You can read the NerdBlock Jr Review and Giveaway here!



Aurorae Spa

A powerfully moving collection of meditation candles that come with intentions to help you focus on certain states of mind while meditating. These make lovely gifts and are more eco-friendly than most candles as they are soy candles. Buy Aurorae Spa candles here.

Aurorae Yoga


These are Northern Lights Yoga Mats! They are ECO-FRIENDLY, biodegradable, and no odor unlike some other brands. Each mat is a little different and special the same way this company believes their customers are each special. These mats feel like luxury! You an get Aurorae Yoga Mats here.





This is a beautiful gift for any child or adult who a child at heart. It comes with a little house to paint, fairy dust, and a book with a darling story. This gift sparks imagination and wonder and the art in the book is everything a fairy book should be. I wish I would have had this as a child, the lovely gift reminds me of childhood whimsy and brings a tear to my eye looking at the art.



Do you have a friend who loves beards? Aren’t they the hottest new look and obsession these days? Beardhead.com might have the most perfect hat for your loved one! They come in many different fun styles and really make a statement!




peterpauperPeter Pauper Press has a great selection of books, stationary, organizers, and more for men, women, and children. They have creative kits and books that specially fantastic for kids. They have Christmas holiday items to0! Why not gift something that will make a loved one smile or better yet, help them organize their life and the chaos?




Glass Dharma is one of the companies I specially consider to be Crunchy! They produce affordable and elegant glass straws that take the place of single use plastic straws that are harming our environment. If you use them in your home or on the go this really is a simple change over. Keep a few in your glove box when you out and about! They even have sleeves to keep your straw in! I also should mention these straws are made out of Borosilicate Glass, the stronggest glass commercially available! My family hasn’t broken one yet!




PlaySmart Toys is an award winning company that brings great fun to kids. They have toys for active play outdoors, creative toys, games, and more. Look for a review coming to the blog about their game Drop Shot that is a strategy game for 2 to 4 players. Also look for the Smart Mat review about their durable and easy to clean foam mat that kids can play on and pretend they are in Happyville!




Journal & Jewel Jewelry Box

Get this cute gift for the sweet little girl in your life. She can decorate the Journal and the Jewelry Box. Give her the gift of journal therapy! It is well known throughout history that writing out feelings is helpful and thanks to journals we know so much about those who have come before us. Let your princess record her fairy tale or dream new adventures! ~~~~~ 67816-Purr-fect-Pillow-Box-Contents_product_feature www.plush-craft.com

Purr-Fect Pillow

This soft and sweet kitty pillow craft is for kids ages 5 and up! It comes with everything you need to make it including glittered fabric. Fun for those who like cats! I know my 6 year old daughter is going to adore this. She is creative and loves all things fluffy. It has a great price of !16.99 ~~~~~ lalaloopsy Lalaloopsy Baking Oven! This is the very first working Lalaloopsy Baking Oven for children. They can make yummy treats in a matter of minutes. When not using it to bake it can be used for pretend play with dolls too.  It comes with 1 cake and 1 cookie mix and you can get refill packs as well! I plan to pick up a few of the refill packs to go with this gift because I remember loving my children’s oven as a child and never had too many mixes! ~~~~~ 636240-little-tikes-kids-train_xalt4 Little Tikes Touch & Go Bullet Train This very busy bullet train has buttons for little hands to press and rewarding sounds. It speeds along a bendable track perfect for small children! The track can be put together in 4 different ways for lots of play time fun. It has 14 pieces. ~~~~~ DrawerStoraStack_t1 StoraStack From www.youcopia.com YouCopia strives to help people organize, enjoy, and live simply. This is a StoraStack made to help keep drawers need and lids with containers. It is adjustable and fits most drawer. It fits 12 containers (not included) and helps keep things neat. It is always a great feeling to need a container and know just where they are and their lids! With the holidays coming I know left overs are inevitable and I really look forward to using this. YouCopia offers many great products for organizing including this great K-Cup storage option: PrimaryImage_CoffeeStack Click on the image to learn more! ~~~~~ Charlie_Brown_Christmas_Gift What’s the Big Idea, Charlie Brown?” (ISBN: 978-1621572572) by Charles M. Schulz. Rediscover history’s great inventions—and learn about a very important inventor you’ve never even heard of before—in this fun and enlightening new Peanuts story. The book includes presentations on great inventors and activity pages. The Night Santa Got Lost: How NORAD Saved Christmas” (ISBN: 978-96988101) by Michael Keane. Every Christmas millions of kids and adults track Santa on the NORAD Santa Tracker. Now, author Michael Keane brings to life this fun tradition with his new children’s book. Families with someone serving in the military overseas will find this book especially meaningful. Both Books and many other books from award winning authors can be found online at www.RegneryKids.com ~~~~~ Beados _Toys_2014_Gift_Guide BEADOS™ QUICK DRY DESIGN STATION This toy that is great for any creative child was in the 2014 Chosen by Kids Top 20 Toy List released by Walmart. It has simple directions, make, spray, and then display. Includes 500 beads, two display trays, six design templates, spray bottle and quick dry fan. No heat – No Glue – No Mess! There are lots of kits for this brand and so there is a lot of add on play for it as well. I specially like that this is a special trying station so when we get other kits, those can be dried in this one! ~~~~~ little_live_pets_bird_cage_gift LITTLE LIVE PETS BIRD with CAGE This toy gives kids the fun of a pet without the responsibility, time requirement, vet costs, or the mess! This little bird will be there when they want to play and not neglected when they don’t. It records messages and plays them back. Has sound effects, and is interactive to the touch. they come with cute little cages easy to take along where ever your little is planning on plays. ~~~~~ 418498 Moxie Girlz Friends Dolls These cute little dolls are part of a great line of pretend play toys. There are many dolls and accessories. I think they will be perfect for the large doll house we have. Moxie stands for Positive attitude and confidence. What a great model for kids. These dolls are for ages 3 and up. ~~~~~ newmmbanner2 Beautiful children’s clothing that is eco-friendly and beautiful! I was blessed to do a review for The Seeds of 3, give it a peek! www.handmadebytheseedsof3.com ~~~~~ MadeFromEarth_111206-EVENTIMAGE www.madefromearth.com I am so delighted to have discovered Made From Earth, an organic, holistic and healthy supplier of organic body lotions, organic face creams, and, organic lip balms. They are perfect for creating a healthy gift basket or stalking stuffers or simply to add to your home to pamper and nourish your guests this holiday season. Great products are so important these days in a world full of toxins! ~~~~~ unnamed The Ani-gram-it Board Game Stunning High resolution photographs bring animals to life in the Ani-gram-it Board Game, a finalist in the 2014 NYC Design Awards.  Just as the classic board game Scrabble uses letter tiles that create words, the object of Ani-gram-it is to “build” animals using tiles of their body parts. This is a fantastic game for family game night and a great gift for any game or animal lover! Available for purchase at www.na2ure.com. ~~~~~ 10659385_969238326436488_5952694028461421340_n nibblr.com The holidays can be a crazy time of rushing to and fro and it can contribute to making poor food choices. Not to mention shopping when hungry is never a good idea. Nibblr has a great service that sends snacks weekly to your home or office in perfect portions. The holiday season is upon us! Gift your friend or special someone delicious snacks from nibblr! ~~~~~ 10755058_10153342762350884_352000076_n ~~~~~ www.mywonderfulwalls.com This is a long time beloved company for my family. A few years ago using this companies products we created a dream bedroom for 2 of our children. It was everything a magical forest should be and it was so easy thanks to My Wonderful Walls. This time we are reviewing their fabulous fabric wall stickers. Check back for that review soon. mainslider_img_1 ~~~~~~ thumb   colormemonthly.com makes a great gift for the special person in your life that loves color and polish. Unlike other polish boxes that spend a lot of packaging and advertising this company puts the polish first! ~~~~~ 10653364_10152377096481309_249307328064008862_n www.sodastreamusa.com Soda Stream makes a wonderful and fun gift for most anyone. There are so many reasons why soda streams are fantastic! They save you room in the fridge from having many kinds of soda, make and drink what you want and have more flavors right there waiting to be made! There are so many options and now there are many styles of soda streams! Review coming soon! ~~~~~ www.onefurallpets.com lavender_1 Many of us are pet lovers and while we tend to get our pets fun things for the holidays we should also remember to bless our home too. Pets can leave our homes smelling….. interesting. Why not gift yourself, your home, or someone you know who has pets with a cleaner smelling home with a One Fur All Pet House Candle to freshen Pet-loving Homes. Review to come! ~~~~~ ZOOLINKpng-3270321_p9 Thermal-Aid Zoo Animal Pack for kids are 100% and comforting health tool to help each fevers, bumps and bruises, and headaches.  We have not had ours for very long and already our Bunny has helped our 6 year old with a headache and our 8 year old with neck mussels he slept wrong on along with me having some cramps on a very long road trip. We simply put bunny in the freezer or cooler and pull him out when we need him! ~~~~~ www.homespashowerspray.com 1467328_587192628008107_354282095_n These aromatherapy spa shower sprays are a touch of luxury. They would make a sweet gift to add to a pampering gift basket or stocking stuffer. My favorite is the lavender scent. It is so relaxing and calming. I love it before bed. Just spray 4 times into the stream of the tub or shower and the peace just washes over you. I really like them all. ~~~~~ www.portagiobags.com main Portagio is a new line of organizing handbags from Talus, specializing in organizational products since 1985.
Based in Portland, Maine, Talus focuses on creating quality constructed organizing, comfort and convenience products to support busy lifestyles. I have been using two of their bags now for a week and took them on a very special trip I will be soon be blogging about. I can’t believe how helpful they were on the trip.  ~~~~~ thumbnail   Annmarie Gianni is an internationally known author, health advocate, personality and founder of Annmarie Gianni Skin Care. I love how much this brand knows about health and skincare products and the poor regulation many countries have. They use truly natural ingredients without nasty additives. They are special and it shows. Any of their items would make wonderful gifts. Review coming soon! ~~~~~~


10348173_10154812491020013_5218470941344004569_n “The Howitzer.” Designed to keep you in comfort and style whatever the situation. #LUGZ Built for the Streets. Lugz is a known quality brand in footwear and super popular. They are made solidly with great styles you can count on. A pair makes a great gift for him and there are Lugz for her too! Check back for a review soon! ~~~~~

Oscillococcinum ®

Non-Drowsy · No Drug Interactions · Works Naturally with Your Body

Oscillococcinum works best when taken at the first sign of flu-like symptoms. For my family we try to use this specially when there is a fever and body aches or a headache. It is a brand I depend on, specially this time of year. While I think this product is very well know and used in the crunchy parenting circles I wanted to include it here as I know not all the readers are crunchy here and I know that many of us will be traveling over the holidays. This is a must for my family when traveling as we do tend to get sick while on the road and need everything we can get to help us through it.

Review and Giveaway to Come



Surpahs DS1 Dual-S Body Fat Scale

If you have friends like I do who work so very hard to get in shape and be healthy than you might be brave enough to gift them this fantastic scale. Personally, this scale is a gift to myself this year as I need to focus on my own health and weight. I love how elegant this scale is and how it has a bright LED screen. I specially picked this one out for myself. It is easy to use and unlike my old one that needed people to select their profile before getting on it (if they could remember what number was theirs!) this one automatically remembers up to 4 peoples stats.

Latest Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology with 4-electrode measurement, estimates body fat, body water, muscle & bone mass, and kcal (total amount of Kilocalories to consume each day in order to keep body weight)



Surpahs Touch Anti-Fingerprint 11 Lb/5 Kg Precision Digital Kitchen Food Scale with Blue Back lit Display

This light weight and ultra-thin and sleek kitchen food scale would make a great gift for someone on the path to health. It is extremely accurate and simple to use. One touch and  it calculates the net weight of your ingredients (automatically reset weight, automatically subtracts the weight of any bowl or container). It is helpful in baking, brewing, and many other hobbies. It can also be used for helping to calculate shipping weight for mailed gifts this year as I will using it for a lot this holiday season.



good2grow is a fantastic brand that cares about kids and what parents go through to get the best nutrition into them! I highly recommend these juices to family and friends who honestly ask what the kids might like them to have on hand when we visit. The Apple Juice is 100% organic and they have what we call “sneaky juice” that are vegetable and fruit blends that taste great! They are so cute too! You keep the character tops and then just get the 4oz or 6oz juices that are cold in packs, then add the child’s favorite character top to their new juice. This can help use less cups over the holidays too if you assign a special top to each child.  Check out their site to find these near you: http://www.good2grow.com/store-locator mickey-6oz-bottle



TravelWise Packing Cube System – Extra Durable 5 Piece Weekender PLUS

I have found this cube system to be so helpful on our last trip and I am going to tell you all about it soon. For now I just wanted to highlight them here as I know many readers are getting ready to travel themselves. These cubes fit well in my large luggage and medium size too. They have mesh screens that allow for airflow when compressed unlike some other brands and also viability so you can at a glance remember what you placed in each cube. This makes finding what you need without digging a lot quicker and neater. This allows for more time to play or work and less aggravation in my experience!




Wonder Forge has games for the whole family in themes they love. I picked the frozen game specially for my 4 year old daughter, the Trickshot Duel with Spiderman for my  year old son, and the Pictopia Disney Trivia for my oldest but I know that all the kids will love playing with all of these games. They can be found on Amazon of course but also in stores like Target making them easy and quick to pick up for last minute gifts and convenient holiday shopping. You might notice a lot of games in this years Holiday gift guide as I strongly believe you can’t go wrong with them. Wonder Forge has a passion for childhood entertainment and they know what speaks to creative growing minds. Reviews to come!



Gravity Maze is the only marble run with a logic puzzle! Design and build colorful, translucent towers to whisk your marble from starting point to target to solve 60 different challenges. Ages 8+, MSRP $29.99. I am so excited to share this game with my 8 year old son and 6 year old daughter. They are both hands on learners like most kids and I think this logic puzzle will challenge and delight them. It is a solitary game but I just know they will be playing with it together to solve the 60 puzzles. I will post soon about what they think of it! http://www.thinkfun.com/gravitymaze ~~~~~ 230_body_doodles_lowres The Haywire Group has brought some fantastic fun to family game night with Bodydoodles The Tattoo Guessing Game that promises to be a lot of laughs! This game lets your body and that of your friends, be the canvas for your spectacular art. Because we all know we would only put our very best art on the skin of our beloved friends and siblings and parents right? (I will let you know just how washable these markers are! LOL)  dicecapades2_complete (1) DICEcapades Multiple award winner! Trivia, drawing, word & number play, physical challenges, and over 100 dice! Can you stack six dice on top of each other within 30 seconds? Who can be the first person to roll a triple? Can you name as many state capitals as your roll? Know what arachibuytyrophobia is??? Dicecapades isn’t just the luck of the dice – it’s the smarts of the roller! Complete with over 100 dice and 100 cards, exercise both sides of your brain with this super-fun game for friends and family! With a mixture of dice games, physical challenges, artistic creations, and trivia questions that are sure to test your noodle, you’ll see why Dicecapades = CRAZY FUN! For 2-6 players. ~~~~~ dh-311-450x450 grandtrunk.com Goods for the Road is their moto and they have something for every kind of adventurer, from the beach goer to the backyard vacationer. Their goods have us covered! High quality and easy to take along items can make your trip feel like easy luxury. I think their hammocks make perfect gifts for most anyone, specially with how easy they are to set up! I just saw a complete stranger at the park in one of these while his kids played and I thought what a brilliant way to spend a nice afternoon! I plan to do the same soon! I got one of these for my step-dad even! Check them out! ~~~~~   4838ad974f77bfaab60325fe7b241371   www.hammacher.com Hammacher is a well known company that sells some of the best gifts on the planet. I always find so many items in their catalog that would make life more interesting or easier in some day. I was so excited to find this globe for my children who love geography and are at that age where they want to know everything about our planet. Not only does The Always Current Interactive Globe tell us what is going on now around the world but also tells us what happened in the past, all the way back to the time of the dinosaurs! I am so impressed with this globe, one of the best we have seen. Full Review coming soon! ~~~~~ 1_3pack_aqua_sm_4f18980a-ffed-437e-9a37-b0c91e98d88a_large www.loo-hoo.com

Is creating a HEALTHY HOME your top priority?

One simple way to reduce harmful chemicals in your home is to add LooHoos to your clothes dryer instead of dryer sheets.

If you have someone who is trying to live more green on your gift list this year, and lets face it, we all should be, then I suggest these Dryer Balls by Loo-Hoo. We love dryer balls! They are all natural, saves on drying time, and that saves on money and is better for the environment. These are a win on so many levels.




This is the replicated hand crafted jewel eye of a smoke fox. This collection of mythical creatures from dragons to vampires to many beautiful animals has to be seen to be believed. They are gorgeous and so unique. I am blessed to have some very creative people in my life and I know they will love these. All the settings (the metal part of the jewelry) are “316 stainless steel”. This is the same material used for many medical instruments and most high-quality cutlery. These are on of a kind to this shop only and are very special for your someone special.  ~~~~~

D-Link has many options to help modern parents with every day life!


  Wi-Fi Baby Camera (DCS-825L) – Designed for the modern parent, the baby camera ($179.99) is a versatile and complete monitoring solution offering HD video, integrated motion and sound detection, temperature sensing, night-vision technology, and video recording. Using a mobile device and the free mydlink Baby Camera Monitor app and service, parents can easily tackle a range of at-home and remote monitoring.



61WXoRJZCXL._SL1500_71YD9nQNBmL._SL1500_One of the things I think many of us love, specially Moms is luxury spa items. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a bathroom that feels like a spa? I am lucky to have just that! I love my Bamboo Deluxe Shower Floor and Bath Mat as it looks amazing, feels amazing, doesn’t slip on the floor and is a solid design. I don’t fall getting out of the tub and either do the kids. The LED 7x Magnified Makeup Mirror with Cosmetic Organizer Base feels like a luxury to me because leaning into the mirror over the sink is a pain and I love the organization on this so I am not lost in bunch of make up I am not currently using. These make nice gifts!


www.tipsyelves.com Women_s-Christmas-Sweaters-3 Tipsyelves.com has sweaters for everyone! I think we all should have a sweater that makes us smile and others too. This is a concept that has really caught on over the years and there are parties dedicated to the “ugly” sweater that our Aunt Betty just thought we must have because there is nothing cuter than a full grown man in a sweeter that has blinking Christmas lights. Thankfully there are better sweaters to get and gift. Check them out!




This very cute line of plush toys and books and more are the loving work of Marlana Liburdi. This not so little family of little heart aliens live on the planet Morluv. And get a call everyday on their magic red telephone to help children on planet Earth. Everything about them is bright colors and smiles. You can check out their page and find a review and giveaway here soon! ~~~~~ 1492389_1465289930368796_979932913_o

 Daysy is the newest, MOST accurate, hormone-free fertility management solution on the market. Designed for women looking to plan OR prevent pregnancy,  daysy is a perfect gift idea for women looking to cleanse their lifestyles in 2015 and manage their health more proactively, through gaining a better understanding of their body’s natural cycles. To learn more click on the image to go to their site and check back for a review soon!
Discount Code for 10% off:  SAVE10NOW

Review Coming Soon


MOGO Design


MOGO® is a trendsetting accessory line that combines magnetic charms with linkable charmbands, purses and sunglasses. MOGO Charmbands link together to make wristbands, anklebands, headbands, belts, chokers and more. With tons of different designs, there is a MOGO Charm to match every mood! I know my children are going to love these, there are so many charms to add to these that span their interests. Will share photos and how the kids reactions soon.



me4kidz.com Makes Things Better

For 10 years now me3kidz has been making products to help people, specially kids. They strive to be a made in the USA company and employ the disabled because they care, and because they want to keep jobs in America. I love this about them and am very thankful for all their efforts. You can explore the medi buddy review and see just was a perfect stocking stuffer these make!



My First Microscope from Educational Insights is a fantastic early learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) toy in my opinion. It helps get preschoolers excited about science and introduce them to the wonder of magnification with their first microscope! Magnify any small object – flat or dimensional – at 8x with this real, working microscope designed especially for little kids! Children love learning about the tiny worlds we can’t see with our naked eye as much as they love learning about the huge vastness of space. These are great topics to help young ones with open minds and wonderful imaginations dive into science. I am excited to see how my 4 year old responds to this toy. Check back for the review!

T-Top the Triceratops Bulldoze – is a wonderfully fun toy! T-Top is part bulldozer, part triceratops, and totally kid-powered. Nothing that blinks or beeps! There is so much room for open ended play with this toy. This bright red mega-morph can push dirt, steer through sand, bulldoze branches, or push blocks out of the way, stopping for nothing in its path. With a sturdy, smashing tail and movable jaw, T-Top gives kids a roaring chance to build or demolish imaginary worlds of their own. It is also a great toy for the snow too as it turns out!



Shark Steam and Spray

I really like the shark brand an I am happy to be reviewing the new Shark Steam and Spray. It is perfect on all hard floors such has wood and tile. Being a mommy of 4 means dealing with sticky messes! This Steam and Spray Mop is quick to grab and clean up those messes. It comes with washable pads and disposable ones and setting to deal with different floors, messes, and tasks. Sometimes I just need to clean something quick, other times I need to plug this in and really get the floor to shine. This Shark makes a great gift for anyone with a home!




I have been working hard to find just the right gifts to put in the “For Him” guide I am putting together and this is one of them! This is a beer making kit that includes everything he needs to make beer! I think half the gift is simply learning how this process works and gifting someone a new hobby! My husband has started his kit and I will have a review of it soon, I can say that he thinks it is awesome! Be sure to get one for your hard to shop for guy!


The Amazing Zhus: Be sure to check out their site, it is adorable!


Children love magic, and they love the circus. Imagine mesmerizing mice characters that allow children to astound their friends with fantastical feats of magic and thrilling stunts – these are theAmazing Zhus. They can clairvoyantly read and respond to Magic Cards, or predict the pea’s location in the Shell Game trick – every time.  These talented pets can even perform stunts like the High Wire or High Dive.
There are two kinds of Amazing Zhus characters – Magicians and Stunt Pets.
Magicians come with 3 magic cards and a magic wand, and can perform the magic tricks as well as do stunts. There are two magician characters – The Great Zhu who sports a top hat, and Madame Zhu who wears a regal pink bejeweled head dress.
There are four Stunt pets to collect – Abra (white with a pink bow on her tail), Dynamo (blue with white swirls), Piccadilly (hot pink with heart shaped tail), and Kardini (grey with earring). The Stunt pets do not perform magic tricks but instead are experts at the Disappearing Box, Circus Ball, Cereal Box, Tomato Can as well as the High Wire and High Dive circus acts.
Old Factory Candles – Handmade in the USA
I love products made in the USA as this is my country and I want to support jobs here this is one of the reasons I like this company so much. The other reason happens to be that their candles smell amazing and are just what I have been looking for. These ones are small and perfect for smaller areas. They burn clean for over 20 hours each, and they make a wonderful gift! This company offers many scents, my current favorite is “First Snow”.  You can find them on Amazon!

Green Earth Frying Pan 3-Piece Set by Ozeri (8″, 10″, 12″), with Textured Ceramic Non-Stick Coating from Germany (100% PTFE and PFOA Free) I have a few of these pans actually and love them all. Finally, non-stick without the harmful chemicals! They heat evenly and beautifully and look great! These pans never release harmful fums. Should any pan do that? You would think that would be the industry standard but it just isn’t. People shouldn’t have worry about what they cook on depending on if they have parrots or not! Alas, Ozeri cares, and thus we have Green Earth Frying Pans! They are easy to clean and I think make great gifts for anyone on your list who is need to new pans!

crazycups.com has Coffee, Decaf, teas, hot chocolates, apple ciders, and spicy eggnog for some holiday cheer.  If it can be brewed in a Keurig® machine, they offer it! My family tried out 20 varieties and loved so many of them! What a way to kick up the Keurig love! If you know someone who loves beverages and has a K machine, this is the gift for them! So many bold flavors and ones I have bet you have never tried. The kids specially loved all the kinds of hot chocolates! Crazy Cups Coffee Single-serve Cups contains 35% more coffee (13g!!!) than other brands, bold aroma and amazing as brewed over ice. Why not give them a try?
Brick Warriors are a great stocking suffer for those who love LEGOs and who doesn’t? These are accessories for LEGO people from greek Mythology, Goblins, to modern weaponry! All BrickWarriors toys fit seamlessly with LEGO® minifigures! We specially loves the wings! There is so much variety to help bring your little minifigures to life. Look for the review soon! 



Hatley has beautiful gifts for men, women, and children and so much more! Our 7 year old is specially in love with this coat!


This coat is a reversible coat with an adorable horse print on one side and solid purple color on the other. It is Waterproof and has a front zipper and front pockets along with a hood. It fits well and is so soft and puffy and wonderful! Shipping was quick and well packaged too.



Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster


Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow
When the mission calls for secrets to be sent and shared, you show your spy style with Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies blasters and bows from the Nerf Rebelle brand. Messages fly back and forth between you and your team, hidden in plain sight on Message Arrows. Red reveals what the designs conceal; arm your friend with the decoder so she can discover your secret messages. It’s Time to Step Up and Stand Out!

Nerf Rebelle and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.



VOOKL_1_largeThis is TheEX and it is a knife system for the kitchen. It is made of ABS Plastic and has a weighted bottom for added stability. It has crystal clear and form-fitting knife sheathes for safety. It also has a Patented Magnetic Suspension System that holds the knives firmly in place. It comes with 5 knives and hidden rollers to protect the blades. The knives themselves are made of Molybdenum-vanadium stainless-steel. They come with a 2 year warranty.  Now some people might say this is a bit morbid, this product though isn’t for them! This is someone who has humor and wants more things to laugh about. It isn’t serious, it is functional funny! 

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. — e. e. cummings



Coffee that helps you sleep! Greatest thing since sliced bread right? Too often I need to relax at night but can’t seem to find the perfect thing to drink before going to bed that will no keep me awake! Why not Counting Sheep Coffee? All the flavor and comfort and it helps with catching zzzz’s.


81KtqCxIrxL._SL1500_ Now you can enjoy your coffee in the evening and get a great night’s sleep. Our Swiss Water® decaffeinated coffee is blended with organic valerian root (herbal sedative) to create a great tasting coffee and help you unwind after a long day. Available in both our original Bedtime Blend / 40 Winks and our stronger version Lights Out! with more valerian added and a bolder taste.

I love the taste of this coffee and that it comes in K-cups. It does help with sleep with I can remember to make a cup. Don’t confuse these with normal coffee as it can make the day much harder, if your fighting a nap though, go for it and enjoy the nap! I love the smooth taste of both of these flavors, though admittedly I add cream and stevia. My husband said it is nice if you like black coffee too!


Play – Doh makes great gifts for Kids!


Play Doh Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Playset

Kids love to celebrate and pretend and in our world of all things that blink and beep toys that let kids get hands on and pretend are vital! Play – Doh is a long standing beloved toy that lets kids run wild with imaginative play.

Includes base, bottom cake tier and cake machine with cake stand, 6 sticks and 3 cake molds Also includes 2 plates, knife, fork, 2-piece extruder, textured roller, 3 cans of Play-Doh modeling compound and 2 cans of Play-Doh Plus compound.



Mega Bloks First Builders ABC Spell School Bus

We love the MEGA BLOKS line of toys and as I have a little one that loves all things letters and learning these are perfect for her. She loves spelling and reading and building and so while these are made for babies and she is 4, she will still love playing with these for a while longer! If your looking for a fun toy for a little ones, consider MEGA BLOKS.



product1This product is fantastic for anyone who loves photos, and I think that is most of us. You just plug it in, run the program, and the picture keeper searches for photos on your machine and saves them, without duplicates! That technology is specially wonderful in my opinion as I have back ups on my machine from older machines and I don’t have time to sort them all! Picture Keeper Drives do the work for you! When you fill up one of them just use another one and it picks up where the other one left off. Brilliant! And what great peace of mind, what a gift!  PK-4 Picture Keeper (4,000 photo capacity) is just $29.99 right now on Amazon!


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

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