Photowall – Beautiful and Easy Home Decor

Photowall Review Canvas Frame Building Easy big long box

Thank you to Photowall for sponsoring our newest fun canvas and this post! All opinions are that if   Few things get as many compliments when it comes to come decor as a beautifully done mural wall or huge stunning canvas. Not only is their size impressive, but they tend to pull you in […]

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Growing Up At Christmas: Mastering Parent Duties During Your Child’s Pre-Teen Transition

Elf on a Shelf Fun for all ages, specially tweens!

Credit: You can still make it a Christmas to remember   The pre-teen years are notoriously difficult to get right at Christmas. Your son or daughter’s interests can change massively between summer and winter. This is especially if this was the year that they graduated to middle school. Unfortunately, the days of Barbie dolls and […]

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Spruce Up Your Home for the Holidays #Giveaway $150 Gift Cards

Spruce Up Your HomeFor the Holidays(1)

Welcome to the Spruce Up Your Home for the Holidays Giveaway! We have teamed up with Everything Mommyhood and a handful of other bloggers to bring this fabulous giveaway to you! The holidays are right around the corner and everyone will be decorating soon if they haven’t started already. Now is the time to spruce […]

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Thanksgiving STEM Activities – Guest Post

STEM Thanksgiving Kids Activities

By: Erica Saint Clair, PhD Thanksgiving is sneaking up, I mean really, it is less than a week away. Yikes! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of the year, mostly because it really focuses on being together, not on candy (like Halloween), or presents (like Christmas). Of course, there is only so much being together […]

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Tips for Hiring the Right Pet Sitter

Written by Nat Smith, community member. Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.   Tips for Hiring the Right Pet-Sitter & Dog-Walker   In an ideal world, you’d spend 24/7 with your dog: long walks throughout the day, cuddles every night, and endless adventures. Unfortunately, sometimes this thing […]

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Learning to Let Go: How To Raise Independent Children

Super Hero Kids - Empowering

Photo credit   When you first start a family, the extrent to which your children need you can be a culture shock to many. You going from having yourself and maybe your job as your primary concern to meeting the whims of a wailing newborn 24/7. Many of us struggle with a sensation of almost […]

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miacademy review site

 *** Thank you to Miacademy for sponsoring my kids with their program so that we can share our honest opinions of it! *** With 4 homeschooling children in different grades one of the things I love is to use technology to let some kids fly on their own for some subjects so I can help […]

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The Things Kids Really Want


Image Credit   As your child grows up, the demands they have grow and grow, even though they’re meant to become more independant. As they go through school they’ll be influenced by different friends to want different things, this can then lead up to a nightmare for you. All you’ll ever want for your kids […]

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4 Smart Ways Large Families Can Save Money

saving change adds up - big family money tips

Big families have the unfortunate label of typically being more expensive than small families. What I mean is that the cost of raising a large family is considerably higher than those of a small one. More people, more money; simple.   As a result, it pays when you can think of ideas and ways to […]

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Letting Go While Holding On

Baby Holding Finger - They grow up too fast!

One of the biggest changes that can happen to a person in life is motherhood. You don’t just gain a pregnancy, stretchmarks and a baby at the end. You gain a little piece of immortality, shaped and ready for you to teach and raise. You gain a personality that will form based on how you […]

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Falling Into Fashion: Transitioning From Summer Into Autumn

Fall Fashion

Photo Credit   Sadly, summertime has long gone and we are well in autumn. Even in the south of America, the weather turns and the cold can bite. Okay, it isn’t quite what our cousins in the UK have to deal with but it’s not as warm as June or July! Apart from the changing the […]

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What to Do If Your Child Doesn’t Want to Play Sport

How to help kids get into sports

It is important for children to play sport for a number of reasons. Not only will it keep them healthy, but also it will help them to develop confidence, self-esteem, and key social skills. It can also help them to make new friends, learn valuable life lessons, and invigorate friendly competition. Plus, it can even […]

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Build Confidence in Kids: Where to Start? (1)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all children were born with confidence and compassion? But they all come with their own little personalities and quirks, as well as their circumstances that can all have an effect on their confidence levels. The thing is, though, being confident doesn’t have to mean they are the loudest or […]

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Sending Money-Smart Kids Off To College

Making Kids Money Smart

Of all the lessons we teach our kids, there’s a growing trend that the financial side of things is often the least touched-upon aspect of life. When they move out of the home to go to college, however, they’re going to find themselves thrust up against the truth of what it means to be financially […]

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4 Ways to Deal with Bullying In Youth Sports

Written By Steven Hawk The main reason that kids sign up for sports is because they want to have fun. While Parents want their kids to develop their skills, improve team work and ultimately improve their fitness, your child’s willingness to participate will be determined by how much fun they’re having. However, nothing is more upsetting […]

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A homeschool moment that made Mommy snap!

How this homeschooling Mommy snapped after 12 years of experience homeschooling.

 The overwhelming homeschool moments you don’t see coming! When you have been homeschooling children for 12 years one would think you have everything down to an en exact science and that things wouldn’t get overwhelming. Perhaps that is the case for some people, that really isn’t the case for me! I am about to share […]

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Family Vacations With A Twist

family vacation nature planning

Having children is a huge adventure, but trying to get away with children is an adventure that usually turns into stress. Stress like that is something that no parent wants to have to cope with, but family vacations are an important part of childhood. Everyone remembers their first real vacation with their family. If you […]

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Give Back: Ways You Can Help Those Less Fortunate

donation bank

Charities do excellent work and can help (and even save) the lives of so many. But they’re not government backed so receive no funding, meaning it’s up to kind members of the public to raise money and fund their work. If you want to help charities as well as feel good in the process, here […]

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Two’s Company: Great Dates For Parents Taking A Break


Parenting is no mean feat. When you have children, they come first, but that doesn’t mean you have to bid farewell to spending time as a couple. Although it can be difficult to be spontaneous, it’s really important to make time for each other. If you’ve managed to get a sitter and you’re taking a […]

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Switching to Baby Formula? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Little baby girl

Image Credit: Pexels   Whether you are raising your first baby, or even your seventh, it can be difficult to know at what point your should switch from breast milk to baby formula, or even if you should switch at all. You might be struggling to produce milk, or perhaps you have an illness that […]

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