One of the many “best things” I love doing with the kids!


Art can be hard for some homeschool families when Mom doesn’t have any talent in it. Thankfully these days YouTube is a great teacher! My teen goes to an online private school and one of her electives is Art. The teacher uses a great text book but some things books can not teach as effectively […]

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Reflection on Newtown deaths from a Secular Homeschooling Mother


The sun rose today It rose on a day with broken hearts and little broken bodies. It rose even though we know that things are not ok. It rose as it has for over 4 billion years. A reminder that we must go on. A reminder that we are star dust today mixed with tears. […]

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Day 158

Often I here “But I can’t homeschool!” and while you know yourself best of course, my next question is often “Can you play?” if you can, then you might well be able to homeschool. I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn. – Albert Einstein All […]

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