Guest Post- Building an up-cycled chicken coop for under $50

Building a $50 Chicken Coop Every year has a new decor trend but in recent years people have been going crazy for pallet furniture. There’s no doubt that we have made some questionable decor choices in the past (who else here remembers inflatable furniture?). Even benches made from old headboards was popular at one time. […]

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Why you should welcome a snake in your yard!


Snakes are so important to our environment and yet so few people understand why! Being part of the hobby farmer, micro farming, and chicken keeper community I often see photos of dead snakes shared. So many believe that the only good snake is a dead one. So many people are not educated on what an […]

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Almost Spring on our Micro-Farm


Our little adventure into farming practice this past year has been fantastic. So much so that this spring we find ourselves with too many beautiful roosters! Loving our farming community here I am happy to let these boys go for free. (I am sure our neighbors appreciate this as well!) The top right Rooster is […]

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Fantastic Gifts for Chicken Lovers


One of the fun parts of the holiday this year was seeing all the fun gifts my fellow back yard chicken keepers received! There were so many chicken, chick, and egg theme gifts that I had never expected! Having chickens as pets is so much fun and it goes far beyond just getting healthy and […]

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Going Green – Composting Chicken Poo


Raising Back Yard Chickens to live more Green! In our efforts to live more eco-friendly and sustainable we dove into raising back yard chickens this year. It has been a great adventure. While our chickens have been giving us beautiful eggs, they have also been giving us a lot of poo! Keeping poo in their […]

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Thankful Challenge – Day 10


 Renting with Back Yard Chickens Being military means we move around a lot with little choice about the area we are moving to. Many military families choose to live on the military posts for the perks, such as possible cheaper cost of living, added security, proximity to work, short commute, community, and more. One of […]

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No, I do not like Day Light Saving time ending!


   Why must we have Day Light Saving Time? Day light Saving Time (often confused with Day Light Savings Time, no S on the end of Saving) ended November 2nd. It all started Germany in 1916 thanks to an idea  George Vernon Hudson proposed in 1895. There have been many reasons for this but in modern times […]

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Practicing for Sustainable and Living Green – Update

2014-10-15 18.25.03

StormBaby (age 6) in her play dress out taking care of the chickens and so excited about the first Olive Egg! Can we manage sustainable living someday? In our effort to live more green and someday be more sustainable and possibly even give energy back to the grid we have been trying a lot of […]

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Wordless Wednesday – This week in Chickens!


This Week In Our Back Yard Chicken Coop….. This is one of our two lavender Amerucauna chicks about 8 weeks old. Hope they are both not Roos! We have enough of those! It has been so very wet and muddy as of late and the chicks show it. This chick though looks about right for […]

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Backyard Chicken Update: We have Eggs!


  Our journey into backyard chickens started this spring when we moved to Georgia and choose to live out in the country rather than in the city where my husband works. It was a sacrifice in some ways but we wanted the space for the kids to play, the safety it afforded us, and the […]

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3 interesting things you might not have known about Eggs!


  Eggs Come In Many Colors!  Did you know eggs don’t just come in bright white and light brown? Sure chances are you know about robin eggs being blue but did you know some chickens lay blue eggs? Some chickens lay green eggs! Some are pale pink and some are even very dark brown. The […]

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Our Back Yard Ducks Update


Our adorable ducklings are now much bigger! I think we can even guess at their breed! They look like runner ducks. See how this one stands right up! They are very adorable! They have gotten so big it is time they live outside and not in the brooder in the garage any more. Most days […]

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Life with 3 week old Ducklings!


 Raising Ducklings   Here is our Duckling Update! Our 4 little ducklings we had gotten from Tractor Supply a little over 3 weeks ago are far from little! Our teenage daughter jokes that we can about watch them grow! Like all ducks, we have been quickly reminded that these are messy little guys! While we […]

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Is your chicken a boy or a girl?


   Maybe people new to chickens some how think that we should be able to tell a male from a female soon as we get our chicks. This though just is not the case in most kinds of chickens! How can you tell a boy chicken from a girl chicken? Sexing chickens can be very […]

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The 5th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-a-long — Eggs are SET!


Follow my blog with Bloglovin We set our eggs this past Saturday at about 2pm, sadly not the NOON that most everyone else set their eggs for this Hatch-a-long. Still, if all goes right they should be hatching at about the same time as thousands of other back yard chicks! 10 eggs in an incubator […]

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A Healthy Giveaway To Love — NestFresh — Ends 4/8

  Mom Are We There Yet has another healthy review!   Who doesn’t love fresh eggs? NestFresh has eggs from cage-free chickens for you and your family. You can learn more by reading the review. Right now one lucky person can win a 2 months supply of eggs (which we would be coupons for a […]

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This is adorable – Chicks in Dresses


So far, we are loving backyard chickens. Granted our 6 chicks are still in the garage as they are little and it is cold out. We have read that the right time to get them outside into a coop and run are at 8 weeks so we have about 4 weeks left. This is a […]

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