Science FOR Babies – Board Books Parents Want To Read!

Science for Baby

I really have no idea why it came as such a shock to me when I first heard about science books for babies. I mean, there are so many fantastic topics of board books why not one so dear to our hearts and important to our future such as science? Of course when I heard […]

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Book Review – It’s Okay To Be Me


Our very first book this year for December bed time reading is a book by Vanessa Girard titled It’s Okay to Be Me! In December we try to open and read a new book every night before Christmas. This little book is an easy read for young readers, has 28 pages, and was newly published […]

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Day 1 Advent Calendar Book – The Smallest Gift Of Christmas

24 Advent Calendar Books

Each evening of December the children get a new book to unwrap from the Bedtime Elf all the way up until Christmas! You can click the image above to go and see the book list as it unfolds! The Smallest Gift Of Christmas by Peter H Reynolds This story is about a little boy named […]

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Book Review By My Daughter — Miss Fortune

  My dear lovely daughter wrote a review I thought I would share with you all. Poison Apple #3: Miss Fortune – By Brandi Dougherty Review By: Crystal (HopePixie) I read this book a while ago and I loved it so much that I thought I would tell you about it. It is about a girl […]

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Children’s Book Review: Rhubarb By Stephen Cosgrove


A mothers love of books It all started I suppose when I was a young girl, my mother loved to read and loved books. She would read to us and tell us tails of far off lands and stories she made out of thin air. It was magical with her, the good times that is. […]

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Book Review — Fifty Shades Trilogy

This Mommy that is a little crunchy is also a little into Mr. Grey. The Fifty Shades Trilogy composed of book one: Fifty Shades of Grey, book two: Fifty Shades Darker, and book three: Fifty Shades Freed have been bouncing all around the mothering groups I am a part of. Just what was the buzz […]

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Review: I’m Not Tired Yet!‏

A heartwarming tale to share with a child while tucking them in at night I’m Not Tired Yet by the beloved author/illustrator Marianne Richmond This darling little book is very entertaining to both young and old. My family of 6 found ourselves loving the interactions we copy catted from the story after reading each part. From […]

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Nov 29 — Polar Bear Love.

Polar Bears (Found here on Amazon) This beautiful touchy feel book is one of the best I have ever seen. The textures are fantastic, the colors wonderful, and it just sparkles and gleams. It is of the very best construction like most all books from Usborne, the best board books made in my opinion. We […]

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October 23rd — Maryland Ren Fair

We made it out on a beautiful fall day to the Maryland Ren Fair. Here are some notes about the day. – Entry was a bit high, we paid about $44 for 2 adult tickets but thankfully kids under 4 are free. – We had read about horrible lines and expected them to be bad […]

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Day 178 — Childrens Book Review

This book is a bit different from most. Some of the pages are the long way. It is different, it is fun, it is interesting. Dare to be different! “I love it when you Smile” by Sam Mcbratney (Author), Charles Fuge (Illustrator) is a sweet book that really fits in with our attachment parenting beliefs. […]

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Day 148 — Book Review – Duckat

Reading a gift we give our children, ourselves, our home. It can be peaceful or exciting, it can be uplifting, humbling, thoughtful, scary, loving. All things in life can mirrored in a story and a good one will make us feel something. If you didn’t know it, I love reading! I love reading more than […]

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Day 135 — Please go to sleep.

There is a book that many parents I know are loving. I however just don’t get it. The book is called “Go the F to Sleep” and has a lot of language I don’t like. It is supposed to be funny and to many it is. I however am aware I have no sense of […]

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