The Must Have Cloth Diapers Of The Moment


If you cloth diaper in this day and age, chances are you have your favorites. Like many, you might have a mixed stash of many kinds ranging from mainstream ones to work at home beautiful creations. I came across the first below and I knew I had to make a post about the love of […]

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Review — Organic PreFolds

I must admit that is has been a long time since I used a prefold! I dug out my snappi to secure the front and went about laying baby down, giving her a toy to distract her while I tried to remember how. There are more than a few ways to prefolds so if one […]

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Want to join the proud ranks of those that save the world by cloth diapering?

But you are not sure where to start or what to buy? First, congrats on making such a wonderful choice! And second, your doing just what you should be doing by looking things up! Know that this is just my opinion and I am as fallible as anyone else. BUT I do love cloth diapering […]

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