Discover how Best Buy can be your Education Technology Partner


Disclaimer:  The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free Best Buy can Help Your School keep up with growing educational needs of students! Discover how the latest technology can transform your classroom.  Most young people today are growing up with […]

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Homeschooling and the Common Core

The following article was written and sent in by Anna Hicks. Homeschooling is becoming an increasingly attractive option for eco-friendly families. While not the course of academic action in my household, homeschooling can greatly reduce automobile dependence and consumption of paper-based and plastic supplies. But it’s not without its challenges. Being the custodian of your […]

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How to Positively Parent and Help Your Child with Drug Abuse


The following article was written and sent in by Anna Hicks. Every parent’s fear is finding out their teenager is abusing drugs. It can cause several negative emotions and thoughts to flood your mind all at once. You may feel like you failed your child. You may be angry with the child for falling into […]

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Are you waiting on things till the kids are grown too?

What is waiting on the kids? So often I hear myself and others talking about the things they will get or replace or things they will do once the kids are grown. “Soon as little bobby is older we are going to get a boat!” I recall a woman saying. Another friend was busy planning […]

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Stage Your Home for Sale on a Budget


 Getting the Most out of Staging Your Home  Time and again I hear about people who vow by the rules of staging homes. To me they just make sense! Of course I think the order of them is a bit different. I would sanitize and clean first, decluttering goes with this, then bring the home […]

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Tips for Parents Sharing PCs with Kids


  Image Credit    In today’s world, with its huge number of gadgets, smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs, it’s becoming increasingly common that within family units, each member is able to access and enjoy the internet on their own. The idea of a family computer; the common state of affairs in the late nineties and […]

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The Ultimate Mid-Atlantic Tree Care Guide

The Ultimate Mid-Atlantic Tree Care Guide – An infographic by the team at I am finding this guide specially helpful with the home we moved into this past spring. It has 2 acres of mostly open land and some rather unfortunate dead tress on it that promised to once have been stunningly beautiful. Unfortunately […]

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Electric Moon Buggies To An Electric Bicycle In Sydney

Electric Moon Buggies to an Electric Bicycle in Sydney Image from Flickr Creative Commons

    In modern day life there is too much focus on ‘the norm’. It seems that everyone wants to be normal, blending into the background like a camouflaged soldier in the Borneo jungle. But let’s be honest; normal is boring. It’s better to be exciting, unique and interesting.   If you are looking for […]

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Tech for Toddlers?


Collaborative Post ~~~~~~~ As parents we face many worries from the moment those delightful bundles of joy enter our lives. After all parenthood doesn’t come with an instruction manual so deciding what’s best for each individual child is a tough task. Technology for instance is all around us, and is a vital part of education […]

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