Eating Out – The New Look of Bonefish Grill


  My husband and I were happy to hear about the new design look of our local Bonefish grill. We love eating there and always liked their design but couldn’t help but be excited to see the new changes. We braved a storm and together with our 10 week old went out for a much […]

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Day 5

While there are many things we are missing about AZ and our old Home, we are not missing how far it was (Near 2 hours) to get to a health food store of any quality. Here we are 20 minutes from a Whole Foods and a few other places to explore as well! We found […]

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A Perfectly Silly Dinner! Great on April Fool’s Day!


 This very silly dinner makes a great joke for April Fool’s Day or any day! Who doesn’t love a bit of silly fun? Most people pull pranks and jokes like this one on April Fool’s Day, but we are weird, so we did when the kids least expected it! This prank is great for kids […]

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