Earth’s Best Contest!


Is Your Baby a #BabyFoodie? Many of us spend much of our day taking numerous photos of our little ones to share with family and friends; especially during mealtime (don’t they look so cute?). That’s why Earth’s Best created the #BabyFoodie competition on Instagram! The steps to compete are simple: 1. Download the Instagram app […]

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Earth’s Best Blogger Rave


I love being one of the special bloggers that shares information about Earth’s Best. Each month they send me a few things that my baby can try. While we normally buy Earth’s Best baby wipes and nursery wipes, our biggest purchases from them include many fruit and smoothie pouches as the kids love them! Now […]

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Earth’s Best Loyalty Program

Let me introduce you to something new! The Earth’s Best Loyalty Program! This month, Earth’s Best is proud to announce the Earth’s Best Awards Program! With this new loyalty program, you can earn points from your Earth’s Best purchases and redeem them for great discounts and prizes. The Earth’s Best™ Rewards program is our way […]

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A Earth’s Best Baby


  This is an Earth’s Best Baby. By this I mean that so many of the products in her life come from the brand Earth’s Best. Diapers, wipes, lotions, sun screen, finger snacks, apple sauce, pouch snacks and more. Why? Because Earth’s Best is a brand I trust and a brand she loves. The pouches […]

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Earth’s Best – Meet Kate

Meet Kate! Did you know that Earth’s Best has its very own medical advisory board? This board provides ongoing counsel on important health issues, nutritional requirements for babies, toddlers and children and develops products that positively contribute to a child’s growth and development. Kate Geagan Earth’s Best’s award-winning registered dietitian! Kate is a nationally known […]

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Traveling With Toddlers and Earths Best

Chances are if you are one of my many wonderful dedicated readers, you already know that I am a part of the Earth’s Best blogger program. This does not mean I am one of the best bloggers on planet Earth, though you can take it that way if you wish and I will not be […]

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Why Pouches for Baby Food?


For babies just starting out on solids I think the jars are still the way to go for baby food. You can never tell if they are going to eat just a spoonful or a whole jar. Jars keep for up to 72 hours in the fridge. They are also easier to use than pouches […]

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Travel Tips From Earth’s Best


If your like my family and so many others, this month will find you traveling to see friends and family. Road trips require planning, specially if you have little ones. I am glad Earth’s Best shared this little guide with me so I could share it with you. A lot of my readers Cloth Diaper […]

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Enter to Win a Cruise and Support Earths Best

I love Earths Bests and they are in a battle and need us! Not to mention there is a chance to win a great prize. In order to participate you must first “Like” and vote in Battle 1 for the best stroller. Earth’s Best is included in Battle 2 for the Best Baby Food! You can […]

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Earth’s Best Helping my Kids be Healthy

   I love Earth’s Best, everyone knows it. I love being one of their bloggers too. Each month they send me products to review and each month my children are excited to open the box and help me review things. I have zero guilt giving them Earth’s Best foods because I know they are safe. […]

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