First Pip!


   What is a Pip? A pip is when the being inside the egg breaks through to the outer surface of the egg. We have our first pip tonight! It is a tiny little whole right now so I tried to make it clear in the photo. The photo is rather bad because the incubator […]

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Almost Hatching Time!


    The Eggs Are About To Hatch! Chicken eggs take about 21 days to hatch. On Friday we went into lockdown on the incubator, meaning we stopped turning the eggs and opening the top of the incubator. That was day 18. The reason is to keep the humidity up inside so that the eggs […]

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Update: Egg Candling

Candle Egg C

 I wanted to take a quick minute and update everyone on our chicken eggs in the incubator! Here are some photos:   This is egg C, one of the little tan colored eggs out of the bunch. Clear movement seen and doing great! L is one of the larger white colored eggs, not that you […]

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Chicken Egg Incubator Update Day 8

Here is our update on the chicken eggs in the incubator these last 8 days. Egg A = Growing Egg B = Growing Egg C = Growing Egg D = Growing Egg E = Growing Egg F = Growing Egg G = Growing Egg H = Growing Egg I = Mystery!!!! Egg J = Growing […]

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