Thankful Challenge – Day 18

  How often do you move in the military? How often one moves in the military really depends on the branch and the job the service member has. For us we moved bases 9 times in 16 years and lived in over a dozen houses. This military family life has sent us all over the […]

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Thankful Challenge – Day 10


 Renting with Back Yard Chickens Being military means we move around a lot with little choice about the area we are moving to. Many military families choose to live on the military posts for the perks, such as possible cheaper cost of living, added security, proximity to work, short commute, community, and more. One of […]

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Thankful Challenge – Day 4


Today I am Thankful For Love that Makes Me Cry   And my sister!     And my husband!   During our mini-vacation this past weekend we all exchanged gifts during my Mothers Alliday celebrations. Yes, I do mean Alliday, look at yesterdays thankful post for more information on this fabulousness. (hush you grammar demons, […]

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Thankful Challenge – Day 3


   Today I am Thankful For My Creative Mother If you know my Mother at all then you must know that she is one of the most creative women on the planet. She has the gift of turning common things into magical moments and art. There are different parts to my Mother of course, but […]

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Thankful Challenge – Day 2

Thankful for Adventures We are traveling this weekend! We do this often as a military family as family tends to be far away. I can’t recall a vacation in these 16 years were we went some place just to explore and not to go see family or friends far away. As I think about it […]

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Thankful Challenge – Day 1


Thankful for my Children and Family I like the trend the last few years of people sharing the things they are thankful for. So often we are busy rushing around and we share our hardships and being thankful is something we are not too mindful of. Even if we are mindful, sharing our gratitude in […]

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Cpt. Storm Darkness and Light.

While my family keeps working on ways to be compacty, buying second hand and living simply we find we do not need much but each other and our wonder for the world. It is not shock to anyone that knows us that when we read of a Beta Fish in need of a home we […]

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