Helping Children See the Importance of Shopping Local

2014-12-13 11.41.03

 Be the Change You Want To See In the World! One of the things my family is doing on our greener living path is to work on sustainability, hobby farming with chickens and gardens. We are trying to learn all we can and develop experience for the years to come when my husband retires from […]

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Going Green – Composting Chicken Poo


Raising Back Yard Chickens to live more Green! In our efforts to live more eco-friendly and sustainable we dove into raising back yard chickens this year. It has been a great adventure. While our chickens have been giving us beautiful eggs, they have also been giving us a lot of poo! Keeping poo in their […]

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Practicing for Sustainable and Living Green – Update

2014-10-15 18.25.03

StormBaby (age 6) in her play dress out taking care of the chickens and so excited about the first Olive Egg! Can we manage sustainable living someday? In our effort to live more green and someday be more sustainable and possibly even give energy back to the grid we have been trying a lot of […]

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Review: 3-in-1 Coloring Book – Meet Lulu

photo 1 (2)

You can get Painting Lulu on Amazon! This is a very cool coloring book for kids that lets them color pages as they normally would but then adds another level of coloring fun with a cool app! This is my son who used colored pencils to color the calculator page. There is a story of […]

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Review – Toxin Free Soap nuts liquid laundry detergent


Liquid Soap Nuts From Green Virgin Products If you know me then you know I am not at all a virgin to green products but I rather like the name of this company, it is the idea of something untouched. So many of our house hold products are filled with toxic chemicals. Sure a little […]

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Review — Best Eco-Friendly and Safe Detergent I have found so far!

resize_312c09439672b41e85acd25dfceaf3542fc01d9908568cb44c4359c2a559e0b4fea9fd15250250 As a crunchy parent I love eco-friendly, healthy,  products and finding a new one is always so cool but finding a whole brand is down right exciting! Meet the brand Attitude! It is a Canadian company dedicated to creating safe house hold cleaners. Chances are being a well informed parent you know that our […]

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DIY: Square Foot Gardening


Our Square Foot Garden 2 Weeks ago we decided to tackle our first square foot garden! Cost: About $60 for wood, string, soil, and plants We already had on hand the news paper for layering and we had natural non-toxic wood treatment.  The basics are simple, 4 boards put together to make 4 internal feet […]

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GOTS Fabric – A Beautiful Eco-friendly Choice!


GOTS Fabric – one step closer to living an organic, eco-friendly, and socially conscious life!  GUEST POST BY: Melanie RG. She is a teacher, a scientist, and a seamstress who encourages her two children to get dirty exploring the garden while observing all the wonders of Nature. Follow her adventures in sewing, organic gardening, and homeschooling […]

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Make your own Natural Holiday House Cleaners!


Tis the season to be Jolly Falalala….. -sneeze- Is the outside of your home looking like a twinkling wonderland while the inside is a place best left unseen? It happens to the best of us from time to time. For me a Crunchy Mom I feel like I have to balance keeping things clean with […]

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Easy Steps to Create a Backyard Garden

balcony garden terragarden

  Over the past few years there has been a dramatic surge in the amount of people turning to greener ways of living. Whether through buying organic goods or including more indoor plants into their homes (and offices), there is a surge in the number of us who want to expand our knowledge and grow […]

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2 Months Post Christmas – Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

By now the explosion that was Christmas 2012 is cleaned up and put away for most of us. Are our lives any better for all the spending, wrapping paper, giving, and receiving?  Is Clutter Holding You Back? Many people feel cluttered I am noticing and who can blame them? This dawned on me the other […]

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Green Apple Supply Review and Giveaway


It is my honor to introduce you to Green Apple Supply, a store that cares started back in 2004 by a  mother who just wanted the best for her daughter who was diagnosed with a disease known to have    roots in environmental pollutants. Fighting for her daughter, for all our children Stephanie created Green Apple Supply, a store […]

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Why I can’t buy a Cheap Mattress

My dear bed mattress is 10 years old and on it’s last spring. I know it needs replacing but I just can’t bring myself to get a cheap one so we need to save save save for a natural bed. Why? We spend near 1/3 of our lives in our beds and sadly most beds […]

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Ozeri Green Earth Smooth Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan – Review

Sept4 024

  I love this pan! Ok so if you read this blog even a little chances are you know I am no Kitchen Goddess. I seem to enjoy making things in the kitchen that are crafty or creative rather than following a recipe over and over. Seems the only thing I enjoy doing over and […]

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Green + Clean For Pets! — Review —

    I love this brand of eco-friendly and safe cleaning pet products. In a house with many pets one might consider a small zoo being clean and safe is very important. Being more eco-friendly is always something we strive for and Green + Clean makes that easy for me.   To Highlight what I […]

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Review Nordic Naturals – Contest

Nordic Naturals is a supplement company dedicated to bringing the safest and purest omega oils to those who need it. Who doesn’t need them? I didn’t think I did until my Dr who was running a great deal of tests looked at my low D number and got worried. I had taken Vit D drops […]

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Best for Baby or Toxic

It is known by many that quaternium-15 and 1,4-dioxane are toxic and thought to be cancer causing. There is a boycot against baby shampoos and washes and creams that still contain these ingredients.  Are they in the baby shampoo your using? Do you feel safe using them even after researching them?  I don’t!  There are many that do not have […]

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Is the UK winning?

    When it comes to trying to save the planet is America winning? We like to think of ourselves as the best at everything right? Maybe not. Goodness knows we are proud of our country, and will good reason but is planet recovery something we can be proud of at this point? Are other countries […]

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Do you like rugs?

   Rugs are nice to walk on, nice for baby to scrawl on, and I think they might even help keep the house warmer. However…. they are a pain in the butt when it comes to keeping clean when you have 4 children, a very old dog, a cat, and a military guy with military […]

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Are these crunchy?

 Believe it or not I do not always have time to cook and sometimes I really, really just don’t want to. This however makes being a crunchy mommy hard at times, ok, a lot of the time. Buying organic is costly, trying to bake organic it timely with both ingredients and 4 children. Sometimes I […]

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