Seven of the Most Common Kids’ Injuries and How to Deal With Them

The Son Baby The Child Kids Dear The Grassland

Kids love exploring, and they don’t really have a sense of danger, and that is why they often end up in trouble. Parents constantly worry about their children’s wellbeing and safety, but accidents happen. Just because your little one has hurt themselves, you should not consider yourself a bad parent. You simply have to learn […]

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Reflecting on 18 years of Crunchy Parenting – Now What?

18 years of crunchy parenting

  I have made mistakes as a parent. I will continue to make them my whole life I think. One thing I will do though is never give up. As a Crunchy parent, or rather a “Little Crunchy” parent I know this definition means different things to different parents. I know too that this kind […]

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ONLY 13 Gifts Mom? — Contemplating Spoiled children

Christmas morning - Too many gifts? Science shows less toys is better for kids.

One of the last things any parent truly wants is to have a spoiled child. Generally people think of a spoiled child as a child that is entitled and ungrateful and lazy. Of course following attachment parenting, peaceful parenting, I am reluctant to even compare my children to rotting fruit, because children do not in […]

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Becoming A Less Wasteful Momma Bear

mom and baby

If you’re on the journal of becoming a more mindful and green person, you look for changes you can make to every aspect of your life. But that mindset of environmental and financial frugality come into conflict with the reality of having a child. You want to make sure they have everything they need, but […]

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Looking After Yourself When Looking After A Newborn

Image Source   No-one can prepare you for motherhood. Exhausted from childbirth, you’re suddenly left with this tiny human being who you are wholly responsible for. Many new mothers can get depressed over sleep deprivation. Other may get doubts over their abilities as a mother and think that they’re failing their baby. In actual fact, […]

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The Lessons New Parents Must Learn On the Job…and Quickly

By: Bilal Sajjad     The Lessons New Parents Must Learn On the Job…and Quickly Having a baby is an experience that involves lots of work. Before the birth, you have to get all the things you need for her care. That may include significant renovation at the house. You’ll also be choosing a pediatrician, […]

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Learning to Let Go: How To Raise Independent Children

Super Hero Kids - Empowering

Photo credit   When you first start a family, the extrent to which your children need you can be a culture shock to many. You going from having yourself and maybe your job as your primary concern to meeting the whims of a wailing newborn 24/7. Many of us struggle with a sensation of almost […]

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miacademy review site

 *** Thank you to Miacademy for sponsoring my kids with their program so that we can share our honest opinions of it! *** With 4 homeschooling children in different grades one of the things I love is to use technology to let some kids fly on their own for some subjects so I can help […]

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Letting Go While Holding On

Baby Holding Finger - They grow up too fast!

One of the biggest changes that can happen to a person in life is motherhood. You don’t just gain a pregnancy, stretchmarks and a baby at the end. You gain a little piece of immortality, shaped and ready for you to teach and raise. You gain a personality that will form based on how you […]

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What to Do If Your Child Doesn’t Want to Play Sport

How to help kids get into sports

It is important for children to play sport for a number of reasons. Not only will it keep them healthy, but also it will help them to develop confidence, self-esteem, and key social skills. It can also help them to make new friends, learn valuable life lessons, and invigorate friendly competition. Plus, it can even […]

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Build Confidence in Kids: Where to Start? (1)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all children were born with confidence and compassion? But they all come with their own little personalities and quirks, as well as their circumstances that can all have an effect on their confidence levels. The thing is, though, being confident doesn’t have to mean they are the loudest or […]

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Sending Money-Smart Kids Off To College

Making Kids Money Smart

Of all the lessons we teach our kids, there’s a growing trend that the financial side of things is often the least touched-upon aspect of life. When they move out of the home to go to college, however, they’re going to find themselves thrust up against the truth of what it means to be financially […]

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4 Ways to Deal with Bullying In Youth Sports

Written By Steven Hawk The main reason that kids sign up for sports is because they want to have fun. While Parents want their kids to develop their skills, improve team work and ultimately improve their fitness, your child’s willingness to participate will be determined by how much fun they’re having. However, nothing is more upsetting […]

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A homeschool moment that made Mommy snap!

How this homeschooling Mommy snapped after 12 years of experience homeschooling.

 The overwhelming homeschool moments you don’t see coming! When you have been homeschooling children for 12 years one would think you have everything down to an en exact science and that things wouldn’t get overwhelming. Perhaps that is the case for some people, that really isn’t the case for me! I am about to share […]

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Two’s Company: Great Dates For Parents Taking A Break


Parenting is no mean feat. When you have children, they come first, but that doesn’t mean you have to bid farewell to spending time as a couple. Although it can be difficult to be spontaneous, it’s really important to make time for each other. If you’ve managed to get a sitter and you’re taking a […]

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Showing kids you don’t have to trash everything, you can fix things!

USB WiFi Easy Upgrade old computer

In a single generation we seem to have went from a time when people bought things intended to last a very long time and when those things no longer worked, effort and care would go into fixing them. Be it cars, vacuums, radios, shoes, and of course technology. Alas, we now seem to live in […]

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Tips For Perfecting Laundry For a Big Family!

What is the best washing machine to get 2017

Thank you to Best Buy for sponsoring this timely post!  The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free ~~~~~ Having 5 kids in the house means we have a lot of laundry and over the years we have had some […]

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Fall is a Fantastic Time for Potty Training Fun

Toddler Life - When to Potty Train

    The weather is finally changing, the leaves are finally changing, and we too must change! Our youngest of 7 children is showing signs of being ready for a new adventure! Potty Training Time! While some parents love summer for potty training as they let their little ones run around naked, I find the […]

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Coming Of Age: Gifts For When Your Kids Become Adults

Silver Heart Lock

As parents, we do our level best to prepare our kids for the future that awaits them. If we do our job well, they’ll go out into the world and make us even more proud of them than we already are. As they get towards adulthood, sure, they’ll give us some sleepless nights — but […]

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Here’s How and Why Your Children Should Play Team Sports

Soccer Kids Need Activity

Every parent knows that they need to ensure their child is getting enough exercise, but do you know that sports can have a much greater impact on a child beyond their health? There is a whole host of benefits to team activities, including better relationships, improved confidence, and of course better all-around fitness. Below, we […]

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