Reasons I Love New Photoshop Elements 14

PEPE14_3in_boxshot_front_shadow copy

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free I am so excited to be writing about adobe photoshop elements 14 and the new things I have discovered in it that are making my photographs all that much better. I […]

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Should They Clean Their Room?


Photo a day – day 14 My youngest ones share a room and what an interesting and fun room it is. Tonight though, it is one heck of a messy room! They should clean it up don’t you think? These days it seems harder to get them to do so, I think though it is […]

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Gluten Free is Yummy!


(My photo for day 11 of the Photo-A-Challenge) Who would have thought, gluten free could be yummy? My husband made these amazing brownies, from a box. They are so yummy and rich and I can’t eat more than one at a time even. This is good as they might last more than a day here. […]

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You don’t spank your 3 year old?


  It is a funny question don’t you think? The debate over spanking rages on the Mommy boards and it shocks me as it seems fairly clear that the science says it can be very negative. So when a mother in asked me “You don’t spank your 3 year old?” I said “Of course not!” […]

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Day 6 – Girls and Cars


  Todays photo is inspired by my little storm baby. She is smart and funny and shy. She also loves cars. Watching her play with a pink container with little cars all organized in them I thought back to a comment I read on facebook today. The comment was about an activist, it wasn’t positive […]

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Day 5 – My Sick Photo


  My photo-a-day challenge for 2013 was dealt a hard blow today. I woke up very ill. I am still not certain what is effecting me. No one else in the house is sick and we all have been eating the same things making it unlikely to be food poisoning from anything in the last […]

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Day 3 – Homeschooling Art and a Clay Recipe


  Ionic Order Column This cute little column is the creation of my oldest daughter. I asked her what she wanted to work on today and she wanted to work with clay and thought back to her Greek projects and though it would be great to make a column and then make something from her […]

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Day 2 – Learning on the Road


Today was a long drive south. A 400 mile trip took the better part of 9 hours in part because of New York traffic. With 4 kids in the van, packed full, plus a dog, one can expect a full day and for things to not go so smoothly specially when going 5 miles an […]

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Day 1 – Sledding 2013


   A Photo a Day Todays photos are of a great time sledding with the kids today. On the left we have three happy children at the top of the hill. On the right we have those same three happy wonderful children at the bottom of the hill catching some air as they fly over […]

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