Not cool Halloween Tricks – proselytizing and racism


 (Back to Part 1 The real Evil found on Halloween) Halloween Tricks   While kids might find toothbrushes and floss and fruit to be tricks on Halloween certainly they are better and kinder than the above note. It gave me an idea tough, maybe next year I will hand out jump ropes and candy, because they […]

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The real Evil found on Halloween


Part 1  This post might not be what you expect it to be. This isn’t about ancient religions and the roots that Halloween has in common with them. It isn’t about the devil, and it really isn’t about evil. I used the world evil to add a bit of flare in celebration of the holiday […]

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Children’s Book Review: The Sandman


The Sandman is an adorable story written by Ralph Fletcher and beautifully illustrated by Richard Cowdrey. The cover pulls you in right from the start with an adorable white mouse pulling a little cart behind him with a man that looks like the classic grandfather. The cover sparkles and helps add to the excite of […]

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Reflection on Newtown deaths from a Secular Homeschooling Mother


The sun rose today It rose on a day with broken hearts and little broken bodies. It rose even though we know that things are not ok. It rose as it has for over 4 billion years. A reminder that we must go on. A reminder that we are star dust today mixed with tears. […]

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Annoying the Secular Blogger

    I lay here typing this with a smile on my face enjoying my home at just the right temp, a house full of children playing, and everything seems right with the world at the very moment. Except one thing…. someone is messing with me!     You see I am secular blogger. Faith […]

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