One of the many “best things” I love doing with the kids!


Art can be hard for some homeschool families when Mom doesn’t have any talent in it. Thankfully these days YouTube is a great teacher! My teen goes to an online private school and one of her electives is Art. The teacher uses a great text book but some things books can not teach as effectively […]

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Attachment Parenting a Teenager – It’s ok to Panic!


  I am not expert at anything…. or maybe I just am very aware that no one is perfect and there is always something new to learn. When it comes to attachment parenting a teenager I am learning as I go like we all do. Please as always take my thoughts with a grain of […]

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Cell Phones and Teenagers Can Be Big Trouble!


   We all hear the stories about teens who are out of control with cell phones and social networks and we wonder where their parents are and why no one seems to be guiding them through obstacles. I saw teen girls we are related to posting photos of themselves no where near appropriate and talking […]

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Do You Help Your Teen Shop?

There once was a time when everything my little girl put on was something I or someone who cares about her picked out for her. I think most parents do this for their kids, though I am not really sure when this stops for most parents. Time for us has changed and our oldest daughter […]

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Tips to help Motivate a Teenager


  Knowing how to motivate a teenager is so important! My oldest daughter is now a teen and it is really important to my husband and I that she stay motivated to make and reach her goals. It can be very hard being a teenager, often feeling like their priorities are not the same as […]

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Wordless Wednesday

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The Bad Homeschooling Days!

In a commitment to show others that things are not perfect in blogging world, no matter what most blogs show, I wanted to share a bit about a bad homeschooling day.  In short my oldest daughter was grumpy about getting into trouble and I gave her an easy art project to do so she could […]

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Original Sprout Luxury Review and Giveaway!

Original Sprout Worry-Free Luxury Being a crunchy parent often being knowing things I wish I didn’t. Such as how harmful chemicals can be found in many main stream baby products. I did a blog piece on this a bit ago “Best for baby or Toxic” and I wanted to follow up on it more after […]

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Valentine Window Clings

The other night was a creative night here with the littles. Many nights are creative here because it is our idea of fun. We are not really the “sit and watch sports” types, though we did try and watch the super bowl on Sunday with a friend. Mostly we played with the kids though all […]

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