Crunchy Parenting Doesn’t Mean Anti – Modern Medicine!

Crunchy Parenting Modern Medicine

As a science loving crunchy Mama I have been rather flabbergasted by the notion that Crunchy Parenting is some how anti-Modern Medicine. I can understand that those who don’t practice this kind of parenting might assume that but now there seems to be a growing, pushing, few in this movement of peaceful parenting, attachment parenting, […]

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Reflecting on 18 years of Crunchy Parenting – Now What?

18 years of crunchy parenting

  I have made mistakes as a parent. I will continue to make them my whole life I think. One thing I will do though is never give up. As a Crunchy parent, or rather a “Little Crunchy” parent I know this definition means different things to different parents. I know too that this kind […]

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A homeschool moment that made Mommy snap!

How this homeschooling Mommy snapped after 12 years of experience homeschooling.

 The overwhelming homeschool moments you don’t see coming! When you have been homeschooling children for 12 years one would think you have everything down to an en exact science and that things wouldn’t get overwhelming. Perhaps that is the case for some people, that really isn’t the case for me! I am about to share […]

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Giveaway – Cool Dads Cloth Diaper – Ends 6/20

Most parents have heard of the benefits of cloth diapering, but there may seem like there’s a lot involved in getting started using them.    Dads can cloth diaper too! Latched On Mom shares how her husband found interest in cloth diapering and how to make it easier when beginning to use cloth diapers in […]

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A Giveaway for the Amazing Cloth Diapering Parents!

giveaway image 1

  What Da Fluff subscription boxes is a fun cloth diapering surprise every month. Each box will contain at least one diaper as well as cloth diapering products (wet bags, cloth wipes, cloth diaper safe rash creams and detergent). What Da Fluff knows that parenting can be hard and will always have a small treat […]

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How Santa is Tragically Hurting Kids


  Over the years I have read time and again I have read the plea to be mindful about what Santa Brings children. It wasn’t a topic that I sent much time thinking about honestly. It touched my heart but it never really sank in. As my children are homeschooled and Santa isn’t much of […]

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Book Review – It’s Okay To Be Me


Our very first book this year for December bed time reading is a book by Vanessa Girard titled It’s Okay to Be Me! In December we try to open and read a new book every night before Christmas. This little book is an easy read for young readers, has 28 pages, and was newly published […]

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Nature vs. Technology in Childhood- An Unhealthy False Dichotomy


Nature vs. Technology in Childhood In the Crunchy Parenting world the Natural World is our playground and most of us worship the ground we all walk on. That is understandable for Mother nature grows and raised us all. However…. the same community I so adore has this idea that Technology is some how the enemy […]

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Life with our 15 week old + 4 More! Keep Calm And….

15 Weeks Breastfeeding

      I have to be honest, she is our 5th and the most discontent baby. She cries so so much and we don’t just let her cry it out. It takes everything we have to help her and keep our sanity. How much longer can this go on? She will be a generally […]

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Review – Mamaway Ring Sling

mamway ring sling

  We Love Baby Wearing – Wearing 3 month old.  I have to admit I love ring slings! My first every adventure in babywearing was 10 years ago with my son and we got his ring sling at a mall. It took a while to learn to master it but when we did we loved […]

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Parenting Tip – What to do when your Newborn will not stop crying!


Baby will not stop crying! 1. Know that this can be 100% normal, that baby could be perfectly normal, that you are not to blame. Many new parents rush to the doctor thinking the worst, that their baby has something wrong with him or her. Why else they wonder would baby cry so much? The […]

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A Rebuttal to “Why I Don’t Make My Son Share”


Will my children grow up to think the world owes them because I taught them to share?  The Rebuttal I read a rather interesting opinion piece that is making it’s way around facebook and Mommy groups. The title is catching and I thought it would be filled with some great information, maybe a bit of […]

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Call The Midwife – Remembering My Homebirth

  Have you watched the show Call the Midwife? I hadn’t till a few days ago and it is an addictive show. I had no idea about this show before a bit ago and goodness I have been missing out. With the lull in good television shows this time of year (I know this happens […]

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Peaceful Parenting: Please Don’t Call My Son A Girl


  Sadly a few weeks ago my son was faced with an adult he cares about insulting him for no good reason. As a mother I wish I would have been there to protect my son from the situation. Moms are not always there though, so I ask, please be mindful of insulting children. If […]

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Dear Mother, you need to know this!


Dear Mother, You may not see how much I love you. You might think too much on your mistakes. You might not forgive yourself your short comings. You might hold to tightly to guilt over yelling, a moment that lacked patience, a time when you dropped the ball. You are not alone. You are human. […]

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The Zen of Attachment Parenting Older Children


 You need Zen, lets talk! Attachment parenting can seem focused on babies, co-sleeping, baby wearing and attending every need. While the best start is certainly an area to focus on, what about the mothers with a tantruming preschooler, defiant child, and siblings who seem hell bent on making one another miserable? It can be hard […]

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Tips to help Motivate a Teenager


  Knowing how to motivate a teenager is so important! My oldest daughter is now a teen and it is really important to my husband and I that she stay motivated to make and reach her goals. It can be very hard being a teenager, often feeling like their priorities are not the same as […]

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Kindergarten Teacher Gives Our Kids A Song

There is a reason for the saying “The gift of music” and sometimes it really is a gift. This is one of those times. I can really see that saying when I watch the video below. Kindergarten Teacher Mr.Z and the Shashka Frashkas has shared this fun and important song with many kids and now the […]

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You don’t spank your 3 year old?


  It is a funny question don’t you think? The debate over spanking rages on the Mommy boards and it shocks me as it seems fairly clear that the science says it can be very negative. So when a mother in asked me “You don’t spank your 3 year old?” I said “Of course not!” […]

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Children in the Wedding Party

You can picture it can’t you, the cute little boy all dressed up walking down the isle with his little white pillow holding the symbols of love forever after. Every one in the audience smiling and oohing and ahhhing over how darling he is. Thats how it goes right? Not always! In fact some of […]

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