From one small house to another – Holding on to what matters!

This not so little military family of 7 moved yet again and honestly I have lost count of how many moves this now makes in the last 19 years, over a dozen though! We moved from a small cute house in the city, one not safe, (given the break in when we first moved in […]

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5 Vital Considerations For Modern Families Relocating! #Giveaway


Relocating is a modern consideration todays modern families because life just isn’t for most of us what it was for generations before. Once upon a time our grandparents would finish high school, go to college, get a job, work in that job for possibly their whole lives, and retire. Perhaps they would have a starter […]

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Finding A House That The Whole Family Can Love


When it comes time to move house, whether it’s for work, school, or just because it’s time for a change, the hardest part is ensuring that you move to somewhere which makes everybody happy. You may have children which are three years old and thirteen years old; whatever their age, moving house is a big […]

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