Baby Shower Gift Guide 2015



We are expecting our next bundle of joy at the end of summer and in celebration here on we will be gathering the best gifts together to help anyone in search of the best products to get their own little bundle of joy or to bring to your next baby shower!

If you have an item that would be perfect for this Baby Shower Gift Guide please be sure to e-mail us at [email protected]

Be sure to check back for fantastic information on the newest baby gear and GIVEAWAYS! Reviews of many of these products will be shared when our little one gets here as many of these items are fantastic new baby items to the market. Some items are beloved by me as an experienced Mom and I am so happy to share them with our readers.


1. earthmamaangelbaby.comBig Push Birth & Baby KitThis kit includes wonderful comforting items for Mom after the hard push. Organic and safe products help mom heal and get back to feeling like herself. Items include things like bottom spray and balm, bath herbs, nipple butter along with natural products for new baby like shampoo and lotion and more. This kit makes a fantastic gift for any Baby Shower and one Mom will thank you for as she recovers from childbirth. This is a brand I specially love and will be getting the nursing mothers kit too! Review and Giveaway – Ends 9/1

2. – One size Cloth Diaper Cover – This brand of cloth diapers has many patterns to choose from, it is easy to add the sized insert of your choosing and keep baby in a healthy eco-friendly choice. Moms love cloth diapers these days, they help prevent 2 tons of diaper waist, and they save Mom a great deal of money. Cloth diapers are a great choice for baby showers! This pattern is one I picked out and love because it reminds me of our little micro-farm, it is called Acres. Check back for the review and a Giveaway!

3. – HABA Butterfly Friends Mobile –  This mobile is made of wood and metal and dangles over delighted babies to catch their attention and wonder. HABA is a brand I personally love and am delighted when my little ones get gifts that show others know what they like and care. This gift has stunning visual impact and makes a wonderful gift that is very affordable. -giveaway to come!

4. The Wonder Weeks: How to Stimulate Your Baby’s Mental Development and Help Him Turn His 10 Predictable, Great, Fussy Phases into Magical Leaps Forward. I had gotten this book years ago after hearing friends online rave about how fantastic and helpful it is to parents. I had always heard about growth spurts and I am sure most of us have but having them explained so well with a heads up as to when they will happen and what to be aware of is fantastic. It was right on the mark too. When ever baby seemed different or we started to have some difficult nights my husband would ask if it was a wonder week and we would check. I gifted this book to a friend after my baby got big and then when my sister had a baby I ordered this book to be sent to her. The Wonder Weeks Book is a perfect gift for new parents!

5.  –MAM Anti-Colic Bottle – Scientifically proven: 80 % less colic. As new parents we can only guess what kind of bottle our baby might actually take and like so as an experienced Mother I tend to keep an open mind and welcome different kinds of bottles till baby lets me know what is best for her. I am excited to try this one as it is new, and I have not tried anything like it before. I know getting bottles for baby showers is a great idea and this one is sure to be of interest!

6.  Sassy Cuddle Bug Bouncer, Violet ButterflyThis is the adorable baby bouncer I have picked out for our little one and hope to get soon. I look forward to sharing what baby thinks of it and how useful it is. You can pick one up on Amazon! I have found in the past bouncers to be so helpful when I have to take a shower because they tend to be small enough to fit in the bathroom so I can keep an eye on the little one. They are light weight and so they go from room to room very easily. They also travel well!

7. – Grape Diamond – Silver – Plum – Every baby needs that one special blanket that can make everything better. I think Minky Couture is a brand that specializes in that perfect kind of luxury beloved blanky. If your looking for a very special baby gift for a baby shower you will want to look into a blanket like this! This blanket, the Grape Diamond is the one we picked out for our baby girl we are expecting in August. My husbands eyes got so big when he first touched it and he says he knows our little princess will love it. You can’t help but to touch it to your face, it is incredibly soft. This company has blankets for every style and it sure to please as a gift! Check back for the review and giveaway! 



  1. mimijumimimijumi prides themselves on being second only to mom. When baby isn’t on the breast then mimijumi is The Next Breast Thing™! I am so happy to tell other Moms about this kind of bottle because it really does mimic the breast in shape and flow. It helps keep baby from developing nipple confusion and I really believe it can help get a bottle baby back to the breast more easily. So much love and care has gone into this bottle and the company really understands the bottle and breast struggle so many of us mothers and babies have to deal with.


  1. Damask – Metro messenger diaper bag – white – – This beautiful super functional baby bag is very affordable at just 64.95. It comes in three modern pattern colors, I like the white one best! It’s accessories set has 2 clipix stroller clips, an accessory bag, an insulated bottle holder, and a changing mat that isn’t too big or too bulky. I love that it fits so easily in the bag and doesn’t take up room I need. Between the inner and outer pockets and the accessories this bag has everything a mom needs, be it taking things along for one baby or two. It has ample room for cloth diapering Moms too!


  1. Anna Naturals Boobie Basket – This meaningful gift kit to support breastfeeding is fantastic! Anna Naturals is all about natural and organic products with ingredients that work wonderfully and that you can actually pronounce! The Boobie Basket comes in a cute bag with a tiny feet charm and tag. Inside is a box of Nursing Mama Tea (26) to help support breastmilk supply and keep mama strong. It has a 2oz jar of Nursing Mama Nipple Cream. It has a 4oz spray bottle of All Smiles Uplifting spray that is so helpful for when I or baby are stressed or for when I am trying to relax and pump. I have said it before on social media and will again, this is a great baby shower or new Mama gift! Giveaway coming soon!


  1. Snugabunny Cradle ‘N Swing – When I saw this swing in the store I knew I had to get it for our little one. It reminded me of our garden, of our adorable bunnies with brown big ears. This swing can function on batteries but also comes with a wall plug. It has 4 features of music sounds and our baby likes the classical music selection and the nature sounds the best. It can be turned to swing in 3 different directions depending on what baby likes best, forward and back or side to side. You can control the swings speed and the volume of the sounds. You can get yours in many of the big box stores or on Amazon!


  1. Essential Travel Bib and Flexible SpoonWhen baby is about 6 months old Parents discovery a whole new world of messy, especially when traveling. This bib folds up compact, zips closed, and fits great in the baby bag. You can also keep the spoon zipped in with the travel bib. It has a catch try built in so messes don’t hit babies clothing or the floor! It is very easy to wipe clean too. These come in a variety of great patterns and colors and are a thoughtful gift! Giveaway Coming!


  1. Butterfly Charm Pram – This beautiful toy is made of beech wood and is stained with nontoxic water based dye. It is bright and fun and meant to keep little eyes entertained. It can be attached easily to many things such as the babies stroller. HABA is one of the brands I especially like and they made great toys that make wonderful gifts!


  1. BabyBanz Sunglasses for babies, toddlers, and Kids! Harsh UV rays from the sun can damage eyes and little ones just don’t know that their eyes need to be protected BabyBanz fit easily on babies and stay on so little ones eyes are kept safe. They come in many colors and styles and there are even swim and ski goggles! This brand has a lot to offer including sun hats and ear protection! Check them out! If you want to gift something you think the baby will not already be getting I would suggest these sunglasses! Not enough people know how important eye protection is, you can be the person that does.


  1. Kiindi Twist kit Breastfeeding storage and feeding Kit – This kit is fantastic for new Moms who plan to breastfeed and pump! I had never seen anything like it before. The kit allows moms to pump right into the storage bags and includes the adaptive tops to attach to whatever breastpump you happen to have. The bags are easy to write on and mark when the milk was pumped and frozen. The bags can then be thawed and put into the feeding system that comes with nipples with different flow depending on the needs and age of your baby. While the system has many parts, it isn’t complicated and it can help keep feeding baby pumped milk very organized. This makes a perfect gift for any breastfeeding Mom! You can learn more about the Kiinde system here:

More to Come!

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