500 Reasons Why We Homeschool


So Many Reasons To Homeschool!

There are times for many homeschoolers that we find ourselves saying “That is another reason we homeschool” and goodness those mental lists get very long.  I joke and say “This is reason 3,688 that we homeschool” and as I have no list, I am just being silly with the number. I thought it would be cool to collect all the reasons my family homeschools and share them. This is not a list to “debate” but rather share our beliefs. This isn’t a list that should make anyone feel like less of a parent if they don’t homeschool. It isn’t about anyone but our family and maybe those others who have these things in common. Homeschooling is not for everyone, like everything it has it’s pro’s and con’s. Not Homeschooling doesn’t mean you love your child any less. For every reason on this list the opposite can be argued, but again, this list isn’t about debate. We have looked at both sides and find that we believe it to be one of the many reasons we homeschool. Your millage of course will vary!

This list is a work in progress as I find a few minutes to add to it, and as I link in blog posts to those reasons. Numbers will jump around, they might move, and really their number will have little significance. If you think I am forgetting something, I would love to hear your thoughts on reasons to homeschool!

  1. We are geeks who love to share learning with our kids.
  2. They Love Homeschooling (most days)
  3. We love to spend time with our kids.
  4. We don’t want to miss learning moments with them.
  5. We can protect their childhoods.
  6. They can follow their interests.
  7. No Bullies getting in the way of learning.
  8. Learning from people of all ages, not just their own age group.
  9. More time for Art
  10. More time outside
  11. Not limited to a desk for almost 6 hours a day
  12. Having Great Technology to Learn with
  13. Custom Curriculum
  14. Finding their learning styles
  15. Their learning Styles Respected
  16. No bed time battles
  17. Learning in PJs
  18. Learning on the Go
  19. Car Schooling
  20. Purple Hair (the teen insists!)
  21. Movement in Learning
  22. They don’t have to ask to go pee! (This one my son says is important!)
  23. Health issues are not held against them.
  24. Sick Days are respected!
  25. Sick Days can be productive!
  26. So many military moves could be chaos on their education.
  27. Time to Travel
  28. Time to Mourn
  29. Not Pushed into being Drugged
  30. Kids not slowed down by curriculum, teacher, slower students.
  31. It’s ok to at be at different grade levels in different subjects!
  32. Kids not crammed in like sardines.
  33. More hands on Learning
  34. Drug free Learning Enviornment
  35. Teacher loves them!
  36. They can sleep in!
  37. More Library Time
  38. More Field Trips
  39. Makes friends with people of many ages.
  40. Social skills modeled by those who have good ones, not still learning.
  41. Real sex-ed!
  42. Time to Protest!
  43. Time to travel for competitions if they want.
  44. Field Trips to fun places not crowded with kids during school hours.
  45. Behavior issues are handled right away.
  46. Music, sometimes you must drop everything and just play! (or so I am told!)
  47. Don’t have to stop learning at the sound of a bell.
  48. No crappy school lunches.
  49. If someone takes your stuff, you tend to know where they live! (and sleep!)
  50. Not grounded when your parents get your report card!
  51. If Mom can’t teach it, she finds someone who can.
  52. Do they do glass blowing in public schools?
  53. No forced dissection but we did accidentally kill a frog….
  54. Animal husbandry. (Do most homeschoolers have so many pets? We seem to….)
  55. Family Learning Projects
  56. No I don’t want to learn Spanish. How about sign language?
  57. Getting to learn real Science and Free Thinking!
  58. Textbooks not made by this guy….
  59. Teachers don’t abuse the students (Not in this house!)
  60. Cooking is a Class
  61. There is time to fix what you break
  62. MINECRAFT (You knew it was coming right?)
  63. Bring your hamster to Class
  64. Homeschool Co-Op are fun!
  65. Learning from other great kids.
  66. Homeschoolers have Crazy Hobbies (Fire twirling?)
  67. Family Bonding
  69. We don”t have to buy our children a bullet proof blanket for school!
  70. Gaming counts as school too.
  71. Can cuddle during a storm, can’t at school!
  72. “school” photos can be retaken as many times kids/parents want.
  73. The school year is not set in stone.
  74. No school Bus safety issues.
  75. No Missing the Bus
  76. No late detention for innocent things.
  77. No fashion Police
  78. They have homeschool dances too!
  79. Learning that everyone has something to teach and learn.
  80. Getting to pick books to do reports on.
  81. More time to write their own Book
  82. Dedicated NaNoWriMo time!
  83. Cell phones not banned in class.
  84. Can pause lesson to dance in the rain!
  85. The trampoline can be GYM class!
  86. Chance for kids to teach other kids what they know.
  87. No fund raising/begging.
  88. Not dealing with Multi-Level-Marketing Moms at pick up.
  89. Clique free learning environment
  90. Can ride a rocking horse while learning!
  91. Lego Lessons!
  92. No Test Anxiety
  93. One on One time in needed areas.
  94. More focus time on family morals.
  95. More time for creativity.
  96. Learning beyond the page.
  97. Learning history from a world view, not just an American one.
  98. Not stuck using the lowest bidder.
  99. Flexibility around deployments.
  100. Can stay up most of the night to watch meteor showers.
  101. No rushing out for projects kids forgot to mention.
  102. Love new curriculum that comes in the mail.
  103. Make the Ordinary Come Alive
  104. No mindless Busy Work
  105. No worksheets teachers didn’t even bother reading first.
  106. Proving teacher wrong does not make you “disruptive in class”
  107. Hands on problems and hands on solutions.
  108. We live in GA, with too many school shootings.
  109. Many homeschooled kids go to college early.
  110. Not forced to dissect cats! 
  111. Good Teachers Are Leaving Education Others Are Jaded
  112. Avoid the unhealthy obsession with flawed standardized tests
  113. Not my Circus, Not my Monkeys
  114. Public Schools – A lesson in Blind Obedience
  115. Not stuck in the middle of the common core debate!
  116. They are learning so much!
  117. Our Teen got A’s and B’s when she went into cyber school with a professional teacher. We didn’t mess her up!
  118. We don’t want the kids duck taped to the floor!
  119. Homeschooled children seem to communicate so well with all age groups!
  120. We have more health care choices!
  121. No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem
  122. Crazy Art Projects not limited by lesson time.
  123. Getting to read banned books!
  124. Learning environment free of sin!
  125. Can Pledge allegiance how ever they wish without negative repercussions.
  126. Not held back in some areas because of learning disabilities in others.
  127. No one trying to shame you for spelling or grammar errors.
  128. Time to get a real world mentor
  129. More time to volunteer
  130. Not trapped in a lie that school is “the mini world”
  131. Not stuck at school during a natural disaster!
  132. Not stuck at school during a man made disaster!
  133. Not stuck at school being shamed by the religious cliqui.
  134. Not having to be stuck dealing with rape culture in school placing blame on what females wear or don’t wear!
  135. Homeschool Perk says the teen “Staying up all night talking to friends who NEED to talk, supporting one another.”
  136. Bowling counts as P.E.
  137. So does lazer tag!
  138. Spelling Practice can me jumping loads of fun!
  139. Kids can teach classes too!
  140. Kids have a say in how they learn!
  141. At home breaking the dress code is not considered an act of terrorism like it is at this school in Georgia!
  142. Other Awesome Homeschool Families!
  143. You can’t see an endangered snake in your classroom!
  144. You can’t rescue and nurse a kitten during a public school day!
  145. Get to try out cutting edge curriculum
  146. Use school supplies from other countries
  147. Have your own laptop with learning games too
  148. You can have class on a boat
  149. You can have class in a pool
  150. You can have class on a plane
  151. You can fly a plane! It counts as a lesson!
  152. You can be a night owl
  153. You can paint at 2 in the art room.
  154. If your Dog ate your homework your Mom believes you!
  155. Because around here adults can hit kids at school! 
  156. We rather the bus driver not pepper spray the kids!
  157. An art class can go on for hours if the kids want it to!
  158. Science is so hands on!
  159. Science is up to date and relevant to today’s news and issues!
  160. One of the hard parts of cyber highschool is picking electives or making your own!
  161. Can have peanut butter for lunch! (we are lucky and would gladly give it up if in school where chances are kids are allergic without complaint!)
  162. Homeschool Conferences!
  163. Special classes from museums just for homeschoolers!
  164. Homeschooling is safer when there is an outbreak.
  165. Mom is the school nurse who know every thing about you.
  166. Some states pay for homeschooling curriculum.
  167. Friend spent $740 on school uniforms for 2 kids and still not done shopping for gym uniforms and such. WOW
  168. Friends report their kids learned more when homeschooling than costly private school even!
  169. We rather schools not serve our children literally trash!
  170. Doctor Who can be an Elective!
  171. Stained glass window markers for art!
  172. Finishing school work early and going to the mall while other kids are still in school!
  173. Playing “guess the wild hair color today” with other kids in cyber school!
  174. Others kids creativity pushing you further to express your own.
  175. Not stuck on an over crowded school bus with all sorts of potential dangers!
  176. School Playground Brutality – #justice4avalynn
  177. Kids get to plan there own school photos!
  178. The kids love homeschooling!
  179. The kids love Mom as a teacher!
  180. The kids love Dad as teacher!
  181. Because it seems public school teachers can get away with being sexual with students…  (Susan Kathleen Duursma case)
  182. Doctor Who History Curriculum. I kid you not. Look it up! LOL
  183. Homeschooling WORKS! Studies show kids score 70 – 80% better than most public school students! 
  184. My 9th grader scored in the high 12th grade for many of the language arts criteria on her DORA test.  (see above point…)
  185. Homeschoolers are less likely to get things like lice!
  186. Studies show homework doesn’t help kids, so why do schools not adapt?
  187. We don’t have to ask our kids what they learned today only for them to say they don’t remember!
  188. When the book is wrong, we can help our kids write to the company to get it corrected!
  189. Two words: Water Bears!  (How come I never learned about these in school?)
  190. Halloween costumes in our homeschool can be scary and be worn for many days while doing learning work! LOL
  191. I don’t have to hurt my children or make them fear to help them learn! (Unlike some teachers….) 
  192. Because we don’t want Corporate America parenting our kids! 
  193. Because some teachers don’t understand NO means NO!
  194. My homeschoolers read more than most public school children
  195. Common Core is focusing on non-fiction while studies show brain benefit for novel length fiction.
  196. Ability to change classes quickly to meet child’s needs.
  197. Ability and freedom to learn something and express that learning in creative open ended ways.
  198. Test scores are not used to shame or punish but to guide.
  199. Grades are not use to limit student learning.
  200. Following up to date news is second nature not a special class from time to time.
  201. Son wants a DNA Extractor….. doubt he would have much time to even come up with that in school.
  202. 4 Lies About School Dress Codes That Cover Up Their Oppressive Effects
  203. Praise from family who once told us horrible things about homeschooling:
    Steven R – Difference is what makes every one of us so special. You have done a fantastic job of teaching your children. We are very proud of you all.
  204. Our children do not want to go to school, specially our teen!
  205. Kids don”t need to be preached to and bullied by teachers in our opinion. 
  206. Having manners doesn’t make homeschoolers uncool!
  207. There is more time for life skills like mowing the lawn.
  208. Play can be a priority!
  209. Little one was watching and learning and teaching herself to read at 3 year old.
  210. We can still school if there is a local illness outbreak.
  211. Grandparents after a few years of seeing results have come around to homeschooling.
  212. Drivers Ed can be a high school elective in homeschooling too.
  213. Apparently in public schools teachers can be bullies and students can be suspended for getting evidence of it! 
  214. New crayons are a great motivator for little ones as it turns out.
  215. Kids can be creative and invent holidays. No getting into trouble for underpants day!
  216. If accidents happen there is no rushing to school with spare clothing for a child.
  217. All the kids have their own laptop or PC in our house.
  218. No privacy concerns as there can be with borrowed public school technology.
  219. My kids skin color should not decide weather their school gets AC or not!
  220. Because an innocent prank can cause kids to do 10-20 years in prison….
  221. Homeschooling lets the kids keep with technology changes.
  222. Programming isn’t just a class for high school kids!
  223. We homeschool because if there is a bully in the classroom Mom can actually help!
  224. Listening to music can help one retain information.
  225. Having a frog voice doesn’t mean you will miss a day of school!
  226. If teacher is having a baby you don’t get stuck with a bad substitute.
  227. Never lost at school!
  228. Getting help is encouraged.
  229. Enthusiasm isn’t linked to a teachers pay scale.
  230. Politics aren’t likely to change the science curriculum.
  231. I shouldn”t have to use a religious reason to get my kids out of a test that is not useful to them in any way!
  232. Finding solutions to everyday problems is so much better than testing skills.
  233. A hammer and nails is part of the curriculum package for homeschooling.
  234. Can’t do Earth Hour at school but perfect for homeschool time.
  235. Because having cancer gets kids out of private schools….
  236. Kids have ample time to find true motivation.
  237. Kids given time to learn how to prioritize learning.
  238. A homeschool day can have a lot of physical activity not just going from class to class.
  239. Kids are more highly strung today, with high school students showing the same level of anxiety as the average psychiatric patient in the 1950’s.
  240. Principles can get away with being racist just by saying the Devil Made Her Do It.
  241. My children will never at home get away with saying mythology made them behave badly.
  242. The kids love that we get to do a lot of swimming as homeschoolers!
  243. Learning can happen in the pool.
  244. Public school children take tests that are set up against them!
  245. It is rather easy to change classes to fit future career goals as a homeschooler.
  246. Certain kinds of homeschooling has been shown to help children develop as highly self-motivated, self-directed individuals.
  247. Female students shouldn’t be punished because male students are not expected to have self control.
  248. We have homeschooled for 10 years and no lice! 🙂
  249. We don”t want our children treated like prisoners in isolation rooms….. who would?
  250. Apparently a teacher in a country that scores far better than our own ate a hamster to teach his students a lesson. Just. No.
  251. School learning is often based on the negative, one doesn’t want bad grades or to be left behind by their peers.
  252. Reading the same Curious George book over and over is more than acceptable if little ones want to.
  253. Not back to school parties are a blast!
  254. Our oldest daughter negotiated with her online private school and got to take a different math curriculum than the standard!
  255. Geekery is celebrated!
  256. I. Just. Can’t….  local shooting at elementary school. (Why do I even feel the need to justify homeschooling again?)
  257. I homeschool because we are an attached family.
  258. I homeschool because children grow so fast I want to spend as much time as I can with them.
  259. The kids want to homeschool.
  260. Because they love the minecraft homeschool my husband set up!
  261. Because I have friends who keep their kids home because of testing pressure and my heart hurts for them.
  262. We can focus on STEM or rather STEAM.
  263. Because my husband has no interest in even trying any of them in public school.
  264. We have met some great homeschool families.
  265. We have inspired some great new homeschool families.
  266. Someone has to keep the libraries open!
  267. All the kids are the popular kids in Homeschooling!
  268. If a child is falling asleep through a lesson then it is clearly nap time, not possible in school.
  269. Doctor Visits don’t count against the child. They can be educational.
  270. Lessons can be sung, the whole thing.
  271. Backwards Day!
  272. Giggling in class is encouraged.
  273. No bad grades just for daring to challenge a teacher.
  274. Mommy says: Dare you to prove me wrong and she means it in the very best way!
  275. Teacher can breastfeed and teach at the same time!
  276. Learning about breastfeeding might be a life changing gift to daughters. See the 100 reasons to breastfeed post!
  277. Exposing kids to liberal values for a better world.
  278. Summer doesn’t have to end Early!
  279. There are schools with toxic fracking happening within visible distances from their buildings.
  280. Kids are allowed to talk about hot topics at home, not so much in school!
  281. A friend told me about how her son punished and recess taken away because he pretended to marry another boy, his invisible friend. Poor Kid.
  282. Staying home with a sick pet is a valid excuse for a “missed” day and easy to make up. Caring is something we should encourage in children!
  283. The song Fish Heads does fall under music appreciation in our homeschool! LOL
  284. Internet is not a course for most kids in public school when really it should be at least a few classes each year to keep up with technology!
  285. Public School is set up a lot like Prisons.
  286. My kids don’t fear mass homeschool shootings.
  287. Teacher doesn’t need a weapon to protect students.
  288. Food allergies in Homeschool are respected.
  289. No need to argue with a “Science” teacher who insists on teaching mythology as fact.
  290. Science experiments happen all the time.
  291. Kids and Teachers are allowed to have “moody days” without being sent to the principles office.
  292. Grief time is respected.
  293. Our safety drills help our children feel confident, not terrified. This Washington Post article scares even me.
  294. Because homeschooling doesn’t make them cry, unlike this teacher who quit over crying kids.
  295. Because seeing other homeschool kids in their Halloween costumes 3 days after Halloween is adorable! (Freedom to wear what they want!)
  296. Because when asked if they want to go to public school they keep saying no.
  297. Love getting new homeschool curriculum mail.
  298. Meeting other homeschool geeks is fantastic.
  299. The Walking Dead is an acceptable assignment topic for our teen.
  300. Family member with cancer can come first as they should!
  301. There are some fantastic homeschoolers that inspire us like this kids who got a perfect ACT score.
  302. We homeschool to protect our children from Bully Georgia teachers like this one Greene County.
  303. Homeschooling helps give us the flexibility to homeschool around seeing dying family members. Family matters. Grades will be forgotten but family never will be.
  304. Because we don’t believe schools should be allowed to paddle helpless 5 year olds….
  305. Kids shouldn’t get beaten to death in high schools…
  306. Public school officials apparently don”t know $2 bills are real, called police on student just trying to buy lunch!
  307. My children will not miss lunch because they forgot their lunch money.
  308.  When teachers bully students and get away with till recorded. We shouldn’t have to record teachers like this.
  309. No one is safe from violance in schools.
  310.  Homeschoolers are helping keep Libraries alive.
  311. Kids can play Pokemon Go in homeschool class!
  312. Opportunity to teach other kids.
  313. Kids should not have to risk bladder infections for a “treat”
  314. Little kids are often left to fend for themselves against older students on the bus. 
  315. Kids can research and present their political views while feeling safe.
  316. No fear of their teacher or educational programs being politically ended to save money.
  317. Will not be attacked at school for questioning the President.
  318. Are able to go protest on school days.
  319. Schools failing lead and copper in their water tests. 

There will be 500… someday!

When I have time to add them all and as they come to mind!


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